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Heart cell beating force measurement using piezoelectric PVDF sensor platform

Research output: Other conference contributionPaper, poster or abstractScientific


Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 13 Jun 2017
EventEMBEC'17 & NBC'17 | Joint Conference 11-15 June 2017, Tampere - Tampere
Duration: 11 Jun 201715 Jun 2017


ConferenceEMBEC'17 & NBC'17 | Joint Conference 11-15 June 2017, Tampere


Human stem cell based tissue and organ models are developed as alternatives for animal experimentation to study toxicology and disease models. Polyvinylidene fluoridene (PVDF) is a transparent and flexible piezoelectric film sensors [1] has been previously used for physiological measurements [2], as well as in touch panel [3] and energy harvesring [4] applications. Here, hearth cells were cultured directly on the fabricated sensor array platform that was composed of PVDF film and Au electrodes.