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Antti Vehkaoja


Education/Academic qualification

Master of Science (Technology), Electrical Engineering, Tampere University of Technology
Doctor of Science (Technology), Automation Engineering, Tampere University of Technology

Thesis supervision, examination and instruction at TUT (since 2008)

Eetu Kokkonen. 2018. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Antti Portaankorva. 2018. Evaluation of Bluetooth Low Energy Technology for Team Sports Real-time Physiological Monitoring. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Zeinab Rezaei Yousefi. 2018. Atrial Fibrillation Detection from Photoplethysmography Data Using Artificial Neural Networks. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Noora Hartikainen. 2017. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Vala Jeyhani. 2017. A Wireless Device for Ambulatory Cardiac and Respiratory Monitoring - Design Considerations and Essential Performance. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Mikko Pirhonen. 2017. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Jukka Nieminen. 2016. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Henriikka Rinne. 2016. Laippakosketuksen havaitseminen rautatiekaluston kunnonvalvontajärjestelmässä. (Detecting Flange Contact in the Railway Stock Condition Monitoring). (Examiner to master's thesis).
Juho Pollari. 2015. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Aleksi Haavikko. 2014. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Mikko Kivento. 2014. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Henriikka Rinne. 2014. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Kimmo Kartasalo. 2013. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Mikko Peltokangas. 2013. Analysis Methods for Arterial Pulse Wave Signals Recorded with Body Sensor Network. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Mikko Peltokangas. 2011. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Jukka-Pekka Peltomäki. 2010. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Sami Taponen. 2010. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).

Title of docent at TUT

Measurement methods for physiological monitoring. TUT-BMT tiedekunta. 2017 - 2022.

ID: 54395