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Matti Mäntysalo


Education/Academic qualification

Doctor of Science (Technology), Electrical Engineering, Tampere University of Technology

Dissertation supervision and instruction at TUT (since 2008)

Behnam Khorramdel Vahed. 2018. Additive and Digital Fabrication of 3D Interconnects in MEMS Packaging Using Printing Technologies. (Supervisor and instructor to doctoral dissertation).
Juha Niittynen. 2015. Comparison of Sintering Methods and Conductive Adhesives for Interconnections in Inkjet-Printed Flexible Electronics. (Supervisor and instructor to doctoral dissertation).
Hans-Eerik Halonen. 2013. Integration of Inkjet-Printing and Processing into Manufacturing for Flexible Electronics. (Instructor to doctoral dissertation).

Thesis supervision, examination and instruction at TUT (since 2008)

Nabid Faiem. 2018. An Active Electrode Based ECG Measurement System for Minimally Spaced Precordial Bipolar Lead. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Manu Kujala. 2018. Reliability of Screen-Printed Vias for a Flexible Energy Harvesting and Storage Module Designed for Internet of Everything -Applications. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Samuli Tuominen. 2018. Printed Temporary Transfer Tattoos for Skin-Mounted Electronics. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Tanvir Ahmed. 2017. Deposition of Gallium Based Liquid Metal Alloy on Plasma Treated PDMS Substrate for Biomedical and RF Applications. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Riikka Mikkonen. 2017. Evaluation of Commercially Available Silver Inks Screen Printed on a PPE Based Substrate. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Timo Onnia. 2017. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Arno Virtanen. 2017. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Lydia Leppänen. 2016. Bendability of Flip-Chip Attachment on Screen Printed Interconnections. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Ossi Martikainen. 2016. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Taru Suonurmi. 2016. Component Mounting on Stretchable Substrate in Wearable Applications. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Katariina Tuohimäki. 2016. Electrocardiogram and Impedance Pneumography Measurement Module Design for Textile-Integrated Solution. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Samuli Tuominen. 2016. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Toni Lammi. 2015. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Mika-Matti Laurila. 2015. Super Inkjet Printed Redistribution Layer for a MEMS Device. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Jari Suikkola. 2015. Printed Stretchable Interconnects for Wearable Health and Wellbeing Applications. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Sami Hakola. 2014. Kunnossapidon kehitys - tarkempia lähtötietoja tutkimusmenetelmin. (Maintenance Development - Research Methods to Get More Accurate Initial Data). (Examiner to master's thesis).
Sami Laine. 2014. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Toni Liimatta. 2014. Inkjet Printing in Manufacturing of Stretchable Interconnects. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Riikka Mikkonen. 2014. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Iiro Leino. 2012. Jetting and Laser Sintering of Copper Nanoparticle Inks. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Lauri Nuuttila. 2012. Inkjet Printed Cu Interconnections in Microelectronics Packaging. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Santtu Koskinen. 2011. Analysis of Inkjet-Printed Flex-Module in a Mobile Phone. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Juha Niittynen. 2010. Characterization of ICA Attachment of SMD on Inkjet-Printed Substrates. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Miikka Nousiainen. 2010. Radiovastaanotin 434 MHz:n taajuudelle edulliseen hälytinjärjestelmään. (434 MHz Radio Receiver for Low Cost Alarm System). (Examiner to master's thesis).
Antero Salojärvi. 2010. Dependability in Mobile Ground Electronics. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Tanja Viiru. 2010. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Santtu Koskinen. 2009. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).

Title of docent at TUT

Digital Fabrication. Elektroniikan ja tietoliikennetekniikan laitos. 2013 - 2018.

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