Translated title of the contribution: : SCMA codebook optimization method based on phase rotation

Обзор параметрических методов позиционирования на основе концепции отпечатка пальца

Translated title of the contribution: : A Survey of Parametric Fingerprint-Positioning Methods

Yliopistomatematiikan sähköisten tehtävien ja matemaattisen ajattelun kehittäminen

Wood compression model for radial compression of earlywood and latewood

Wirelessly powered implantable system for wireless long-term monitoring of intracranial pressure

Wireless Authentication using OPACITY Protocol


Selective Attention and Local Bias in Platform-Based Markets

Why don't one maximizes database utilization in product and service development in manufacturing?

Who is who in Big Social Data?

A Bibliographic Network Analysis Study

White Knights of the Smart City

What's inside a rubble pile asteroid? DiSCUS - A tomographic twin radar Cubesat to find out

What Engineering Scientists Know and How They Know It

Towards Understanding the Philosophy of Engineering Science in Finland

Web-user-interface system utilizing rhmei and open data for a water quality analyzer

Web User Interface Implementation Technologies: An Underview

Water services heritage and institutional diversity

Voimalaitosten reaaliaikainen ympäristövaikutusten monitorointi

Visual tools to support innovation development

User experiences from the Parisian ecosystem

Visual narratives in the value chain of new management accounting knowledge

VisualLabel: An Integrated Multimedia Content Management and Access Framework

Visual Data Mining in Software Repositories: A Survey

Vision-based path coordination for multiple mobile robots with four steering wheels using an overhead camera

Visibility-Aware Part Coding for Vehicle Viewing Angle Estimation

Vibration analysis of the composite slim floor

Vesi, ongelma ennen ja nyt?

Vesihuollon instituutiot vaativat taitavaa jalkapallopeliä

Translated title of the contribution: : Water services institutions require skilful soccer playing

Ventilation rates and CO2-levels before and after energy retrofit in Finnish apartment buildings

Vehicle Mass Estimation for Hydraulic Drive System using Longitudinal Motion Model

Varmuuden kohdentaminen geotekniikassa, miten Eurokoodeja voisi kehittää?

Value Creation in Private Equity

A Case Study of Outperforming Buyouts in the Nordic Countries

Valtion tukemien homekorjaushankkeiden arviointi -jatkotutkimus (HKPro 3)

Valtion tukemien homekorjaushankkeiden arviointi (HKPro 2)

Valkea kaupunki, mustat vedet

Validation of the method to evaluate the corrosion propagation stage by hygrothermal simulation

Validating information security framework for offloading from LTE onto D2D links

Vaihdetta isommalle

Pyöräilyn potentiaalin hyödyntäminen

Uusi Rakennusfysiikan käsikirja - perustiedot rakennusfysikaalisesta suunnittelusta ja tutkimuksista

Uusi Rakennusfysiikan käsikirja

Uusia tuulia Euroopasta

Uudet arkkitehtoniset ratkaisumallit muuttavat kampuksien ilmettä

Translated title of the contribution: : Novel architectural solutions change campus design

Uudessa COMBI-hankkeessa tutkitaan energiatehokkaan palvelurakentamisen haasteita ja ratkaisuja

Utilizing knowledge networks in virtual or augmented reality solution creation

Using context overlays to analyse the role of a priori information with Process Mining

Using a synthetic probe to study the robustness of the segregation process of protein aggregates in Escherichia coli

User experience in technology investment decisions of industrial firms

User-driven development with scientific applied research - RFID-controlled physiogame case study

Use of high-order beams to calibrate spatial light modulators for microscopy

Use of equipment lifecycle data in industrial services

Upper bound and approximation of random access throughput over chase combining HARQ

University Students’ Perceptions of Academic Writing: An Academic Literacies Perspective

Underpinning Interrelated Factors of Physical, Virtual, and Social Learning Environments

Uncertainties in Charge Measurements of ESD Risk Assessment

Ultra-large mode area single frequency anisotropic MOPA with double clad Yb-doped tapered fiber

Ulkoseinien rakennusfysikaaliset riskit ja pitkäaikaiskestävät ratkaisut

Two-turns antenna and magnetic materials for effective powering of mm-size implant in wireless brain-machine interface system

Two patterns for minimizing human resources in a startup

Two models for hydraulic cylinders in flexible multibody simulations

Two models for hydraulic cylinder

Tutkimuskatsaus: Uusia menetelmiä haavan paranemisen arviointiin ja seurantaan

Translated title of the contribution: : Scientific review: New methods for assessment and monitoring of chronic wounds

Turvallisuuden johtajat - Esimiesten johtajuus, osaaminen ja sitoutuminen

Translated title of the contribution: : Leaders of safety - managers' leadership, skills and commitment

