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  1. Supplementary data for "Controlling the motion of multiple objects on a Chladni plate"

    Zhou, Q. (Creator), Sariola, V. (Creator), Latifi, S. K. (Creator), Liimatainen, V. (Creator), Tampere University of Technology, 2017


  2. Supplementary data for "Rapid and accurate detection of urinary pathogens by mobile IMS-based electronic nose: a proof-of-principle study"

    Roine, A. (Creator), Saviauk, T. (Creator), Kumpulainen, P. S. (Creator), Karjalainen, M. (Creator), Tuokko, A. (Creator), Aittoniemi, J. (Creator), Vuento, R. (Creator), Lekkala, J. (Creator), Lehtimäki, T. (Creator), Tammela, T. L. (Creator), Oksala, N. K. J. (Creator), Tampere University of Technology, 2017, 10.5061/dryad.v3g17


  3. Mimetic Interfaces: Facial Surface EMG Dataset 2015

    Rantanen, V. T. (Creator), Tampere University of Technology, 2016


ID: 22236