Impact of heavy metals on denitrification of simulated mining wastewaters

Fluidized-bed denitrification of mining water tolerates high nickel concentrations

High rate autotrophic denitrification in fluidized-bed biofilm reactors

Biological Nitrogen Removal from Acidic, Heavy-metal Containing Waters

Resilient performance of an anoxic biotrickling filter for hydrogen sulphide removal from a biogas mimic: Steady, transient state and neural network evaluation

High Nitrogen Removal in a Constructed Wetland Receiving Treated Wastewater in a Cold Climate

Quantifying the pore structure of different biochars and their impacts on the water retention properties of Sphagnum moss growing media

Method with high-throughput screening potential for antioxidative substances using Escherichia coli biosensor katG'::lux

Detecting bioavailable toxic metals and metalloids from natural water samples using luminescent sensor bacteria

Biological treatment of selenium-laden wastewater containing nitrate and sulfate in an upflow anaerobic sludge bed reactor at pH 5.0

Characteristics and agronomic usability of digestates from laboratory digesters treating food waste and autoclaved food waste

Use of laboratory anaerobic digesters to simulate the increase of treatment rate in full-scale high nitrogen content sewage sludge and co-digestion biogas plants

Struvite precipitation in raw and co-digested swine slurries for nutrients recovery in batch reactors

Reduced Inorganic Sulfur Compounds of Simulated Mining Waters Support Bioelectrochemical and Electrochemical Current Generation

Bioelectrochemical removal of inorganic sulfur compounds and copper from simulated acidic mining water

Photoresponsive Polymer Hydrogel Coatings that Change Topography

Biomimetic collagen I and IV double layer Langmuir-Schaefer films asmicroenvironment for human pluripotent stem cell derived retinal pigment epithelial cells

Interdisciplinary water research network building within Nordic and Baltic countries.

Carbazole-based small molecule electron donors

Syntheses, characterization, and material properties

Start-up of anaerobic digester treating LCFA containing wastewater at low temperature

Study of LCFA mediated granular disintegration in EGSB at low temperature using Static Image Analysis

Organic Chromophores in Self-Assembled Monolayers and Supramolecular Arrays

Developing Synthetic Biology Tools and Model Chassis: Production of Bioenergy and High-Value Molecules

Rewiring the wax ester production pathway of acinetobacter baylyi ADP1

Fluorination of pyrene-based organic semiconductors enhances the performance of light emitting diodes and halide perovskite solar cells

Microbial community response on wastewater discharge in boreal lake sediments

CH4 oxidation in a boreal lake during the development of hypolimnetic hypoxia

How and why does willow biochar increase a clay soil water retention capacity?

Catalytic effect of Ca and K on CO2 gasification of spruce wood char

Semi-continuous mono-digestion of OFMSW and Co-digestion of OFMSW with beech sawdust

Assessment of the maximum operational total solid content

Fungal treatment of landfill mining fine fraction to increase its stability and end-use potential

Mitigation of propylene glycol emissions to groundwater and soil

Ecological Sanitation - A Logical Choice? The Development of the Sanitation Institution in a World Society

Bioaugmentation enhances dark fermentative hydrogen production in cultures exposed to short-term temperature fluctuations

Stable carbon isotopic composition of peat columns, subsoil and vegetation on natural and forestry-drained boreal peatlands

Carbon storage change and δ13C transitions of peat columns in a partially forestry-drained boreal bog

FAIMS analysis of urine gaseous headspace is capable of differentiating ovarian cancer

Selenium biomineralization for biotechnological applications

Metals removal and recovery in bioelectrochemical systems

A review

Characterization of fine fraction mined from two Finnish landfills

Stabilization of fine fraction from landfill mining in anaerobic and aerobic laboratory leach bed reactors

Screening biological methods for laboratory scale stabilization of fine fraction from landfill mining

Characterization and biological stabilization of fine fraction from landfill mining

Gene expression profiles of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in viable but non-culturable state

Impact of film thickness of ultra-thin dip-coated compact TiO2 layers on the performance of mesoscopic perovskite solar cells

Cultivation and safety aspects of Arthrospira platensis (Spirulina) grown with struvite recovered from anaerobic digestion plant as phosphorus source

Lipid production by eukaryotic microorganisms isolated from palm oil mill effluent

Simultaneous nutrient removal and lipid production with Chlorella vulgaris on sterilized and non-sterilized anaerobically pretreated piggery wastewater

Selecting an indigenous microalgal strain for lipid production in anaerobically treated piggery wastewater

Production of Oleaginous Microbial Biomass by Reusing Wastewaters

Biohydrogen Production: A Protein to Community Level Perspective Study

Improved bioconversion of crude glycerol to hydrogen by statistical optimization of media components

Recombinant antibodies for specific detection of clostridial [Fe-Fe] hydrogenases

Co-production of 1,3 propanediol and long-chain alkyl esters from crude glycerol

Methane oxidation potential of boreal landfill cover materials: The governing factors and enhancement by nutrient manipulation

