Properties of entropy-based topological measures of fullerenes

Anticancer activity of THMPP

Downregulation of PI3K/ S6K1 in breast cancer cell line

Liikenteen päästövähennykset - kaikki keinot käyttön

Heat protective properties of enclosure structure from thin-wall profiles with foamed concrete

Advanced Treatments of Aramid Fibers for Composite Laminates

All-fiber mode-locked laser at 0.98 µm

A membrane external-cavity surface-emitting laser (MECSEL) with emission around 825 nm

Complex-domain sparse imaging in terahertz pulse time-domain holography with balance detection

Exploration and exploitation of sensorimotor contingencies for a cognitive embodied agent

Green picosecond narrow-linewidth tapered fiber laser system

Jitter suppression in passive harmonic mode-locking fiber ring laser

Propagation dynamics of ultrabroadband terahertz beams with orbital angular momentum for wireless data transfer

Dual-ID headgear UHF RFID tag with broadside and end-fire patterns based on quasi-Yagi antenna

Electrically small UHF RFID tag antenna based on an inductively coupled resonant LC tank

Impact of anatomical variability on the wireless power transfer to intra-abdominal implants

A continuum based macroscopic unified low- and high cycle fatigue model

First principles prediction of the solar cell efficiency of chalcopyrite materials  AgMX2(M=In, Al; X=S, Se, Te)

Gamified coding

Toy robots and playful learning in early education

Rakennuksen ääniolosuhteiden suunnittelu ja toteutus

Clothing-Integrated Passive RFID Strain Sensor Platform for Body Movement-Based Controlling

Glove-Integrated Textile Antenna with Reduced SAR for Wearable UHF RFID Reader

Automatization and stress analysis data of CoCr laser weld fatigue tests

DroneRF dataset

A dataset of drones for RF-based detection, classification and identification

Micro-parenchymal patterns for breast cancer risk assessment

Teacher’s Perceptions and Readiness to Teach Coding Skills

A Comparative Study Between Finland, Mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea

Experimental study on temperature distribution of sandwich panel joints in fire

Numerical analysis of the behaviour of stainless steel cellular beam in fire

Temperature distribution of trapezoidal sheeting in fire

JPEG Pleno light field coding technologies

Performance analysis of JPEG Pleno light field coding

Participatory service design and community involvement in designing future-ready sustainable learning landscapes

A Batteryless Semi-Passive RFID Sensor Platform

An approval of MPPT based on pv cell’s simplified equivalent circuit during fast-shading conditions

User-driven development with scientific applied research - RFID-controlled physiogame case study

Discovering collaborative and inclusive solutions to co-create multidimensional value in cross-sector collaboration

Research-industry collaboration: a review of the literature on evaluation methods and motivations

Assessing sustainability orientations of first year university students

Enabling cybersecurity incident reporting and coordinated handling for maritime sector

Visibility-Aware Part Coding for Vehicle Viewing Angle Estimation

Profile extraction and deep autoencoder feature extraction for elevator fault detection

Empirical study of good, bad and ugly modular engineering solutions in machinery manufacturing industry

Actors’ agency in the routines of innovation project portfolio management

Task-setting strategies for hackathon goal achievement in industrial intra-organizational innovation

Conceptualization of hackathon for innovation management

Diffusion of innovation

Case of co-design of cabins in mobile work machine industry

Business catalysts for the Circular Economy innovations

Knowledge management practices to overcome network-level knowledge barriers: an artificial intelligence powered literature review

Normalization of deviance in the construction industry, a managerial perspective

Revisiting technological depths and breadths effects on firm performance: the case of pharmaceutical industry

The circular economy of projects

Vesihuollon instituutiot vaativat taitavaa jalkapallopeliä

Translated title of the contribution: : Water services institutions require skilful soccer playing

Double-side pumped membrane external-cavity surface-emitting laser (MECSEL) with increased efficiency emitting > 3 W in the 780 nm region

Frequency Comb Generation in a Continuous-Wave Pumped Second-Order Nonlinear Waveguide Resonator

High-Q resonance train in a plasmonic metasurface

Optical Frequency Comb Photoacoustic Spectroscopy

A Semantic Meta-Model Repository for Lightweight M2M

Genesis of Water supply and sanitation services in Finland

Translated title of the contribution: : Vesihuoltopalveluiden synty Suomessa: Editorial

Assessment of Coordinated Multipoint Transmission Modes for Indoor and Outdoor Users at 28 GHz in Urban Macrocellular Environment

