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Bioprofiling over Grid for eHealthcare

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Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)205-216
Number of pages12
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2006
Publication typeNot Eligible


A trend in modern medicine is towards individualization of healthcare and, potentially, grid computing can play an important role in this by allowing sharing of resources and expertise to improve the quality of care. In this paper, we present a new test bed, the BIOPATTERN Grid, which aims to fulfil this role in the long term. The main objectives in this paper are 1) to report the development of the BIOPATTERN Grid, for biopattern analysis and bioprofiling in support of individualization of healthcare. The BIOPATTERN Grid is designed to facilitate secure and seamless sharing of geographically distributed bioprofile databases and to support the analysis of bioprofiles to combat major diseases such as brain diseases and cancer within a major EU project, BIOPATTERN (www.biopattern.org); 2) to illustrate how the BIOPATTERN Grid could be used for biopattern analysis and bioprofiling for early detection of dementia and for brain injury assessment on an individual basis. We highlight important issues that would arise from the mobility of citizens in the EU, such as those associated with access to medical data, ethical and security; and 3) to describe two grid services which aim to integrate BIOPATTERN Grid with existing grid projects on crawling service and remote data acquisition which is necessary to underpin the use of the test bed for biopattern analysis and bioprofiling.


  • Biopattern analysis, Bioprofiling, Brain Injury, Crawling service, Dementia, Grid computing, Healthcare, HealthGrid, Remote data acquisition