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Laser assisted lipolysis for neck and submental remodeling in Rohrich type i to III aging neck: A prospective study in 30 patients

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Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2014
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Background: Since the first studies by Apfelberg in 1994 and the mathematical model by Mordon in 2004, laser lipolysis (LAL) has been on the rise. Laser lipolysis has the advantages of reduced operator fatigue, excellent patient tolerance, quick recovery time, as well as the additional benefit of dermal tightening. This article reports our experience with laser-assisted lipolysis (LAL) in submental and neck remodelling.

Methods: Between June 2010 and January 2013, a prospective study was performed on 30 patients treated for Rohrich type I to III aging neck, with LAL. The laser used in this study was a 980 nm diode laser (Quanta system, spa model D-plus, Solbate Olona (VA), Italy). Laser energy was transmitted through a 600 μm optical fiber and delivered in a continuous mode 15 W power. Previous mathematical modelling suggested that 0.1 kJ was required in order to destroy 1 ml of fat. Patients were asked to fill out a satisfaction questionnaire. The cervicomental angle was measured 6 months post-operatively and compared with the preoperative values.

Results: Other than three patients who developed mild hyperpigmentation that disappeared after 4 months, there were no complications in the series. Pain during the anaesthesia and discomfort after the procedure were minimal. The time taken to return to normal activities was 3.2 ± 1 days. All patients would strongly recommend this treatment. Overall satisfaction was high with both patients and investigators and was validated by decrease in cervicomental angle demonstrating a systematic decrease in fat thickness and improved skin tightening.

Conclusion: LAL is a safe and reproducible technique for remodeling in Rohrich type I to III aging neck. The procedure allows for a reduction in the amount of adipose deposits while providing concurrent skin contraction.

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  • Aging neck, LAL, Laser, Laser lipolysis, Submental, Submental remodeling, Tissue remodeling