Muovipäällysteisten lattioiden vaurioituminen kosteuden vaikutuksesta

Large mode area double clad ytterbium tapered fiber with circular birefringency

Analysis of upconversion nanoparticles as an active medium for upconversion light sources

1.3μm U-bend traveling wave SOA devices for high efficiency coupling to silicon photonics

1.55-μm wavelength wafer-fused OP-VECSELs in flip-chip configuration

405-nm pumped Ce3+-doped silica fiber for broadband fluorescence from cyan to red

Accurate impedance model of grid-connected inverter for small-signal stability assessment in high-impedance grid

Action and power efficiency in self-organization

The case for growth efficiency as a cellular objective in escherichia coli

Älylaitteet ja stressi: Aiheuttajat, seuraukset ja hallintakeinot

A model for profiling information and knowledge management in the public sector

Behavior of capacitive humidity sensors in monitoring the drying of concrete walls

Benchmarking of several disparity estimation algorithms for light field processing

Biocaced nanofibrilated films and yarns via ionic liquids

Business analytics enabling future insights in the private healthcare

Business intelligence process model revisited

Calculation method to determine capillary properties of building materials with automatic free water intake test

Challenges in developing data-based value creation

Co-creating digital services for citizens

Activity theory analysis

Comparison between calculated and billed building energy consumption values of schools and daycare centers

Digitalisaatio kunnossapidossa

Translated title of the contribution: : Digitalization for maintenance operations

Dynamics of value in technology inspired value co-creation: Case in homecare value network

Energiaomavaraiset anturiverkot

Translated title of the contribution: : Energy autonomous sensor networks

Experimental behaviour of stainless steel cellular beam in fire

Farm detection based on deep convolutional neural nets and semi-supervised green texture detection using VIS-NIR satellite image

From monolithic systems to microservices

A decomposition framework based on process mining

Mean and variability in RNA polymerase numbers are correlated to the mean but not the variability in size and composition of Escherichia coli cells

MECSELs with direct emission in the 760 nm to 810 nm spectral range

A single- and double-side pumping comparison and high-power continuous-wave operation

Modelling the stressed skin effect by using shell elements with meta-material model

Nano-structured optical fibers made of glass-ceramics, and phase separated and metallic particle-containing glasses

Observation of local electroluminescent cooling and identifying the remaining challenges

Paloturvallisuuden huomiointi ja asenteet nykyaikaisessa älyrakentamisessa

Translated title of the contribution: : Fire safety in modern smart construction: awareness and attitudes

Plant-wide optimization of a copper smelter

How to do it in practice?

Plasmonic mode conversion and second harmonic imaging of tilted plasmonic nanocones

Random lasing control with optical spatial solitons in nematic liquid crystals

Revisiting gray pixel for statistical illumination estimation

Short-range supercontinuum based lidar for combustion diagnostics

Single exposure lensless subpixel phase imaging

Smartphone teleoperation for self-balancing telepresence robots

Switchable unidirectional second-harmonic emission through GaAs nanoantennas

Tailoring directional scattering of second-harmonic generation from (111)-GaAs nanoantennas

Thermal and moisture properties of calcium silicate insulation boards

Towards digital campus – improving usability of learning environments

Towards low carbon economy - Green bond and asset development

Tuning plasmon induced reflectance with hybrid metasurfaces

Experimental moment resistance of rectangular hollow section T joints

Industrialization of hybrid and additive manufacturing-Implementation to Finnish industry (HYBRAM)

Performance Enhancement Of Optimized Link State Routing Protocol For Health Care Applications In Wireless Body Area Networks

Tutkimuskatsaus: Uusia menetelmiä haavan paranemisen arviointiin ja seurantaan

Translated title of the contribution: : Scientific review: New methods for assessment and monitoring of chronic wounds

The Effects of Product Line Length on Firm Performance

Social capital characteristics in RD project networks

Technopreneurial Characteristics Rising from the Ashes of Creative Destruction

Analysis of User Exploration Patterns during Scene Cuts in Omnidirectional Videos

Long-term monitoring of acute wound healing from beneath the primary wound dressings

Glove-integrated slotted patch antenna for wearable UHF RFID reader

Referenced backscattering compression level indicator based on passive UHF RFID tags

RF energy harvesting system with RFID-enabled charge storage monitoring

Constrained Long-Horizon Direct Model Predictive Control for Synchronous Reluctance Motor Drives

2D Video Coding of Volumetric Video Data

Evaluation of Median Root Prior for Robust In-Beam PET Reconstruction

Web User Interface Implementation Technologies: An Underview

Fabrication and Practical Evaluation of Glove-integrated Passive UHF RFID Tags

Multi-site delamination analysis using virtual crack closure technique for a composite aircraft wing flap

