Accurate depth estimation from a sequence of monocular images supported by proprioceptive sensors

Achievable rate regions and self-interference channel estimation in hybrid full-duplex/half-duplex radio links

A coordination-based brokerage architecture for multi-cloud resource markets

Action-Oriented Programming Model

Collective Executions and Interactions in the Fog

Adaptive and nonlinear control of discharge pressure for variable displacement axial piston pumps

A dynamical quality model to continuously monitor software maintenance


Automated Customization of Exposed Datapath Soft-Cores

A Framework for Using Radar Measurements of Unknown Targets in Hierarchical Classification

A Hybrid Task Graph Scheduler for High Performance Image Processing Workflows

ALMARVI System Solution for Image and Video Processing in Healthcare, Surveillance and Mobile Applications

A model for assessing learning management system success in higher education in sub-saharan Countries

Analysis of an efficient parallel implementation of active-set Newton algorithm

Analysis of source code snapshot granularity levels

An evaluation of the virtual curvature with the StickGrip haptic device

A case study

An image generator platform to improve cell tracking algorithms simulation of objects of various morphologies, kinetics and clustering

A post-mortem empirical investigation of the popularity and distribution of malware files in the contemporary web-facing internet

Application and theory of Petri nets and other models of concurrency

Special issue of selected papers from Petri Nets 2015

Applying SCRUM in an OSS development process

An empirical evaluation

A Practical Perspective on 5G-Ready Highly Dynamic Spectrum Management with LSA

Architecting liquid software

Are architectural smells independent from code smells? An empirical study

A review of connectivity map and computational approaches in pharmacogenomics

Artificial intelligence yesterday, today and tomorrow

A Study on an Evolution of a Data Collection System for Knowledge Representation

Asymmetric full-duplex with contiguous downlink carrier aggregation

Automatically detectable indicators of programming assignment difficulty

Automatic hierarchical discovery of quasi-static schedules of RVC-CAL dataflow programs

Barriers to task-based information access in molecular medicine

Bit error rate of underlay decode-and-forward cognitive networks with best relay selection

Blockchain Technology for Smartphones and Constrained IoT Devices

A Future Perspective and Implementation

Browsing patterns in retrieved documents

Can e-government solutions enhance the work in municipalities?: empirical evidence from case lupapiste

Can we get some service here?

On the company transformation from a software vendor to a SaaS provider

Cascade of Boolean detector combinations

Challenges and recommended practices for software architecting in global software development

Challenges of Multi-Factor Authentication for Securing Advanced IoT Applications

Characterizing Context of Use in Mobile Work

Characterizing trustworthy digital rights exporting

Classification of iPSC colony images using hierarchical strategies with support vector machines

Client-Side Cornucopia

Comparing the Built-In Application Architecture Models in the Web Browser

Color-distribution similarity by information theoretic divergence for color images

[COMMODE] a large-scale database of molecular descriptors using compounds from PubChem

Comparing requirements decomposition within the Scrum, Scrum with Kanban, XP, and Banana development processes

Comparison of Feature Selection Techniques in Machine Learning for Anatomical Brain MRI in Dementia

Complex elevator system DSM-case for a DSM design sprint

Compressed video quality assessment with modified MSE

Computer vision aided navigation systems

Concept design and performance evaluation of UAV-based backhaul link with antenna steering

Connected and Multimodal Passenger Transport Through Big Data Analytics

Case Tampere City Region, Finland

Constructing Minimal Coverability Sets

Correlates of social media fatigue and academic performance decrement

A large cross-sectional study

Cosparse dictionary learning for the orthogonal case

Countering bioterrorism

Why smart buildings should have a code of ethics

Creating resource combinations based on formally described hardware interfaces

Data flow algorithms for processors with vector extensions

Handling actors with internal state

Data Flow Algorithms for Processors with Vector Extensions

Handling Actors With Internal State

Data Vault Mappings to Dimensional Model Using Schema Matching

Definition of key performance indicators for energy efficient assessment in the transport sector

Design Flow for GPU and Multicore Execution of Dynamic Dataflow Programs

Design Patterns for Model-Driven Development

Developing curiosity and multimedia skills with programming experiments

DevOps in practice

A multiple case study of five companies

Digital Predistortion for 5G Small Cell

GPU Implementation and RF Measurements

Digital storytelling promoting twenty-first century skills and student engagement

Disentangling utilitarian and hedonic consumption behavior in online shopping

An expectation disconfirmation perspective

DNA Molecular Storage System

Transferring Digitally Encoded Information through Bacterial Nanonetworks

Does code quality affect pull request acceptance? An empirical study

Does migrating a monolithic system to microservices decrease the technical debt?

