Synthesis of 6,12-disubstituted methanodibenzo[b,f ][1,5]dioxocins

Pyrrolidine catalyzed self-condensation of 2′-Hydroxyacetophenones

Modulating sustained drug release from nanocellulose hydrogel by adjusting the inner geometry of implantable capsules

Multifunctional ultrasmall nanoplatforms for vascular-targeted interstitial photodynamic therapy of brain tumors guided by real-time MRI

Entangled and colloidally stable microcrystalline cellulose matrices in controlled drug release

Cell-based bioreporter assay coupled to HPLC micro-fractionation in the evaluation of antimicrobial properties of the basidiomycete fungus Pycnoporus cinnabarinus

His-tagged norovirus-like particles

A versatile platform for cellular delivery and surface display

Expression of MUC5AC in ocular surface epithelial cells using cationized gelatin nanoparticles

Indocyanine Green-Loaded Liposomes for Light-Triggered Drug Release

The effect of light sensitizer localization on the stability of indocyanine green liposomes

Pectin and Mucin Enhance the Bioadhesion of Drug Loaded Nanofibrillated Cellulose Films

Elucidation of Compression-Induced Surface Crystallization in Amorphous Tablets Using Sum Frequency Generation (SFG) Microscopy

Comparison of liposomal drug formulations for transdermal iontophoretic drug delivery

Molecular Communications Pulse-based Jamming Model for Bacterial Biofilm Suppression

Quality and Capacity Analysis of Molecular Communications in Bacterial Synthetic Logic Circuits

Understanding Dissolution and Crystallization with Imaging

A Surface Point of View

Surface Stabilization and Dissolution Rate Improvement of Amorphous Compacts with Thin Polymer Coatings

Can We Have It All?

Antimicrobial assay optimization and validation for HTS in 384-well format using a bioluminescent E. coli K-12 strain

In vitro characterization of arylhydrazones of active methylene derivatives

Anticancer activity of THMPP

Downregulation of PI3K/ S6K1 in breast cancer cell line

Nanoparticles based on naturally-occurring biopolymers as versatile delivery platforms for delicate bioactive molecules

An application for ocular gene silencing

Design of cholesterol arabinogalactan anchored liposomes for asialoglycoprotein receptor mediated targeting to hepatocellular carcinoma

In silico modeling, in vitro and in vivo evaluation

Hydrophobin-nanofibrillated cellulose stabilized emulsions for encapsulation and release of BCS class II drugs

Nanofibrillar cellulose hydrogels and reconstructed hydrogels as matrices for controlled drug release

Reversible biofunctionalization of surfaces with a switchable mutant of avidin

Crystallization Kinetics of an Amorphous Pharmaceutical Compound Using Fluorescence-Lifetime-Imaging Microscopy

FLIM reveals alternative EV-mediated cellular up-take pathways of paclitaxel

Pharmacokinetics of an injectable modified-release 2-hydroxyflutamide formulation in the human prostate gland using a semiphysiologically based biopharmaceutical model


Reversible biotin-avidin-biotin bridges with high affinity and specificity

Modification of olivomycin A at the side chain of the aglycon yields the derivative with perspective antitumor characteristics

Metabolic profiling of water-soluble compounds from the extracts of dark septate endophytic fungi (DSE) isolated from scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) seedlings using UPLC–orbitrap–MS

Human Neural Tissues from Neural Stem Cells Using Conductive Biogel and Printed Polymer Microelectrode Arrays for 3D Electrical Stimulation

Antimicrobial activity and molecular analysis of azoderivatives of β-diketones

Difference in the core-shell dynamics of polyethyleneimine and poly(l-lysine) DNA polyplexes

Fluorescence spectroscopy "knife" for polyplex "cakes": taste the filling

Effect of piroxicam on lipid membranes

Drug encapsulation and gastric toxicity aspects