Nanocellulose as a Piezoelectric Material

Comparison of food frequency questionnaire data and shopping records for the assessment of food intake

Effect of radiation inside square hollow section under moderate non-symmetric fire

Model-based cosimulation for industrial wireless networks

Improved modelling of electric loads for enabling demand response by applying physical and data-driven models

Project Response

Moving toward integrated solutions in project-based firms: Changes in sales practices

Systematic literature review on customer emotions in social media

Fabrication and reliability evaluation of passive UHF RFID T-shirts

Education on the utilization of secondary materials in earthworks

Technical suitability of the fine fraction of municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash to the landfill capping liner

Dual-frequency signal processing architecture for robust and precise positioning applications

Agency relationships in global project business

Industrial customers’ organizational readiness for service innovations

Adopting data-based advanced services

Intensity Interferometry of Supercontinuum Light

Lifecycle-oriented framing of value at the front end of infrastructure projects

Requirements from industrial internet for innovations in advanced industrial services

Toward Manageable Data Sources

Re-use of engineering design rationale in Finnish SME project based industry

Finnish Round Robin Test on Airborne Sound Insulation

Measurements of impact force excitation on wooden floors

Ready to sell? Requirements for promoting service selling in a manufacturing firm

Ideoita kaavoituksen sisällön uudistamiseen

Kaavojen merkintöjen ja määräysten kehittäminen (KAMMI-hanke)

Translated title of the contribution: : Ideas to reform the content of spatial plans: Developing the designations and regulations related to plans

Multiwavelength surface contouring from phase-coded diffraction patterns

Process time importance in the product properties evolvement during extrusion coating of different LDPE grades

Sub-100 fs pulse generation from a Tm,Ho

CALYO laser mode-locked by a GaSb-based SESAM at ~2043 nm

Ultra-large mode area single frequency anisotropic MOPA with double clad Yb-doped tapered fiber

360 panorama super-resolution using deep convolutional networks

Action recognition using the 3D dense microblock difference

Adaptive Feedback in Local Coordinates for Real-time Vision-Based Motion Control Over Long Distances

Alpha radiation induced luminescence in solar blind spectral region

Analysis of outdoor and indoor propagation at 15 GHz and millimeter wave frequencies in microcellular environment

Architectural patterns for microservices

A systematic mapping study

A social capital perspective on gaining optimal solutions from suppliers as preferred customer

Automated pile transfer work cycles with a robotic wheel loader

Beyond ic 4.0 : the future potential of bi-tool utilization in the private healthcare

Cold-formed RHS T joints with initial geometrical imperfections

Collective nonlinear optical effects in plasmonic nanohole ensembles of different rotational symmetries

Core Project Team As a Management Entity for Construction Projects

Development of efficient electrically pumped nanolasers based on InAlGaAs tunnel junction

Digital image correlation study of the deformation and functioning of the human heart during open-heart surgery

Effect of elevated nitrate and sulfate concentrations on selenate removal by mesophilic anaerobic granular sludge bed reactors

Effects of adiabatic heating estimated from tensile tests with continuous heating

Electro-optic steering of random laser emission in liquid crystals

Elementary math to close the digital skills gap

Enhanced outdoor to indoor propagation models and impact of different ray tracing approaches at higher frequencies

Evaluating the contrast of planar periodic patterns on paper

Evaluation of visual object trackers on equirectangular panorama

Frequency-doubled VECSEL employing a Volume Bragg Grating for linewidth narrowing

Frequency-doubled wafer-fused 638 nm VECSEL with an output power of 5.6 W

Gibbs Dyadic Differentiation on Groups - Evolution of the Concept

Hierarchical deformable part models for heads and tails

Highly-efficient Ho:KY(WO4)2 thin-disk lasers at 2.06 μm

High performance GaSb superluminescent diodes for tunable light source at 2 μm and 2.55 μm

High power picosecond MOPA with anisotropic ytterbium-doped tapered double-clad fiber

High-speed manufacturing of antimicrobial paper

Integrated multi-wavelength mid-IR light source for gas sensing

Internal Heat Generation in Tension Tests of AISI 316 Using Full-Field Temperature and Strain Measurements

In vitro characterization of arylhydrazones of active methylene derivatives

JPEG Pleno: a standard framework for representing and signaling plenoptic modalities

Kehittämistutkimus: vuorovaikutteisten Matlab-opetusohjelmien vaikutus minäpystyvyyteen ja oppimistuloksiin yliopistomatematiikassa

