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Marja-Leena Linne


Education/Academic qualification

Doctor of Science (Technology), Tampere University of Technology
Doctor of Science (Technology), Information Technology, Tampere University of Technology

Dissertation supervision and instruction at TUT (since 2008)

Katri Holm. 2013. Computational Modeling of IP3 Receptor Function and Intracellular Mechanisms in Synaptic Plasticity. (Supervisor and instructor to doctoral dissertation).
Eeva Toivari. 2013. Evaluation of Simulation Tools and Modeling of Calcium Signaling in Brain Cells. (Supervisor and instructor to doctoral dissertation).
Jukka Intosalmi. 2012. Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of Time Evolution for Biochemical Systems. (Instructor to doctoral dissertation).

Title of docent at TUT

Laskennallinen neurotiede. TUT-BMT tiedekunta. 2017 - 2018.
Signaalinkäsittely. Signaalinkäsittelyn laitos. 2014 - 2018.

Thesis supervision, examination and instruction at TUT (since 2008)

Mikko Lehtimäki. 2016. Dimensionality Reduction for Mathematical Models in Neuroscience. (Examiner to master's thesis).

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