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  1. H1 Granted patent
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    Methods and systems for suppressing noise in images

    Foi, A. & Maggioni, M., 13 May 2015, IPC No. G06T 5/ 00 A I, Patent No. CN104620282, Priority date 16 Jul 2013, Priority No. WO2013US50755

    Research output: PatentScientific

  3. Published

    A Strap for a Portable Pulse Measuring Device and a Portable Pulse Measuring Device

    Nousiainen, J., Korhonen, I., Saunamäki, J. & Hattula, J., 18 Dec 2014, IPC No. A44B 11/ 00 A I, Patent No. WO2014199017, Priority date 11 Jun 2013, Priority No. FI20130005640

    Research output: PatentScientific

  4. Published

    Portable Pulse Measuring Device

    Nousiainen, J. & Korhonen, I., 20 Nov 2014, IPC No. A61B 5/ 0295 A I, Patent No. WO2014184447, Priority date 15 May 2013, Priority No. FI20130005520

    Research output: PatentScientific

  5. Published

    Uses of systems with degrees of freedom poised between fully quantum and fully classical states

    Kauffman, S., Vattay, G. & Niiranen, S., 2014, Patent No. Pat. US 8 849 580 B2, Priority date 30 Sep 2014, Priority No. (65) US 2012/0071333; (21) US 13/187,257

    Research output: PatentScientific

  6. Published

    Method and Apparatus for Providing Adaptive Display and Filtering of Sensors and Sensor Data

    Korhonen, I., Nousiainen, J. O. & Mäkelä, T. M., 7 Mar 2013, IPC No. G06F 15/ 00 A I, Patent No. US2013060480, Priority date 29 Oct 2012, Priority No. US201213663285

    Research output: PatentScientific

  7. Published

    Intelligent toothbrush monitoring device

    Puurunen, J-P., Visa, A., Collin, J., Kantola, J., Avdouevski, I., Meriheinä, U. & Viljanen, T., 2012, Patent No. US patent 8337213, Priority date 25 Dec 2012, Priority No. (30) 20085488

    Research output: PatentScientific

  8. Published

    Prosody Conversion

    Nurminen, J. K. & Helander, E., 2011, Patent No. Pat. US 7996222, Priority date 9 Aug 2011, Priority No. 11/536701

    Research output: PatentScientific

  9. Published

    Voice Conversion Training and Data Collection

    Nurminen, J. K., Popa, V., Helander, E. & Tian, J., 2011, Patent No. Pat. US 7813924, Priority date 12 Oct 2010, Priority No. 11/733329

    Research output: PatentScientific

  10. Published

    Apparatus, method, mobile station and computer program product for noise estimation, modeling and filtering of a digital image

    Foi, A., Katkovnik, V., Paliy, D., Egiazarian, K., Trimeche, M., Alenius, S., Bilcu, R. & Vehviläinen, M., 2010, Patent No. Pat. US 7652788 B2, Priority date 26 Jan 2010, Priority No. (21) 11/519722 (65) 11426128

    Research output: PatentScientific

  11. Published

    Time slicing and statistical multiplexing in a digital broadcast network

    Rezaei, M., Bouazizi, I. & Gabbouj, M., 2007, Patent No. NC6015

    Research output: PatentScientific

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