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ICHI2016 Healthcare Data Analysis Challenge

Prize: Invitation or ranking in competition


Oguzhan Gencoglu (Recipient)

Patients and caregivers often share their health-related concerns in community forums and discussion boards such as ehealthforums, medhelp, and patientslikeme. On such discussion forums, members post questions and other members respond with suggestions or answers to the leading question. This provides a rich environment for healthcare researchers to study question-answering challenges in healthcare. One of the important tasks towards automated question answering is to identify the type of questions being asked by the patients and their caregivers. The task of the healthcare data analytics challenge was to develop machine learning solutions to automatically classify given forum messages into 7 categories. A second place has been won by Oguzhan Gencoglu in the competition.
Awarded date6 Oct 2016
Awarded at eventIEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics

ID: 12153317