Keyframe-based video summarization with human in the loop

Laser Scanning Tasks of Building Refurbishment Project

Making the cloud work for software producers

Linking architecture, operating cost and revenue

Model for efficient development of security audit criteria

Non-resonant enhancement of second-harmonic generation from metal nanoislands coated with dielectric layers

Proceedings of the 1st Transdisciplinary Workplace Research Conference

Projektityöskentelyn kehittäminen yläkoulun matematiikan opetuksessa

Real-time human pose estimation with convolutional neural networks

Real-time measurements of nonlinear instabilities in optical fibers

Resonant harmonic generation in AlGaAs nanoantennas using cylindrical vector beams

Sub-parts-per-trillion sensitivity in trace gas detection by cantilever-enhanced photo-acoustic spectroscopy

Towards the Structure of a Class of Permutation Matrices Associated With Bent Functions

Underpinning Interrelated Factors of Physical, Virtual, and Social Learning Environments

What's inside a rubble pile asteroid? DiSCUS - A tomographic twin radar Cubesat to find out

Yliopistomatematiikan sähköisten tehtävien ja matemaattisen ajattelun kehittäminen


Translated title of the contribution: : SCMA codebook optimization method based on phase rotation

Assessing the usefulness of an early idea development tool among experienced researchers

Mechanisms of disruptive technological change

Case studies in transformation of traditional industries

Sata vuotta vesihuoltoa Suomessa

Translated title of the contribution: : One hundred years of water services in Finland

Comparative evaluation of radio propagation properties at 15 GHz and 60 GHz frequencies

Multi-factor authentication: A survey and challenges in V2X applications

Upper bound and approximation of random access throughput over chase combining HARQ

Analysis of Crowdsensed WiFi Fingerprints for Indoor Localization

Probabilistic Mapping of Human Visual Attention from Head Pose Estimation

Inkjet printed metallic micropillars for bare die flip-chip bonding

Alipaineistetun tuulettuvan ryömintätilan rakennusfysikaaliset FEM-simuloinnit

Betonin kosteusteknisten materiaaliominaisuuksien määrittäminen

Kosteusvaurioiden vakavuus kuntien rakennuksissa

Koulujen ja päiväkotien laskettu ja toteutunut energiankulutus

Kuorielementtien kuivumisen mallintaminen hydrataation huomioivalla FEM-laskennalla

Kustannusoptimaaliset energiakorjaus- ja uusiutuvan energian tuotannon ratkaisut kunnallisissa palvelurakennuksissa

Maanvastaisten seinien lämpö- ja kosteustekninen toiminta

Paine-erot Pirkanmaan ja Helsingin julkisissa palvelurakennuksissa

Puukerrostalon työmaavaiheen lämpö- ja kosteusolosuhteiden mittaukset

Puukerrostalorakentamisen kosteudenhallinta

Suomessa markkinoilla olevien kalsiumsilikaattilevyjen rakennusfysikaaliset materiaaliominaisuudet

Suuren lämmöneristämättömän maanvastaisen alapohjan vaikutus rakennuksen energiankulutukseen

Electrostatic discharge characteristics of conductive polymers

Qualification challenges of footwear and flooring systems

Indoor Localisation using Aroma Fingerprints: A First Sniff

Julkisivujen ja parvekkeiden talvikorjausohje

Rational Number Knowledge Assessment and Training With a Game Competition

The effect of tungsten carbide particles content in a weld deposit on its abrasion resistance

Printed and organic diodes: devices, circuits and applications

Barkhausen noise Potcore sensor simulations with Comsol

Case depth prediction of nitrided components

Embroidered antennas and antenna-electronics interfaces for wearable RFID tags

Knowledge sharing in knowledge collectivity: case digitalization in industrial network

Tuning extrinsic noise effects on a small genetic circuit

Comparative investigation of remote tracking devices for aging care

Quality evaluation on of contractor’s schedule for building renovation

Printed soft-electronics for remote body monitoring

Enterprise architecture and organizational reform: a project debrief

NB-IoT for D2D-enhanced content uploading with social trustworthiness in 5G systems

Applying third-party moocs in programming education: a case study

Who is who in Big Social Data?

A Bibliographic Network Analysis Study

Tools, pedagogical models, and best practices for digital storytelling

Real-time measurements of dissipative solitons in a mode-locked fiber laser

Maximally Flat Property and Bandwidth Enhancing by Transfer Function Zeroes IEEE-NewCAS France

On the prospects of full-duplex military radios

Morphology Development, Structure and Dielectric Properties of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene

Knowledge transfer and work productivity

The role of inorganics in modelling of biomass gasification

Cavitation wear characteristics of Al2O3-ZrO2-ceramic coatings deposited by APS and HVOF -processes

Managing intellectual liabilities by service recovery

A bibliometric study on authorship trends and research themes in knowledge management literature

If you know social media, you see opportunities…

Lessons for data-based value creation

Why don't one maximizes database utilization in product and service development in manufacturing?

