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Long-Term Wi-Fi fingerprinting dataset and supporting material



WiFi measurements database for UJI's library and supporting material.

The measurements were collected by one person using one Android smartphone during 15 months at two floor of the library building from Universitat Jaume I, in Spain. It contains 63,504 WiFi fingerprints, which are organized into datasets. Each dataset is the result of a collection campaign.

The supporting material includes Matlab® scripts to load and filter the desired data, and provides examples on possible studies that the database may enable. The supporting material also includes the bookshelve local coordinates.
Date made available24 Nov 2017
Temporal coverage2 Jun 2016 - 6 Sep 2017
Date of data production2 Jun 2016 - 6 Sep 2017
Geographical coveragePart of library of Universitat Jaume I in Castelló de la Plana, Spain
Geospatial point (coordinates in decimal format)39.99394, -0.06969

ID: 13833154