Tuning plasmon induced reflectance with hybrid metasurfaces

Tuning extrinsic noise effects on a small genetic circuit

Tunable second-harmonic generation in a single nanostructure

Tunable nonlinear effects through focused spatially phase-shaped beams

Triboelectric charging of fungal spores during resuspension and rebound

Transverse structure optimization of laterally-coupled ridge waveguide DFB lasers

Transpositions and duals high-order tensors. On theory and applications in mechanics

Traceability of essential climate variables through forest stand reconstruction with terrestrial laser scanning

Townhouse-talotyypin rakennuskustannukset: kolmen suunnitteluratkaisun taloudellisuuden analysointi

Towards Traditional Simulation Models of Context Using Process Mining

Towards the Structure of a Class of Permutation Matrices Associated With Bent Functions

Towards responsive workspaces - identification of service paths for time-and-place independent work

Towards low carbon economy - Green bond and asset development

Towards high power flip-chip long-wavelength semiconductor disk lasers

Towards digital campus – improving usability of learning environments

Towards Capturing Interaction in the Interactive Use of Controls - The Role of Reflection

Towards Business Potential of Workplace Services in Finland

Towards better learning by increased student engagement

Towards better knowledge work experiences with new Ambient workspace

Concept and prototype

Towards automation security research and training environment

Towards a sustainable Skanssi

Towards a Classification Schema for Development Technologies: an Empirical Study in the Avionic Domain

Toward Manageable Data Sources

Tools, pedagogical models, and best practices for digital storytelling

Time-resolved characterization of primary and secondary particle emissions of a modern gasoline passenger car

Three-color vector nematicon

Third places and user preferences – affordances in the cities

The World Innovation Stock Exchange- shared value for individuals, business and society

The Workplace for Researchers – Enhancing Concentration and Face-to-face Interaction

The Web as a software platform

Ten years later

The use of mathematical modeling for the development of a low cost fuzzy gain schedule neutralization control system

The target reliability of the eurocodes

The role of the purchasing function in non-financial value creation

The role of product retailers' service adoption in services introduction - A case of services supplementing consumer durables.

The role of performance measurement in supplier-buyer value-creation

The role of inorganics in modelling of biomass gasification

The role of film processing in the large-area dielectric breakdown performance of nano-silica-BOPP films

The Role of Customer Experience in Value Creation in Business-to-Business Context

The role of base substrate on barrier and convertability properties of Water based barrier coated (WBBC) paper and paperboard

Thermomechanical properties of overmold epoxies in MEMS packaging

Thermal and moisture properties of calcium silicate insulation boards

The Parallel Diode and Trap Behaviour of Ternary Polymer Solar Cells

Theory driven design and real prototyping of biomass pyrolitic stove

Theory driven design and real proto typing of biomass pyrolitic stove

Theoretical 71-Concept Platform for Advancing Construction-related Business Management

The New Era of Crowdsourcing — Industrial Crowdsourcing

The logics taught and used at high schools are not the same

The Fourteenth Scandinavian International Conference on Fluid Power, SICFP15


The Fourteenth Scandinavian International Conference on Fluid Power, SICFP15


The Extended 1-D (One-Dimensional) Discrete Phase Retrieval Problem

The Effects of Product Line Length on Firm Performance

The effects of neuron morphology on graph theoretic measures of network connectivity

The analysis of a two-level statistical model

The Effects of Initial Moisture on Damp Problems of a Timber Framed Wall Construction - a Numerical Approach

The effect of USB ground cable and product dynamic capacitance on IEC61000-4-2 qualification

The effect of tungsten carbide particles content in a weld deposit on its abrasion resistance

The effect of physical adhesion promotion treatments on interfacial adhesion in cellulose-epoxy composite

The effect of climate change on the amount of wind driven rain on concrete facades

The development curve of knowledge management practices: a ten year perspective from top50 Finnish enterprises

The Company Democracy Model for the Development of Intellectual Human Capitalism for Shared Value

The circular economy of projects

The behaviour of transverse bar reinforcement of slim floor beams in precast floors

The 13th Nordic Steel Construction Conference (NSCC.2015)

Testing the near field/far field model performance for prediction of particulate matter emissions in a paint factory

Terrestrial LiDAR and 3D tree Quantitative Structure Model for quantification of aboveground biomass loss from selective logging in a tropical rainforest of Peru

Teräsristikon paarteiden liitoksen vapaan välin leikkausvoiman arviointi

Terahertz band communications: Applications, research challenges, and standardization activities

Teoriaa ja kokemuksia arvioinnista MOOCien aikakaudella

Temporal Ghost Imaging

Temperature Effect on Breakdown Performance of Insulating Polymer Thin Films

Temperature distribution of trapezoidal sheeting in fire

Technopreneurial Characteristics Rising from the Ashes of Creative Destruction

Technical suitability of the fine fraction of municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash to the landfill capping liner