Advocator, jester, spokesperson, provocateur and boundary spanner? Exploring different communication styles at twitter

Customer Perceived Value - A Key in Marketing of Integrated Solutions

Reliability and Perceived Value of Sentiment Analysis for Twitter Data

Social Media Analytics Empowering Customer Experience Insight

Culture-Aware Web Information Systems in Dependence of Context

Influence of the rotor eccentricity on the torque of a cage induction machine

Managing different types of changes during the lifecycle of a complex delivery project

Natural Gas Engine Emission Reduction by Catalysts

Visual Data Mining in Software Repositories: A Survey

Kactus2: A graphical EDA tool built on the IP-XACT standard

Alkyl thiophene vinylene electropolymerization in C8mimPF6, potential use in solar cells

Editorial: Information to support decision-making

Local narratives in the long term water conflicts

Case of Turku Region in Finland

The logics taught and used at high schools are not the same

Vesi, ongelma ennen ja nyt?

Instrumentation and monitoring of large-span culvert built under a railway, in Finland

HEVC-compliant viewport-adaptive streaming of stereoscopic panoramic video

Towards better knowledge work experiences with new Ambient workspace

Concept and prototype

Collagen-immobilized polyimide membranes for retinal pigment epithelial cell adherence and proliferation

Cost- and time-effective sewing patterns for embroidered passive UHF RFID tags

Reaction heat utilization in aluminosilicate-based ceramics synthesis and sintering

Wirelessly powered implantable system for wireless long-term monitoring of intracranial pressure

Effect of Laser Power on Yield of TiO2 Nanoparticles Synthesized by Pulsed Laser Ablation in Water

1180 nm GaInNAs quantum well based high power DBR laser diodes

Evolutionary multiobjective optimization for adaptive dataflow-based digital predistortion architectures

Multi-wavelength mid-IR light source for gas sensing

Intracavity double diode structures with GaInP barrier layers for thermophotonic cooling

The use of mathematical modeling for the development of a low cost fuzzy gain schedule neutralization control system

Color-distribution similarity by information theoretic divergence for color images

Cavitation erosion, slurry erosion and solid particle erosion performance of metal matrix composite (MMC) coatings sprayed with modern high velocity thermal spray processes

Effect of air gap on the adhesion of PET layer on cardboard substrate in extrusion coating

Novel bio-based materials for active and intelligent packaging

Novel equipment to simulate hot air heat sealability of packaging materials

Tampere University of Technology, laboratory of materials science, paper converting and packaging technology Tampere, Finland

A dynamical quality model to continuously monitor software maintenance

Automatic Classification of Z-ring Formation Stages at the Single Cell Level in Escherichia Coli by Machine Learning

Business intelligence approach – a practical tool for competence based curriculum development

Challenges in the paradigm change from mobility as a self-service to mobility as a service

Comparing two methods for Urban Complexity calculation using Shannon-Wiener index

Comprehensive survey of similarity measures for ranked based location fingerprinting algorithm

Computational wavelength resolution for in-line lensless holography

Phase-coded diffraction patterns and wavefront group-sparsity

Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks for Rare Sound Event Detection

Dynamic laser speckle metrology with binarization of speckle patterns

Editorial: Experiments in an Organisational Context

Educating Computer Science Educators Online - A Racket MOOC for Elementary Math Teachers of Finland

Effects of Social Media on Consumers' Sports Brand Experiences and Loyalty

Emotion-Gauge: Analyzing affective experiences in B2B customer journeys

Energiatehokkuusinformaatio palvelurakennuksissa

Energiatehokkuus on entistä enemmän sähkötehon hallintaa

Experiences from development of security audit criteria

Experimenting traditional and modern reliability models in a 3-years european software project

Eye tracking studies focusing on mathematics: a literature review

From theories to game mechanics

Developing a game for training rational numbers

Gamification at School

Glass and Glass-Ceramic Scaffolds: Manufacturing Methods and the Impact of Crystallization on In-Vitro Dissolution

Identification of fundamental requirements for ideal metamodeling framework in additive manufacturing

Inter-organizational knowledge sharing barriers within an sme network: a case study

