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Circular Economy in Building Construction in Tampere, Finland: Buildings as Material Banks, Current Recycling Possibilities, Future Steering Instruments

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Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 20 Feb 2020
Publication typeNot Eligible
EventMining the European Anthroposphere Final Conference - University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy
Duration: 20 Feb 202021 Feb 2020


ConferenceMining the European Anthroposphere Final Conference
Abbreviated titleMINEA Final Conference
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This poster presents the advances achieved in the research project 'Future Circular Economy Hubs in Finland' (CircHubs) pertaining to the circularity of building construction in the City of Tampere. The research entails three separate entities: (1) a material flow analysis of built and demolished buildings in Tampere between 2000 and 2018, (2) a literature review of the current recycling possibilities, and (3) a review of possible future steering instruments and a proposal of criteria for selected instruments.

The poster presents the first and the third items in detail. The material flow analysis was conducted in GIS and it is based on the building and dwelling registers in Tampere. Among other things, it presents an overview of the volume and development of activities by building type, and zooms geographically into identified areas of building 'replacement', i.e. areas where both demolition and building construction to take place, to understand the drivers of demolition and the nature of the materials pertaining to both activities better.

The development of the future steering instruments is based on reviewing the current Finnish literature regarding steering instruments for circular economy and low carbon construction. In addition to identifying existing instruments, some new instruments are proposed, which have not been considered in this context yet. The work entails a steering theoretical discussion on the instruments' limits and possibilities. Tentative criteria are proposed for given instruments for future development.

The work was conducted in EcoFellows Ltd. The authors of the poster are Satu Huuhka and Mario Kolkwitz. Jussi Lahti also contributed to the work in the project. Most of the results have been published in Finnish only, so the authors would welcome the chance to disseminate in English via this poster.

Field of science, Statistics Finland