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S IWABS - Implantoitavia ja puettavia antenneja langattomiin ihmiskehoa aistiviin järjestelmiin

Project: Academy of Finland



This is Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researcher Project (funding decision no. 265768).

Wireless body-centric sensing systems have a great demand in the fields of biomedicine, personal healthcare, and safety and security. They provide long-term solutions to the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, sophisticated means for drug delivery, vital signs and healing process monitoring, and an overwhelming amount of data to guide the medical personnel in their work as well as to monitor the safety of personnel operating in harsh environmental conditions. The results from the research in this project will provide novel means for optimizing antennas to operate on-body through the full characterization of the electromagnetic antenna-body interactions and interfacing the implant antennas optimally with ultra-low-power microelectronics. Combined with the new electronics materials and fabrication methods, these optimization techniques produce highly miniaturized implant antennas and wearable antennas seamlessly integrated with clothing.
Effective start/end date1/09/1331/08/16

ID: 85453