Teacher’s Perceptions and Readiness to Teach Coding Skills

A Comparative Study Between Finland, Mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea

Task-setting strategies for hackathon goal achievement in industrial intra-organizational innovation

Taskinen yksissä kansissa

Translated title of the contribution: : Taskinen monograph

Target tracking via combination of particle filter and optimisation techniques

Tampere University of Technology, laboratory of materials science, paper converting and packaging technology Tampere, Finland

Tampereen matemaattisten aineiden aineenopettajakoulutus

Translated title of the contribution: : Mathematics and science subject teacher training at the University of Tampere

Tampereelta valmistuneiden vesihuoltoalan diplomi-insinöörien sijoittuminen ja odotukset yliopisto-opetukselle

Tammerkoski ja Hämeenkatu Tampereen arkkitehtonisen identiteetin ankkureina

Tailoring directional scattering of second-harmonic generation from (111)-GaAs nanoantennas

Tag suggestions from social media profiles

Systemic Sustainability and Emerging Diversity of Shopping Concepts in Urban Multi-Agent Networks

Systematic Search and Ranking of Physical Contradictions Using Graph Theory Principles: Toward a Systematic Analysis of Design Strategies and their Impacts

TRIZ and Knowledge-Based Innovation in Science and Industry

Systematic Literature Review on Enterprise Architecture in the Public Sector

Systematic literature review on customer emotions in social media

Systematic approach to secure automation – coordinated voltage control use-case

Switchable unidirectional second-harmonic emission through GaAs nanoantennas

Suuren lämmöneristämättömän maanvastaisen alapohjan vaikutus rakennuksen energiankulutukseen

Suunnittelutyökalu putkiristikoiden mitoitukseen ja optimointiin

Sustainable Design Studio 2014

Sustainable and responsible freight transport through public-private collaboration

Finnish road freight responsibility model

Sustainability and our professional environment - design validation and collaboration to create relevant architecture

Surrogate modeling for initial rotational stiffness of welded tubular joints

Surrogate model for rotational stiffness of welded tubular Y‐joints

Suomessa markkinoilla olevien kalsiumsilikaattilevyjen rakennusfysikaaliset materiaaliominaisuudet

Suomen vesihuollon kehitys ja opit kansainvälisessä kontekstissa

Translated title of the contribution: : The development of Finnish water services and doctrine in an international context

Suomen keraaminen seura - Keramiska sällskapet i Finland

Translated title of the contribution: : Finnish Ceramic Society

Sub-parts-per-trillion sensitivity in trace gas detection by cantilever-enhanced photo-acoustic spectroscopy

Sub-100 fs pulse generation from a Tm,Ho

CALYO laser mode-locked by a GaSb-based SESAM at ~2043 nm

Study on the capability to measure stakeholders’ brand experiences with a consumer-centric measurement framework

Studies of Physical Phase State of Aerosol Nanoparticles

Students’ Use of Learning Tools and Tool Types

Solving Self-Study Assignments on an Online Platform

Students as mystery shoppers

lowering knowledge sharing barriers in higher education

Strength increase below an old test embankment in Finland

Strengthening student engagement by integrating the contents of a flipped course around a well-confined real life theme

Strategic planning and epistemology of change: Probing the fitness of urban and planning systems with resilient spatial strategies

Stirring the Construction Project Management with Co-creation and Continuous Improvement

Standardizing the service delivery system for repetitive industrial services

STACK assignments in university mathematics education

Spatial borders and affordances of a temporary school building – Enhancing the school engagement and learning experience

Sound Events and Emotions: Investigating the Relation of Rhythmic Characteristics and Arousal

Sound Event Detection in Multichannel Audio Using Spatial and Harmonic Features

Sosiaalinen media brändi- ja asiakastiedon lähteenä

Some aspects of molecular physics in measuring tissue samples using enose for disease diagnostics

Social Media in Business-to-Business Companies' Innovation

Social media applications in external B2B transactions

An empirical analysis of the Finnish technology industry

Social media analytics empowering marketing insight- A framework for analyzing affective experiences from social media content

Social Media Analytics Empowering Customer Experience Insight

Social capital in hybrid governance - Case study in a global subcontracting process

Social capital characteristics in RD project networks

Social and Economic Importance of Water Services in the Built Environment: Need for More Structured Thinking

Smartphone teleoperation for self-balancing telepresence robots

Smart microphone sensor system platform

Site-controlled InAs Quantum Dots for Plasmonics

Sisäympäristön laadun ja terveellisyyden arviointi energiaparannuskohteissa

Single Shot Time Domain Ghost Imaging using Wavelength Multiplexing

Single-mode 1180 nm GaInNAs/GaAs DBR laser diode for frequency doubling to 590 nm

paper CB_11_4

Single micro-particle scattering detection based on Edge Filter Enhanced Self-Mixing Interferometry