Factors affecting the elimination capacity of a passive methane biofilter

Compacted bentonite as a source of substrates for sulfate-reducing microorganisms in a simulated excavation-damaged zone of a spent nuclear fuel repository

Recovering Nitrogen as a Solid without Chemical Dosing

Bio-Electroconcentration for Recovery of Nutrients from Urine

Comparison of the total mercury content in sediment samples with a mercury sensor bacteria test and Vibrio fischeri toxicity test

Sub- and Supercritical Water Liquefaction of Kraft Lignin and Black Liquor Derived Lignin

Production of Electricity and Butanol from Microalgal Biomass in Microbial Fuel Cells

Mine wastewater treatment using Phalaris arundinacea plant material hydrolyzate as substrate for sulfate-reducing bioreactor

Growth of Dunaliella tertiolecta and associated bacteria in photobioreactors

Growth of Chlorella vulgaris and associated bacteria in photobioreactors

Hydrolysed cellulose material as sulfate reduction electron donor to treat metal- and sulfate containing waste water

Biogenic hydrogen and methane production from reed canary grass

Biogenic hydrogen and methane production from Chlorella vulgaris and Dunaliella tertiolecta biomass

Light induced cytosolic drug delivery from liposomes with gold nanoparticles

Biomass Resource Allocation for Bioenergy Production on Cutaway Peatlands with Geographical Information (GI) Analyses

Biogas and combustion potential of fresh reed canary grass grown on cutover peatland

Clashing coalitions

A discourse analysis of an artificial groundwater recharge project in Finland

Modeling of the catalytic effects of potassium and calcium on spruce wood gasification in CO2

A recombinant Escherichia coli sensor strain for the detection of tetracyclines

Methane production from 30-100 year old sedimented fibre from pulp and paper industry

Mesophilic anaerobic digestion of pulp and paper industry biosludge-long-term reactor performance and effects of thermal pretreatment

Vesihuolto tarvitsee tutkimusta ja koulutusta

Metabolic engineering of Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1 for improved growth on gluconate and glucose

Metabolic engineering of Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1 for removal of Clostridium butyricum growth inhibitors produced from lignocellulosic hydrolysates

Culturable psychrotolerant methanotrophic bacteria in landfill cover soil

UV-Blocking Synthetic Biopolymer from Biomass-Based Bifuran Diester and Ethylene Glycol

Water supply and sanitation services in finland before world war 2

Preferential adsorption of Cu in a multi-metal mixture onto biogenic elemental selenium nanoparticles

Uranium Removal via Sorption Using Peat and Waste Digested Activated Sludge

Use of diluted urine for cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris

Energy Demands of Nitrogen Supply in Mass Cultivation of Two Commercially Important Microalgal Species, Chlorella vulgaris and Dunaliella tertiolecta

Enabling and Integrative Infrastructure Policy: The Role of Inverse Infrastructures in Local Infrastructure Provision with Special Reference to Finnish Water Cooperatives

Storing of exoelectrogenic anolyte for efficient microbial fuel cell recovery

Bi-directional cell-pericellular matrix interactions direct stem cell fate

Performance of a biotrickling filter for the anaerobic utilization of gas-phase methanol coupled to thiosulphate reduction and resource recovery through volatile fatty acids production

Anaerobic batch conversion of pine wood torrefaction condensate

High-rate thiosulfate-driven denitrification at pH lower than 5 in fluidized-bed reactor

Synthesis, crystal structure, physico-chemical characterization and dielectric properties of a new hybrid material, 1-Ethylpiperazine-1,4-diium tetrachlorocadmate

Temperature control as key factor for optimal biohydrogen production from thermomechanical pulping wastewater

Inhibitory effects of substrate and soluble end products on biohydrogen production of the alkalithermophile Caloramator celer

Kinetic, metabolic and transcription analyses

Assessment of metabolic flux distribution in the thermophilic hydrogen producer Caloramator celer as affected by external pH and hydrogen partial pressure

Remediation of sedimented fiber originating from pulp and paper industry

Laboratory scale anaerobic reactor studies and ideas of scaling up

Selective enrichment of biocatalysts for bioelectrochemical systems: A critical review

Electricity production by a microbial fuel cell fueled by brewery wastewater and the factors in its membrane deterioration

Microbial electrochemical technologies with the perspective of harnessing bioenergy

Maneuvering towards upscaling

Structural photoactivation of a full-length bacterial phytochrome

Fe2O3-TiO2 nanosystems by a hybrid PE-CVD/ALD approach

controllable synthesis, growth mechanism, and photocatalytic properties

Searching for a robust strategy for minimizing alkali chlorides in fluidized bed boilers during burning of high SRF-energy-share fuel

Sensory properties of Nordic edible mushrooms

Formation and use of biogenic jarosite carrier for high-rate iron oxidising biofilms

Resistant ammonia-oxidizing archaea endure, but adapting ammonia-oxidizing bacteria thrive in boreal lake sediments receiving nutrient-rich effluents