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Tomi Ryynänen


Education/Academic qualification

Master of Science, Physics, University of Jyvaskyla

Thesis supervision, examination and instruction at TUT (since 2008)

Ismo Korhonen. 2017. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Kalle Becker. 2016. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Haider Iftikhar. 2016. Transparent Indium Tin Oxide Microelectrode Arrays for Measuring Beating Cardiomyocytes. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Jarmo Verho. 2016. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Indradumna Banerjee. 2014. Measurement of Beating Force of Cardiomyocytes Using an Atomic Force Microscope. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Milka Pasternack. 2014. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).
Manoj Sivasubramaniapandian. 2014. The Effect of Coatings on the Performance of the Microelectrode Arrays. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Yuyang Chen. 2013. Modelling of Micro-scale Flow Sensors for Cell Culturing Environment. (Examiner to master's thesis).
Jari Väliaho. 2011. (Examiner to bachelor's thesis).

Grants and awards

Suomen Kulttuurirahaston Pirkanmaan rahasto.. 01.04.2017 - 31.12.2017. . .
Suomen kulttuurirahaston Pirkanmaan rahasto. 01.01.2017 - 31.03.2017. . .
Suomen kulttuurirahasto. 01.01.2016 - 31.07.2016. . .

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