Single-frequency 571nm VECSEL for photo-ionization of magnesium

Single exposure lensless subpixel phase imaging

Simultenious binary hash and features learning for image retrieval

Simulointi nopeuttaa käyttöiän määritystä

Simulation studies of DFB laser longitudinal structures for narrow linewidth emission

Simulation of photon-photon resonance enhanced direct modulation bandwidth of DFB lasers

Simulation of ash-forming compounds in the kraft recovery boiler


An Efficient Open Source Tool to Build Tree Models from TLS Clouds

Short-range supercontinuum based lidar for combustion diagnostics

Short range HF radio channel measurements: Search for one path channels

Shared use of research laboratories Changing spatial concepts

A Case Study in a Finnish Biomedical Organization

Shadow Ghost Imaging in the Time Domain

Service orientation and innovation in the strategies of manufacturing SMEs

Service Failure and Interruption Probability Analysis for Licensed Shared Access Regulatory Framework

Service confidence in bringing new data-enabled services to market

A multi-actor perspective

Seinäjoen ydinkeskustan olennaiset kehitysvaiheet ja sen 1950 - 70-lukujen rakennusperinnön arvottamisperiaatteita

Securing the flow of information in renovation projects

Sustainable synergies from buildings to the urban scale

Second-harmonic generation from thermally-evaporated indium selenide thin films

Scanning of radioluminescence emission with a PMT for remote detection of alpha contamination

Savukaasun NOx-päästöjen epäsuora monitorointi maakaasukäyttöisissä polttolaitoksissa

Sata vuotta vesihuoltoa Suomessa

Translated title of the contribution: : One hundred years of water services in Finland

Sata vuotta Suomen suurimmasta lavantautiepidemiasta

Samsung and Volkswagen crisis communication in Facebook and Twitter

A comparative study

Safety, Space and Structure Quality Requirements in Construction Scheduling

Safety at chimney-roof penetration

A numerical investigation

Role of Water Cooperatives in Water Service Production - Lessons from Finland and Denmark

Role of Power and Sense Making in the Briefing of a Small Renovation Project

Roadmap towards the vision of the future power system and electricity market

Risk Assessment of Major Storm Situation in Distribution System

Riding for a fall in outsourced ISD: Transferring knowledge between onshore vendor and offshored unit

Riding for a fall in outsourced ISD: Knowledge transfer challenges between the onshore vendor and the offshored unit

RF energy harvesting system with RFID-enabled charge storage monitoring

Revisiting technological depths and breadths effects on firm performance: the case of pharmaceutical industry

Revisiting gray pixel for statistical illumination estimation

Review on mobility as a service in scientific literature

Re-use of engineering design rationale in Finnish SME project based industry

Resource – Space Charts for Construction Workspace Scheduling

Resonant harmonic generation in AlGaAs nanoantennas using cylindrical vector beams

Resilient Asset Management and Governance Fordeteriorating Water Services Infrastructure

Research-industry collaboration: a review of the literature on evaluation methods and motivations

Requirements from industrial internet for innovations in advanced industrial services

Remote monitoring systems as enablers for project-related services

Remarks on characterization of bent functions in terms of gibbs dyadic derivatives

Reliability and Perceived Value of Sentiment Analysis for Twitter Data

Relevance of five generic business ideation approaches vis-a-vis contexts embedded within construction markets

Relations between civil engineering students’ approaches to learning, perceptions of the development of professional skills and perceived workload

Relational Capital for Shared Vision in Innovation Ecosystems

Re-inventing organizational creativity and innovation through adopting a service-based working culture

Reinventing organisational creativity and innovation through adapting a service-based working culture

Reinforcement learning for improved UAV-based integrated access and backhaul operation

Reinforcement Corrosion Modelling in Renovation Strategy for Concrete Facades

Referenced backscattering compression level indicator based on passive UHF RFID tags

Reducing uncertainties in above-ground biomass estimates using terrestrial laser scanning

Recurrence network analysis of wide band oscillations of local field potentials from the primary motor cortex reveals rich dynamics.