Dual information systems

A review of factors affecting their use

Dynamic Activities for Managing an IS-Enabled Organizational Change

Dynamic Resource Sharing in 5G with LSA

Criteria-Based Management Framework

Ecosystems Here, There, and Everywhere — A Barometrical Analysis of the Roots of ‘Software Ecosystem’

Educating future coders with a holistic ICT curriculum and new learning solutions

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo…

A multiple case study on selecting a technique for user-interaction data collecting

Elementary math to close the digital skills gap

Emptiness problems for distributed automata

Enterprise architecture institutionalization

A tale of two cases

Estimating topographic heights with the StickGrip haptic device

Evaluation of real-time LBP computing in multiple architectures

Evaluation of SPMA and higher order sectorization for homogeneous SIR through macro sites

Experiences from development of security audit criteria

Experimenting traditional and modern reliability models in a 3-years european software project

Exploiting statically schedulable regions in dataflow programs

Exploiting the Momentary Dependence of Radar Observations for Non-Cooperative Target Recognition

Extending the life of virtual heritage

Reuse of TLS point clouds in synthetic stereoscopic spherical images

Facial Payment Use in China

An Integrated View of Privacy Concerns and Perceived Benefits

Fair testing and stubborn sets

Farm detection based on deep convolutional neural nets and semi-supervised green texture detection using VIS-NIR satellite image

Federation lifecycle management incorporating coordination of bio-inspired self-management processes

First-principles data set of 45,892 isolated and cation-coordinated conformers of 20 proteinogenic amino acids

Full-Duplex Radio - Increasing the Spectral Efficiency for Military Applications

Functional size measures and effort estimation in agile development

A replicated study

Game-theoretic semantics for ATL+ with applications to model checking

Global information processing in gene networks

Fault tolerance

Graph Embedded Extreme Learning Machine

Guest Editorial

Implementation Issues in System-on-Chip

Guest Editorial Special Issue on Multimedia Big Data in Internet of Things

Guest editorial special issue on the internet of nano things

Hand gesture-based on-line programming of industrial robot manipulators

How developers perceive smells in source code

A replicated study

How the Cathedral Embraced the Bazaar, and the Bazaar Became a Cathedral

How to design gamification? A method for engineering gamified software


A use case of collaborative course development in higher education

IEEE 802.11ac MIMO Transceiver Baseband Processing on a VLIW Processor

Impact of antenna radiation pattern variation on the performance of SPMA at 28 GHz

Implementation of a Multirate Resampler for Multi-carrier Systems on GPUs

Improving the delivery cycle

A multiple-case study of the toolchains in Finnish software intensive enterprises

Incorporating Aircraft Kinematics and Radar Cross Section into the Performance Prediction of Air Surveillance

Information Exchange Architecture for Collaborative Industrial Ecosystem

Information interaction in molecular medicine

Integrated use of multiple channels

Innovative e-Tourism Services on Top of Geo2Tag LBS Platform

Institutional Perspectives on the Process of Enterprise Architecture Adoption

Instrumentation-Driven Validation of Dataflow Applications

Integration of dataflow-based heterogeneous multiprocessor scheduling techniques in GNU radio

Intelligent data service for farmers

Internet of Things

Opportunities for vocational education and training: Presentation of the pilot project

Interpretation, Modeling and Visualization of Crowdsourced Road Condition Data

Interpretation of ambiguous images inspected by the StickGrip device

Is it a tool or a toy? How user conceptions of a system's purpose affect their experience and use

IT capability and firm performance

The mediating roles of interaction praxis

IT engagement as a blessing and a curse? Examining its antecedents and outcomes in organizations

Just-in-time scheduling techniques for multicore signal processing systems

KPI-ML based integration of industrial information systems

Lage und Zukunft des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses

Eine Stellungnahme des Beirats des Wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses (WiN) der Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI e. V.)

Lean software startup – an experience report from an entrepreneurial software business course

Lossless compression of regions-of-interest from retinal images

Low-Power Reconfigurable Miniature Sensor Nodes for Condition Monitoring

Macro cellular network transition from traditional frequency range to 28 GHz millimeter wave frequency band

Mapping parameterized cyclo-static dataflow graphs onto configurable hardware

Measurements of Mobile Blockchain Execution Impact on Smartphone Battery

Memory Tampering Attack on Binary GCD Based Inversion Algorithms

Methodology for energy efficiency assessment in the transport sector for smart cities

Minimum viable user experience

A framework for supporting product design in startups

Mobility-Centric Analysis of Communication Offloading for Heterogeneous Internet of Things Devices


1st workshop on mobile, social and culturally oriented learning

Model-Based Dynamic Scheduling for Multicore Signal Processing

Model for efficient development of security audit criteria

Modeling mmWave Channels in High-Fidelity Simulations of Unmanned Aerial Systems

Monitoring of production processes and the condition of the production equipment through the internet

