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Modeling and simulation of deformation behavior of glassy polymers

Activity: Talk or presentationInvited lecture


Sami Holopainen - Speaker

- Amorphous solid (glassy) polymers are widely utilized
e.g. in engineering components of vehicular and aeronautic
- Applications are due to high chemical resistance, good
reforming properties, and a preeminent combination of
toughness and strength under cyclic and impact loadings.
- Failures of structures under cyclic long-term loadings
have been assessed to be the most significant cause of
huge financial losses.
- Owing to purely elastic or hyperelastic initial response,
state-of-the-art models for glassy polymers cannot predict
cyclic deformation behavior well when
- a model capable to predict real deformation behavior
of glassy polymers and to simulate time-consuming and
costly testings needs to be developed.
6 Feb 2019

Event (Seminar)

TitleLong-term behavior of polymers

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