Recognition of shading events caused by moving clouds and determination of shadow velocity from solar radiation measurements

Recognising the culture context in information search

Recent progress in wafer-fused VECSELs emitting in the 1310 nm waveband

Real Time Measurements of Temporal Rogue Waves and Spontaneous Modulation Instability in Optical Fiber

Real-time measurements of nonlinear instabilities in optical fibers

Real-time measurements of dissipative solitons in a mode-locked fiber laser

Real-Time Impedance-Based Stability Assessment of Grid Converter Interactions

Real-time human pose estimation with convolutional neural networks

Ready to sell? Requirements for promoting service selling in a manufacturing firm

Reaction heat utilization in aluminosilicate-based ceramics synthesis and sintering

Raudoitteiden korroosionopeuden määrittäminen betonijulkisivussa korkean aikaresoluution säädatan avulla

Raudoitetun betonirakenteen taivutuksen mallintaminen Ansys-ohjelmalla

Rational Number Knowledge Assessment and Training With a Game Competition

Random Value Impulse Noise Removal Based on Most Similar Neighbors

Random lasing control with optical spatial solitons in nematic liquid crystals

Rakenteiden ääneneristyskyvystä asumismelun kokemiseen

Rakennusten rakennusfysikaalisen suunnittelun ja toteutuksen periaatteet

Rakennusten energiatehokkuuden parantamisen vaikutukset - Insulate-projektin tuloksia

Rakennusfysiikka 2015. Uusimmat tutkimustulokset ja hyvät käytännön ratkaisut

20.-22.10.2015, Tampere. Seminaarijulkaisu 4

Rakennuksen ääniolosuhteiden suunnittelu ja toteutus

Raitiotien seisakkeet

Yhdyskuntasuunnittelun jatkokurssi A ja B

Radical programmes for developing the EU residential building sectors as exemplified by Finland and the Netherlands

Quenching nematicon fluctuations via photo-stabilization

Quantitative structure tree models from terrestrial laser scanner data

Quantitative Estimation of Long-living Fluorescent Molecules from Temporal Fluorescence Intensity Data Corrupted by Nonzero-mean Noise

Quantication of the ionic current contributions to alterations in the action potential repolarization by means of piecewise-linear approximation

Quality evaluation on of contractor’s schedule for building renovation

Qualification challenges of footwear and flooring systems

Pystytäänkö haitallisia ilmanvaihtovikoja havaitsemaan ja poistamaan

Puuvälipohjien akustiset ominaisuudet

Puurunkoisten tuuletettujen yläpohjien kosteustekninen toiminta

Puurakentamisesta potkua alueiden ja kaupunkien kehittämiseen

Puukerrostalorakentamisen kosteudenhallinta

Puukerrostalon työmaavaiheen lämpö- ja kosteusolosuhteiden mittaukset


Perinteestä uusiin innovaatioihin

Public-sector as an Initiator in a Collaborative Innovation Process

Pseudo-Random Sequences in DQ-Domain Analysis of Feedforward Control in Grid-Connected Inverters

Protective Spinel Coatings for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Interconnectors by Thermal Spray Processes

From Conventional Dry Powder to Novel Solution Precursor Thermal Spraying

Properties of entropy-based topological measures of fullerenes

Propagation dynamics of ultrabroadband terahertz beams with orbital angular momentum for wireless data transfer

Profile extraction and deep autoencoder feature extraction for elevator fault detection

Projektityöskentelyn kehittäminen yläkoulun matematiikan opetuksessa

Projektioppiminen yläkoulun matematiikassa

Project types and industrial collaboration in project-based learning

Project control toward lifecycle value at the front end of delivery projects

Profitability of different li-ion batteries as back-up power in LVDC distribution network

Professional knowledge, skills and competencies of the new graduates and the engineering professionals - Comparison of the importance in working-life

Product Upgradability

Towards a Medical Analogy

Process time importance in the product properties evolvement during extrusion coating of different LDPE grades

Proceedings of VikingPLoP 2013 Conference

Proceedings of VikingPLoP 2012 Conference

Proceedings of the Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events 2016 Workshop (DCASE2016)

Proceedings of the CIB World Building Congress 2016

Volume I - Creating built environments of new opportunities

Proceedings of the CIB World Building Congress 2016

Volume III - Building Up Business Operations and Their Logic. Shaping Materials and Technologies

Proceedings of the CIB World Building Congress 2016

Volume IV - Understanding Impacts and Functioning of Different Solutions

Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases - EJC 2016

June 6-10, 2016, Tampere, Finland.

Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases (EJC 2015), 8-12 June, 2015, Maribor, Slovenia

Proceedings of the 1st Transdisciplinary Workplace Research Conference

Probabilistic Mapping of Human Visual Attention from Head Pose Estimation

Probabilistic Framework for Modelling the Evolution of Geomorphic Features in 10,000-Year Time Scale: The Eurajoki River Case

Proactive vision for strategy making

Printed soft-electronics for remote body monitoring

Printed and organic diodes: devices, circuits and applications

Principles of designing for situation awareness

Preparation and antimicrobial characterization of silver-containing packaging materials for meat

Preliminary results from a study aiming to improve ground investigation data

Practice of project control under different levels of complexity in engineering projects

Power bases in lead organization network governance form: a multi-level approach

Power and wavelength scaling using semiconductor disk laser - bismuth fiber MOPA systems

Potentials of web standards for automation control in manufacturing systems

Postmodernismi Suomen rakennusperinnössä

Translated title of the contribution: : Postmodernism in the Finnish architectural heritage

Platform Competences to Enhance Network Effects in Business Ecosystems

Plasmonic mode conversion and second harmonic imaging of tilted plasmonic nanocones

Plant-wide optimization of a copper smelter

How to do it in practice?