Manipulating Superparamagnetic Microparticles with an Electromagnetic Needle

Modeling the process of dynamic resource sharing between LTE and NB-IoT services

Multilag Frequency Estimation for High-Order BOC Signals in the Acquisition Stage

Personality's effect on peer assessment ability in case method context

Perspectives on tools and applications supporting co-creation in knowledge work

Photo-acoustic Spectroscopy of Resonant Absorption in III-V Semiconductor Nanowires

Picosecond MOPA with ytterbium doped tapered double clad fiber

Real-Time Impedance-Based Stability Assessment of Grid Converter Interactions

Reinventing organisational creativity and innovation through adapting a service-based working culture

Review on mobility as a service in scientific literature

Samsung and Volkswagen crisis communication in Facebook and Twitter

A comparative study

Sata vuotta Suomen suurimmasta lavantautiepidemiasta

Securing the flow of information in renovation projects

Sustainable synergies from buildings to the urban scale

Suomen vesihuollon kehitys ja opit kansainvälisessä kontekstissa

Translated title of the contribution: : The development of Finnish water services and doctrine in an international context

The role of base substrate on barrier and convertability properties of Water based barrier coated (WBBC) paper and paperboard

The role of performance measurement in supplier-buyer value-creation

The Web as a software platform

Ten years later

Three-color vector nematicon

Utilizing knowledge networks in virtual or augmented reality solution creation

Valkea kaupunki, mustat vedet

VisualLabel: An Integrated Multimedia Content Management and Access Framework

Web-user-interface system utilizing rhmei and open data for a water quality analyzer

Re-inventing organizational creativity and innovation through adopting a service-based working culture

Assessing business learning by analysing ERP simulation log files

D2D communications for mobile devices: Technology overview and prototype implementation

Improving reliability of replicated message delivery in cellular machine-type communications

Business models in the circular economy: a structured multiple-case analysis

How to develop a new innovation education tool: case of impact canvas

Multi-Objective Optimization of Fin Array Heat Sinks

Bioimpedance measurement system for evaluation of the status of wound healing

Pedestrian Dead Reckoning with Particle Filter for Handheld Smartphone

Project types and industrial collaboration in project-based learning

A Survey of People Movement Analytics Studies in the Context of Smart Cities

Continuum approach for modeling fatigue in amorphous glassy polymers. Applications to the investigation of damage mechanisms in polycarbonate

Terahertz band communications: Applications, research challenges, and standardization activities

Charged cable-system ESD event

Charge relaxation of slowly dissipative polymers

A coordination-based brokerage architecture for multi-cloud resource markets

Modeling the utilization of a multi-tenant band in 3GPP LTE system with Licensed Shared Access

Mid-Infrared Sources for Ultra-Broadband Cavity Enhanced Spectroscopy

Modelling and Simulation of Radial Spruce Compression to Optimize Energy Efficiency in Mechanical Pulping

Sosiaalinen media brändi- ja asiakastiedon lähteenä

Students’ Use of Learning Tools and Tool Types

Solving Self-Study Assignments on an Online Platform

Developing Learning and Teaching in Engineering Mathematics with and without Technology

Electronic Exam in Electronics Studies

Implementing of Activating Learning Strategy for a Course on Electric Drives

Affective experiences and student engagement in higher education

Students as mystery shoppers

lowering knowledge sharing barriers in higher education

Industrial impact on topics and types of Master's theses

Empirical study of software engineering theses made in 1990-2016

New introducotry courses and teacher tutoring

Keys to an efficient beginning for university studies in engineering

Towards better learning by increased student engagement

Handheld wireless authentication key and secure documents storage for the Internet of Everything

Validating information security framework for offloading from LTE onto D2D links

Knowledge barriers in university-industry knowledge networks

DCASE 2016 Acoustic Scene Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Increasing the environment-awareness of rake beamforming for directive acoustic sources

Capturing knowledge from research projects: From project reports to storytelling

Finnish Engineering Education for Sustainable Development in 2016 - Call for collaborative learning

Integrating mobile orienteering to team forming activity in a software engineering course

MathCheck: a tool for checking math solutions in detail

Strengthening student engagement by integrating the contents of a flipped course around a well-confined real life theme


Tool for fusion and analysis of live-cell images from time-lapse multimodal microscopy

Learning Maths with mobiles

Cross-cultural design of technology with experiences in South-Africa and Finland

Simulation of photon-photon resonance enhanced direct modulation bandwidth of DFB lasers

Simulation studies of DFB laser longitudinal structures for narrow linewidth emission

Transverse structure optimization of laterally-coupled ridge waveguide DFB lasers

Home Network Security: Modelling Power Consumption to Detect and Prevent Attacks on Homenet Routers

