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Multisensor Time–Frequency Signal Processing MATLAB package: An analysis tool for multichannel non-stationary data

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Publication statusPublished - 2018
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The Multisensor Time–FrequencySignal Processing (MTFSP) MATLAB package is an analysis tool for multichannel non-stationary signals collected from an array of sensors. By combining array signal processing for non-stationary signals and multichannel high resolution time–frequency methods, MTFSP enables applications such as cross-channel causality relationships, automated component separation and direction of arrival estimation, using multisensor time–frequency distributions (MTFDs). MTFSP can address old and new applications such as: abnormality detection in biomedical signals, source localization in wireless communications or condition monitoring and fault detection in industrial plants. It allows e.g. the reproduction of the results presented in Boashash and Aïssa-El-Bey (in press) [2].

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  • Automated component separation, Blind source separation, Cross-channel causality analysis, Direction of arrival, Multisensor time–frequency analysis, Non-stationary array processing

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