Piezoelectric sensitivity measurements of cellulose nanofibril sensors

Picosecond MOPA with ytterbium doped tapered double clad fiber

Physical and chemical properties of real exhaust particle emissions from city buses

Photometric stereo system for detailed analysis of material surfaces

Photo-acoustic Spectroscopy of Resonant Absorption in III-V Semiconductor Nanowires

Perspectives on tools and applications supporting co-creation in knowledge work

Perspective of Social Usability in the Change Processes of an Academic Workplace

Personality's effect on peer assessment ability in case method context

Personal constructs concerning safety and atmosphere

Performance management practices in construction business - a service recovery perspective

Performance Enhancement Of Optimized Link State Routing Protocol For Health Care Applications In Wireless Body Area Networks

Performance comparison of selected wired and wireless networks on chip architectures

Performance analysis of JPEG Pleno light field coding

Pedestrian Dead Reckoning with Particle Filter for Handheld Smartphone

Patterns for serverless functions (Function-as-a-Service)

A multivocal literature review

Patterns for controlling chaos in a startup

Participatory service design and community involvement in designing future-ready sustainable learning landscapes

Parameters Affecting the Upcycling of Waste Cotton and PES/CO Textiles

Paloturvallisuuden huomiointi ja asenteet nykyaikaisessa älyrakentamisessa

Translated title of the contribution: : Fire safety in modern smart construction: awareness and attitudes

Paine-erot Pirkanmaan ja Helsingin julkisissa palvelurakennuksissa


Guidelines for improving the testing process of open source software

Orimattilan Henna

Organic Chromophores in Self-Assembled Monolayers and Supramolecular Arrays

Optimizing investment in ESD control

Optimization of high strength steel tubular trusses

Optimal operation of a three camera system on a four-wheel robot

Optimal operation of a QCS scanner in a paper machine based on the information of QCS and WIS measurements

Optical Frequency Comb Photoacoustic Spectroscopy

Optical fiber amplifier with spectral compression elements for high-power laser pulse generation

Optical amplifiers and lasers based on tapered fiber geometry for power and energy scaling with low signal distortion

Oppivan organisaation kehittäminen osaavaksi organisaatioksi. Tapaustutkimus suomalaisessa teollisuusyrityksessä

Open knowledge-driven manufacturing & logistics - The eScop approach

On the threshold based neuronal spike detection, and an objective criterion for setting the threshold

On the Socio-Technical Dependencies in Free/Libre/Open Source Software Projects

On the prospects of full-duplex military radios

On the effect of damping on stability of non-conservative systems

On the choice of damage variable in the continuum fatigue model based on a moving endurance surface

On service composition - dynamic formation and orchestration of service workflows

On Predicting Video Quality Expectations of Mobile Users

On Polyglot Programming in the Web

Onnistumistekijät valtion tukemissa homekorjaushankkeissa

On Moderate Inversion/Saturation Regions As Approximations to "Reconciliation" Model

On improvement of transient stage of composite nonlinear feedback control using arbitrary order set point filters

On Detecting the Shape of an Unknown Object in an Electric Field

On Design and Development of Super-FRS main tunnel Remote Handling System Concept

Observing Hidden Service Directory Spying with a Private Hidden Service Honeynet

Observation of local electroluminescent cooling and identifying the remaining challenges

Numerical modelling of rock fracture with the embedded discontinuity approach incorporating heterogeneity

Numerically Efficient Flow Model for On/Off Valves

Numerical analysis of the behaviour of stainless steel cellular beam in fire

Novel Method For Online Stereo Self-Calibration

Novel equipment to simulate hot air heat sealability of packaging materials

Novel bio-based materials for active and intelligent packaging

Normalization of deviance in the construction industry, a managerial perspective

Non-resonant enhancement of second-harmonic generation from metal nanoislands coated with dielectric layers

Nonperturbative nonlinear optics in liquid crystals

Non-Instantaneous Polarization Dynamics in Resonant Dielectrics

New value chains to construction: advancing products and services

New tools to help in the recruitment process

New routes from cellulose to textile fiber and ready products

New mechanistic design approach for subgrade rutting of Low Volume Roads

New introducotry courses and teacher tutoring

Keys to an efficient beginning for university studies in engineering

Network archetypes in the network formation phase - case new market entry of Finnish maritime network