Implementation Experiences and Design Challenges for Resilient SDN Based Secure WAN Overlays

Observing Hidden Service Directory Spying with a Private Hidden Service Honeynet

Third places and user preferences – affordances in the cities

Study on the capability to measure stakeholders’ brand experiences with a consumer-centric measurement framework

Teoriaa ja kokemuksia arvioinnista MOOCien aikakaudella

Power bases in lead organization network governance form: a multi-level approach

Customer value management framework for supply chains

Image-based characterization of the pulp flows

In vivo single-molecule dynamics of transcription of the viral T7 Phi 10 promoter in Escherichia coli

Using a synthetic probe to study the robustness of the segregation process of protein aggregates in Escherichia coli

Framework for optimization and scheduling of a copper production plant

Demolished buildings

Empirical evidence on types, ages and construction materials

Demolition Rates of Buildings with Different Functions and Construction Materials

Knowledge integration method development for multi-stakeholder innovation

Exploring how brand experience measurement could be used for integrating marketing and R&D

Multiple facets of innovation and business ecosystem research: the foci, methods and future agenda

Being a start-upper in Italy

Motivations, obstacles and success factors

Customer lifetime value in manufacturing services

Does Strategic and Innovative Fit Indicate Smart Social Media use in a Company?

Management accounting and new service development under servitization: literature review and case studies

Management accounting in managerial work: engaging facts and feelings in decision making

Improving the Situation Awareness of DSOs in Major Disturbances by Visualizing the State of Mobile Networks

Adapting service-based working culture as the key driver for organisational creativity and innovation

Enablers and Restraints of Knowledge Work – Does profession make a difference?

Single-frequency 571nm VECSEL for photo-ionization of magnesium

Data including GROMACS input files for atomistic molecular dynamics simulations of mixed, asymmetric bilayers including molecular topologies, equilibrated structures, and force field for lipids compatible with OPLS-AA parameters

Practice of project control under different levels of complexity in engineering projects

Car Type Recognition with Deep Neural Networks

Disruptive innovation in ecosystems: Path-creation and institutional barriers

Electricity Distribution Network Tariffs - Present Practices, Future Challenges and Development Possibilities

Handling exceptional situations in a distribution network congestion management algorithm

In-band-pumped mode-locked Ho:YAG ceramic laser at 2.1 μm

Incremental service innovations in a manufacturing firm’s delivery chain

Service orientation and innovation in the strategies of manufacturing SMEs

Parameters Affecting the Upcycling of Waste Cotton and PES/CO Textiles

Radical programmes for developing the EU residential building sectors as exemplified by Finland and the Netherlands

Relevance of five generic business ideation approaches vis-a-vis contexts embedded within construction markets

Life-Cycle Economics of Rentable Prefabricated School Facility Units in Municipal Real Estate Procurement

Proceedings of the CIB World Building Congress 2016

Volume I - Creating built environments of new opportunities

Proceedings of the CIB World Building Congress 2016

Volume III - Building Up Business Operations and Their Logic. Shaping Materials and Technologies

Proceedings of the CIB World Building Congress 2016

Volume IV - Understanding Impacts and Functioning of Different Solutions

Social media analytics empowering marketing insight- A framework for analyzing affective experiences from social media content

Durability study on high speed water hydraulic miniature on/off-valve

A Variable Battery Supply DC-DC Buck Converter Designed for 45nm-CMOS Technology

On Moderate Inversion/Saturation Regions As Approximations to "Reconciliation" Model

Optimal operation of a QCS scanner in a paper machine based on the information of QCS and WIS measurements

Architecture beyond signs and symbols : Zumthor's response to the problems of aesthetics

Adaptive fuzzy inference system based directional median filter for impulse noise removal

Enhancing the acceptance of advanced services among users of complex systems

Preliminary results from a study aiming to improve ground investigation data

Strength increase below an old test embankment in Finland

The effect of climate change on the amount of wind driven rain on concrete facades

Feasibility characterization of cryptographic primitives for constrained (wearable) IoT devices

Fully printed memristors for a self-sustainable recorder of mechanical energy

Crowdsourcing in Business-to-Business Markets: A Value Creation and Business Model Perspective

Quenching nematicon fluctuations via photo-stabilization

Finite temperature path-integral modeling of quantum dot cellular automata

Sisäympäristön laadun ja terveellisyyden arviointi energiaparannuskohteissa

InGaAs-QW VECSEL emitting >1.300-nm via intracavity Raman conversion

Difference frequency modulation of multi-section dual-mode lasers with nanoscale surface gratings

