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  1. Supplementary data for "High-resolution DNA analysis of human embryonic stem cell lines reveals culture-induced copy number changes and loss of heterozygosity"

    Närvä, E. (Creator), Autio, R. A. (Creator), Rahkonen, N. (Creator), Rasool, O. (Creator), Lahesmaa, R. (Creator), Kong, L. (Creator), Yli-Harja, O. (Creator), Harrison, N. (Creator), Andrews, P. W. (Creator), Kitsberg, D. (Creator), Borghese, L. (Creator), Brüstle, O. (Creator), Itskovitz-Eldor, J. (Creator), Dvorak, P. (Creator), Hovatta, O. (Creator), Otonkoski, T. (Creator), Tuuri, T. (Creator), Cui, W. (Creator), Baker, D. (Creator), Maltby, E. (Creator), Moore, H. D. (Creator), Benvenisty, N. (Creator), Tampere University of Technology, 2017


  2. Supplementary data for "ESTOOLS Data@Hand: human stem cell gene expression resource"

    Kong, L. (Creator), Aho, K. (Creator), Granberg, K. J. (Creator), Lund, R. (Creator), Järvenpää, L. E. (Creator), Seppälä, J. (Creator), Gokhale, P. (Creator), Leinonen, K. O. (Creator), Hahne, L. (Creator), Mäkelä, J. P. (Creator), Laurila, K. K. (Creator), Pukkila, H. M. (Creator), Närvä, E. (Creator), Yli-Harja, O. (Creator), Andrews, P. W. (Creator), Nykter, M. P. M. (Creator), Lahesmaa, R. (Creator), Roos, J. C. (Creator), Autio, R. A. (Creator), Tampere University of Technology, 2017


  3. Supplementary data for "Evaluation of methods for modeling transcription factor sequence specificity"

    Weirauch, M. T. (Creator), Cote, A. (Creator), Norel, R. (Creator), Annala, M. J. (Creator), Zhao, Y. (Creator), Riley, T. R. (Creator), Saez-Rodriguez, J. (Creator), Cokelaer, T. (Creator), Vedenko, A. (Creator), Talukder, S. (Creator), Bussemaker, H. J. (Creator), Morris, Q. D. (Creator), Bulyk, M. L. (Creator), Stolovitzky, G. (Creator), Hughes, T. R. (Creator), Tampere University of Technology, 2017


  4. Supplementary data for "Gene-pair expression signatures reveal lineage control"

    Heinäniemi, M. (Creator), Wienecke-Baldacchino, A. (Creator), Sinkkonen, L. (Creator), Nykter, M. P. M. (Creator), Kramer, R. (Creator), Zhou, J. X. (Creator), Kreisberg, R. (Creator), Kauffman, S. (Creator), Huang, S. (Creator), Shmulevich, I. (Creator), Tampere University of Technology, 2017


  5. Supplementary data for "Copy number variation and selection during reprogramming to pluripotency"

    Hussein, S. M. (Creator), Sourour, M. (Creator), Hämäläinen, R. (Creator), Nagy, A. (Creator), Vuoristo, S. (Creator), Olsson, C. (Creator), Lundin, K. (Creator), Mikkola, M. (Creator), Trokovic, R. (Creator), Otonkoski, T. (Creator), Batada, N. N. (Creator), Ng, S. (Creator), Ching, R. W. (Creator), Bazett-Jones, D. P. (Creator), Autio, R. A. (Creator), Närvä, E. (Creator), Lahesmaa, R. (Creator), Peitz, M. (Creator), Brüstle, O. (Creator), Alitalo, K. (Creator), Tampere University of Technology, 2017


  6. Supplementary data for "Prediction of disease-related mutations affecting protein localization"

    Laurila, K. K. (Creator), Vihinen, M. (Creator), Tampere University of Technology, 2017


  7. Supplementary data for "Tumor-specific usage of alternative transcription start sites in colorectal cancer identified by genome-wide exon array analysis"

    Thorsen, K. (Creator), Schepeler, T. (Creator), Oster, B. (Creator), Rasmussen, M. H. (Creator), Vang, S. (Creator), Wang, K. (Creator), Hansen, K. Q. (Creator), Lamy, P. (Creator), Pedersen, J. S. (Creator), Eller, A. (Creator), Mansilla, F. (Creator), Laurila, K. K. (Creator), Wiuf, C. (Creator), Laurberg, S. (Creator), Dyrskjot, L. (Creator), Orntoft, T. F. (Creator), Andersen, C. L. (Creator), Tampere University of Technology, 2017


  8. Supplementary data for "In vivo kinetics of transcription initiation of the lar promoter in Escherichia coli. Evidence for a sequential mechanism with two rate-limiting steps"

    Kandhavelu, M. (Creator), Mannerström, H. O. W. (Creator), Gupta, A. (Creator), Häkkinen, A. E. (Creator), Lloyd-Price, J. R. (Creator), Yli-Harja, O. (Creator), Sanches Ribeiro, A. (Creator), Tampere University of Technology, 2017


  9. Supplementary data for "A Beta-mixture model for dimensionality reduction, sample classification and analysis"

    Laurila, K. (Creator), Oster, B. (Creator), Andersen, C. L. (Creator), Lamy, P. (Creator), Orntoft, T. (Creator), Yli-Harja, O. (Creator), Wiuf, C. (Creator), Tampere University of Technology, 2017


  10. Supplementary data for "An integrative computational systems biology approach identifies differentially regulated dynamic transcriptome signatures which drive the initiation of human T helper cell differentiation"

    Äijö, T. (Creator), Edelman, S. M. (Creator), Lönnberg, T. (Creator), Larjo, A. J. (Creator), Kallionpää, H. (Creator), Tuomela, S. (Creator), Engström, E. (Creator), Lahesmaa, R. (Creator), Lähdesmäki, H. (Creator), Tampere University of Technology, 2017


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