Negotiating water governance: towards cooperation in contentious groundwater recharge projects

Need of Services and Understanding of Service Providers in Water and Sanitation: A Case of Ethiopia

NB-IoT for D2D-enhanced content uploading with social trustworthiness in 5G systems

Natural Gas Engine Emission Reduction by Catalysts

Nano-structured optical fibers made of glass-ceramics, and phase separated and metallic particle-containing glasses

Nanoscale barrier coating on BOPP packaging film by ALD

Nanocellulose as a Piezoelectric Material


Mykkäelokuvakauden elokuvateatterien huoneakustiikka

Muuttuvat ajotilanteet aiheuttavat uudentyyppisiä ajoneuvojen hiukkaspäästöjä

Muovipäällysteisten lattioiden vaurioituminen kosteuden vaikutuksesta

Multiwavelength surface contouring from phase-coded diffraction patterns

Multi-wavelength mid-IR light source for gas sensing

Multi-site delamination analysis using virtual crack closure technique for a composite aircraft wing flap

Multiple facets of innovation and business ecosystem research: the foci, methods and future agenda

Multi-Objective Optimization of Fin Array Heat Sinks

Multilag Frequency Estimation for High-Order BOC Signals in the Acquisition Stage

Multi-factor authentication: A survey and challenges in V2X applications

Multicarrier modulation for HF communications

Multiaxial magneto-mechanical modelling of electrical machines with hysteresis

Moving toward integrated solutions in project-based firms: Changes in sales practices

Moving manufacturing back: a content-based literature review

Morphology Development, Structure and Dielectric Properties of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene

Monolithic GaInNAsSb/GaAs VECSEL emitting at 1550 nm

Monitoring urban air quality with a diffusion charger based electrical particle sensor

Moisture and building processes in Finland


Teräskennoteknologian mahdollisuudet

Modelling the stressed skin effect by using shell elements with meta-material model

Modelling new particle formation and growth using combined power law and log-normal distribution model

Modelling and Simulation of Radial Spruce Compression to Optimize Energy Efficiency in Mechanical Pulping

Modeling the utilization of a multi-tenant band in 3GPP LTE system with Licensed Shared Access

Modeling the process of dynamic resource sharing between LTE and NB-IoT services

Modeling of Age-Dependent Failure Tendency from Incomplete Data

Model for efficient development of security audit criteria

Model-Driven Development of Control Applications

On Modeling Tools, Simulations and Safety

Model-based cosimulation for industrial wireless networks

Model-Based Approach for Change Propagation Analysis in Requirements

Mining smart meter data - Case Finland

Mid-Infrared Sources for Ultra-Broadband Cavity Enhanced Spectroscopy

Microrobotic system for multi-rate measurement of bio-based fibres Z-directional bond strength

Microrobotic platform with integrated force sensing microgrippers for characterization of fibrous materials: Case study on individual paper fibers

Micro-parenchymal patterns for breast cancer risk assessment

Mezhdunarodnaya konferencia po pozicionirovaniyu i navigacii vnutri pomeshhenij

Translated title of the contribution: : International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation

Method of data compression for traffic monitoring

Menetelmä parvekelasien ääneneristävyyden mitoittamiseksi liikennemelualueilla

Meeting radical change: SMEs and innovation capabilities and strategic foresight

Meeting of Vernacular and Modern Architecture in Urbino

Giancarlo De Carlo and reading of the context

MECSELs with direct emission in the 760 nm to 810 nm spectral range

A single- and double-side pumping comparison and high-power continuous-wave operation

Mechanisms of disruptive technological change

Case studies in transformation of traditional industries

Measurements of particulates and gas phase precursors emissions from fresh ship plumes during the Big Glenn 2014 Campaign

Measurements of impact force excitation on wooden floors

Measurement of the Temporal Coherence of Supercontinuum Light

Mean and variability in RNA polymerase numbers are correlated to the mean but not the variability in size and composition of Escherichia coli cells

Maximally Flat Property and Bandwidth Enhancing by Transfer Function Zeroes IEEE-NewCAS France

Matkalla joustaviin asuinympäristöihin

Translated title of the contribution: : On the way to adaptable residential environments

Mathematical Parametrisation of Irradiance Transitions Caused by Moving Clouds for PV System Analysis

MathCheck: a tool for checking math solutions in detail

Massive Open Online Research

An approach to deal with wicked problems

Markov Chain Monte Carlo Estimation of Stochastic Volatility Models with Finite and Infinite Activity Lévy Jumps

Evidence for Efficient Models and Algorithms

Manipulating Superparamagnetic Microparticles with an Electromagnetic Needle

Managing software engineering competences with domain ontology for customer and team profiling and training

Managing intellectual liabilities by service recovery

Managing different types of changes during the lifecycle of a complex delivery project

