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Heli Koivuluoto


Education / Academic qualification

Master of Science (Technology), Materials Technology, Rock Engineering, Tampere University of Technology
Doctor of Science (Technology), Materials Technology, Rock Engineering, Tampere University of Technology

Thesis supervision, examination and instruction at TUT (since 2008)

Khashayar Khanlari. 2015. Design of Experiment of a Novel Cermet Coating Sprayed with the HVAF Technology. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Henna Niemel�-Anttonen. 2015. Wettability and Anti-icing Properties of Slippery Liquid Infused Porous Surfaces. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Anniina Riihim�ki. 2015. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Christian Stenroos. 2015. Properties of Icephobic Surfaces in Different Icing Conditions. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Antti Eerik�inen. 2014. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Jonne Ketola. 2014. Cold-Sparyed Coatings in Biomedicine. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Riku Ruohomaa. 2014. Icephobic Surfaces - Development of Icing Test Equipment and of Superhydrophobic Coating Prepared with Solution Precursor Flame Spray. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Jaakko Tapiola. 2013. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Elisa Koponen. 2012. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Sakari Tolvanen. 2012. Termisen ruiskutuksen suurnopeusmenetelmien diagnostiikka. (Diagnostics of In-Flight Particle Properties in High Velocity Thermal Spraying Techniques). (Examiner to master's thesis).
Jonne Ketola. 2011. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Juha-Matti Lehtonen. 2011. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Jarkko Kiilakoski. 2010. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).

Dissertation supervision and instruction at TUT (since 2008)

Andrea Milanti. 2016. Characteristics of Iron-based Thermal Sprayed Coatings Manufactured with High Velocity Oxygen Fuel and High Velocity Air Fuel Spraying for Wear and Corrosion Applications. (Instructor to doctoral dissertation).

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