Random Value Impulse Noise Removal Based on Most Similar Neighbors

A review study of photovoltoltaic array maximum power point tracking algorithms

First-principles data set of 45,892 isolated and cation-coordinated conformers of 20 proteinogenic amino acids

Lean manufacturing methods in simulation literature

Review and association analysis

Optical amplifiers and lasers based on tapered fiber geometry for power and energy scaling with low signal distortion

A 1.5-W frequency doubled semiconductor disk laser tunable over 40 nm at around 745 nm

Accurate depth estimation from a sequence of monocular images supported by proprioceptive sensors

A continuum damage model for creep fracture and fatigue analyses

A follow-up case study of the relation of PLM Architecture, Maturity and Business processes

Agile methods in performance management system development process

A mixed-integer linear programming approach for global discrete size optimization of frame structures

Analysis of Real Mobility Records in Urban and Suburban Environments

A new waveguiding mechanism based upon geometric phase

A trial of yoking-proof protocol in RFID-based smart-home environment

A unified lcf-hcf model based on continuum mechanics

Back-calculation of the Saint-Alban A test embankment with a new modelling approach in LEM

Backend infrastructure supporting audio augmented reality and storytelling

Benefits of digitally guided buying in B2B markets

Building Codes and Demand Response of Energy Use

Building energy retrofits, occupant health and wellbeing

Bus Transportation Accessibility - Does It Impact Housing Values?

Campus retrofitting (CARE) methodology: a way to co-create future learning environments

Characterising the industrial context of engineering change management

Commercialising reclaimed materials in earthworks – guidelines for productization and the process of appending these materials in the Finnish national code of practice

Computer-supported collaborative learning

Praxes in new cell-oriented configurable PC-classroom

Computer vision aided navigation systems

Consensus building in the pre-design phase of building projects

Control of Electric Vehicle Charging in Domestic Real Estates as Part of Demand Response Functionality

Design and simulation of a thermal flow sensor for gravity-driven microfluidic applications

Development of students’ multidisciplinary collaboration skills by simulation of the design process

DIC measurements of the human heart during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery

Different approaches of the PLM maturity concept and their use domains –analysis of the state of the art

Diffraction compensation of finite beams in hyperbolic metamaterials

Direct Measurement of Temporal Rogue Waves Generated by Spontaneous Modulation Instability

Dots-on-the-fly electron beam lithography

Educating future coders with a holistic ICT curriculum and new learning solutions

Empowerment in construction: a qualitative analysis of subcontractors' quality assurance

Enhancing old laboratory experiment using flipped learning

Towards self-regulating collaborative groups in blended learning environment

Evolution equations based approach for modeling of fatigue in amorphous glassy polymers. On the investigation of fatigue damage development in polycarbonate

Extending Professional Fields. Architectural Research and Regional Development

Fabrication and characterization of broadband superluminescent diodes for 2 μm wavelength

Full-Field Temperature and Strain Measurement in Dynamic Tension Tests on SS 304

Functionalizing Surface Electrical Potential of Hydroxyapatite Coatings

Functional model for organisational and safety culture

Future in wood? Timber construction in boosting local development.

High Dynamic Range Single-Shot Spectral Measurements of Spontaneous Modulation Instability

High efficiency dilute nitride solar cells

Simulations meet experiments

High-power 1550 nm tapered DBR lasers fabricated using soft UV-nanoimprint lithography

High-temperature sliding wear behaviour of thermally sprayed Cr3C2-based coatings

How is it sustainable? Identifying key indicators for sustainable educational design

How to benefit from learning logs in engineering education?

Identifying and measuring customer value - case multi-locational worker

Improved properties for packaging materials by nanoscale surface modification and ALD barrier coating

Influence of environmental conditions on EMF levels in a span of overhead transmission lines

Institutional development is the key for sustainable water services in the built environment

Integrated urban water management, the green economy and institutional eco-innovations

Integrating III-V, Si, and polymer waveguides for optical interconnects


Is languaging experienced to improve understanding of structural mechanics?

Leadership instead of grading - The new goals of assessment

Lean Software Design, Lean Education?

Lessons from a Collaborative University-Industry Seminar

Learning for sustainable water and sanitation services

Linear and nonlinear light beam propagation in chiral nematic liquid crystal waveguides

Long-term effects of purchasing: fact or fiction?

Mathematical Parametrisation of Irradiance Transitions Caused by Moving Clouds for PV System Analysis

Mining smart meter data - Case Finland

Moisture and building processes in Finland

Multiaxial magneto-mechanical modelling of electrical machines with hysteresis