Managing Cultural Knowledge in Project Execution

Management and Planning Under Complexities of Metro Construction

Management accounting in managerial work: engaging facts and feelings in decision making

Management accounting and new service development under servitization: literature review and case studies

Making the cloud work for software producers

Linking architecture, operating cost and revenue

Maanvastaisten seinien lämpö- ja kosteustekninen toiminta

LTE Performance Analysis Using Queuing Systems with Finite Resources and Random Requirements

LTE indoor MIMO performances field measurements

LTCC-Based Multi-Electrode Arrays for 3D in Vitro Cell Cultures

Low-cost 3D lidar for the mapping of autonomous mobile work machine

Long-term monitoring of acute wound healing from beneath the primary wound dressings

Long-term effects of purchasing: fact or fiction?

Local narratives in the long term water conflicts

Case of Turku Region in Finland

Local Mechanical Properties at the Dendrite Scale of Ni-Based Superalloys Studied by Advanced High Temperature Indentation Creep and Micropillar Compression Tests

Linear and nonlinear light beam propagation in chiral nematic liquid crystal waveguides

Liite 6: Yleistä kaivannaisjätealueista ja patoturvallisuudesta

Liikuntapalveluiden ulkoistaminen ja palveluiden turvallisuus. Nykytilanne ja kuntien kokemukset – Loppuraportti

Liikenteen päästövähennykset - kaikki keinot käyttön

Lifecycle-oriented framing of value at the front end of infrastructure projects

Life-Cycle Economics of Rentable Prefabricated School Facility Units in Municipal Real Estate Procurement

Life Beyond the Binary Code

Select Prose and Poetry

Leveraging concepts for environmentally sustainable business management in construction - a focused review

Lessons for data-based value creation

Learning Maths with mobiles

Cross-cultural design of technology with experiences in South-Africa and Finland

Learning maths with mobiles

Cross-cultural design of technology with experiences in South-Africa and Finland

Learning for sustainable water and sanitation services

Lean-tuotanto ja sen johtaminen: onnistuminen, haasteet ja soveltuminen Suomen yrityksiin ja muihin organisaatioihin

Translated title of the contribution: : Lean production and management: success, challenges and applicability in Finnish organizations

Lean Software Design, Lean Education?

Lessons from a Collaborative University-Industry Seminar

Lean manufacturing methods in simulation literature

Review and association analysis

Leadership instead of grading - The new goals of assessment

Lasitetun parvekkeen lämpötilan ja lämpöhäviöiden laskenta

Lasitettujen parvekkeiden ja terassien käyttäytyminen tulipaloissa

Laser Scanning Tasks of Building Refurbishment Project

Large mode area double clad ytterbium tapered fiber with circular birefringency

Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects: Works

Laastin ja betonin lämmönjohtavuuden ja ominaislämpökapasiteetin määrittäminen lämpövirtalevylaitteella

Laastien vedenimukertoimen määrittämisen virhelähdekokeet

Kustannusoptimaaliset energiakorjaus- ja uusiutuvan energian tuotannon ratkaisut kunnallisissa palvelurakennuksissa

Kuorielementtien kuivumisen mallintaminen hydrataation huomioivalla FEM-laskennalla

Koulujen ja päiväkotien laskettu ja toteutunut energiankulutus

Koteja ja kokonaistaideteoksia

Translated title of the contribution: : Homes and artworks

Kosteusvaurioiden vakavuus kuntien rakennuksissa

Kosteus- ja mikrobivaurioiden laajuus kuntien rakennuksissa

Kolloidisten suspensioiden online -analysointi: tutkimuksesta liiketoimintaa

Koko Julkisivua peittävän lasijulkisivun vaikutus Etelä-Ruotsissa sijaitsevan rakennuksen energiatehokkuuteen

Translated title of the contribution: : The impact of the added façade glazing on the building energy consumption in the southern Sweden

Kohti tasapuolisempaa tutkimuksen arviointia


Translated title of the contribution: : Towards better balanced research assessment: Editorial

Kohti kestävää Skanssia

Knowledge transfer and work productivity

Knowledge sharing in knowledge collectivity: case digitalization in industrial network

Knowledge management practices to overcome network-level knowledge barriers: an artificial intelligence powered literature review

Knowledge Management Practices in Large Companies

Knowledge Management operationalization – how it differs in large enterprises and SMEs in Finland

Knowledge Management and Emerging Collaborative Networks in Tourism Business Ecosystems

Knowledge integration method development for multi-stakeholder innovation

Knowledge barriers in university-industry knowledge networks

Kiviaines- ja luonnonkiviteollisuuden kehitysnäkymät

Kids Out!

Urban environments and physical activity among children and adolescents

Keyframe-based video summarization with human in the loop