Acetaldehyde-derived modifications on cytosolic human carbonic anhydrases

Alkylaminophenol induces G1/S phase cell cycle arrest in glioblastoma cells through p53 and cyclin-dependent kinase signaling pathway

Indocyanine green

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A molecular dynamics study

Elucidation of Compression-Induced Surface Crystallization in Amorphous Tablets Using Sum Frequency Generation (SFG) Microscopy

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Reversible biofunctionalization of surfaces with a switchable mutant of avidin

Neuroprotective effect of RO-20-1724-a phosphodiesterase4 inhibitor against intracerebroventricular streptozotocin induced cognitive deficit and oxidative stress in rats

Evaluation of Caesalpinia pulcherrima Linn. for anti-inflammatory and antiulcer activities

CARING (CAncer Risk and INsulin analoGues)

The association of diabetes mellitus and cancer risk with focus on possible determinants - a systematic review and a meta-analysis


Reversible biotin-avidin-biotin bridges with high affinity and specificity

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