Motivating scholars’ responses in academic social networking sites

An empirical study on ResearchGate Q&A behavior

Multidimensional sequence classification based on fuzzy distances and discriminant analysis

Multiresolution analysis for compactly supported interpolating tensor product wavelets

Multi-user techniques in visible light communications

A survey

Multi-view human action recognition: A survey

Novel approaches to crawling important pages early

On constructibility and unconstructibility of LTS operators from other LTS operators

'One of our hosts in another country'

Challenges of data geolocation in cloud storage

On the diffuseness of technical debt items and accuracy of remediation time when using SonarQube

On the prospects of full-duplex military radios


Assessing the quality of the portal of open source software products


How to improve the quality of the web portal of open source software products

Open data based value networks

Finnish examples of public events and agriculture

Openness as a method for game evolution

Opportunities and needs for logged usage data analytics of complex industrial systems

Optimization of Flexible Filter Banks Based on Fast Convolution

Optimized wake-up scheme with bounded delay for energy-efficient MTC

Outlier edge detection using random graph generation models and applications

Overview of the MPEG reconfigurable video coding framework

PAC it Up

Towards pointer integrity using ARM pointer authentication

Paradoxes, conflicts and tensions in establishing master data management function

Parallel Digital Predistortion Design on Mobile GPU and Embedded Multicore CPU for Mobile Transmitters

Parameterized scheduling of topological patterns in signal processing dataflow graphs

Parameters affecting the energy performance of the transport sector in smart cities

Passive condition pre-enforcement for rights exporting

People Counting in a Public Event—Use Case: Free-to-Ride Bus

Perceived Impacts as User Experience Components in Mobile News Making with Smartphones

Performance Comparison of Decision Fusion Strategies in BMMF-based Image Quality Assessment

Performance evaluation of bandwidth reservation for mmWave 5G NR systems

Performance gains from web performance optimization

Case including the optimization of webpage resources in a comprehensive way

Periodic finite state controllers for efficient POMDP and DEC-POMDP planning

Portable sensor system for reliable condition measurement

Power Mitigation by Performance Equalization in a Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Multicore Architecture

Prioritizing corrective maintenance activities for android applications

An industrial case study on android crash reports

Prototyping directional UAV-based wireless access and backhaul systems

Quantitative + qualitative information for heritage conservation

An open science research for paving 'collaboratively' the way to historical-BIM

Quasi-static scheduling of CAL actor networks for reconfigurable video coding

Reliability-centric analysis of offloaded computation in cooperative wearable applications

Representative class vector clustering-based discriminant analysis

Revenue models of application developers in android market ecosystem

Samsung and Volkswagen crisis communication in Facebook and Twitter

A comparative study


Interactive intent modeling for information discovery

Security Analysis of Various Industrial Devices

Seek, share, or withhold

information trading in MMORPGs


7th Workshop on speech and sound in mobile and pervasive environments

Simultaneous Jamming and RC System Detection by Using Full-Duplex Radio Technology

Social behavior in bacterial nanonetworks

Challenges and opportunities

Socially inspired relaying and proactive mode selection in mmWave vehicular communications

Social media -based value creation and business models

Social media overload, exhaustion, and use discontinuance

Examining the effects of information overload, system feature overload, and social overload

Social networking services as a facilitator for scientists' sharing activities

Software architecture design in global software development

An empirical study

Software vulnerability life cycles and the age of software products

An empirical assertion with operating system products

Some SonarQube issues have a significant but small effect on faults and changes. A large-scale empirical study

Soziale Wissensumgebungen

Translated title of the contribution: : Social Knowledge Environments

Sparse nonparametric topic model for transfer learning

Special Issue on Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures, Modeling and Simulation

Still image/video frame lossy compression providing a desired visual quality

Supplier's Expectations on Usage Data Analytics of Complex Industrial Systems

Sweep Jamming Mitigation Using Adaptive Filtering for Detecting Frequency Agile Systems

Task-based information interaction evaluation

The viewpoint of program theory

Task complexity and information searching in administrative tasks revisited

Teaching for virtual work

Technostress and social networking services

Uncovering strains and their underlying stressors

The comfort zone concept in a human-robot cooperative task

The educators' telescope to the future of technology

The Fuzzy Front End of Experience Design: Eliciting and Communicating Experience Goals

The influence of developer multi-homing on competition between software ecosystems

The magical “we”

Enhancing collaboration transparency in grounded theory method in information systems research

The Web as a software platform

Ten years later

Timely report production from WWW data sources

Today is the future of yesterday; What is the future of today?

To network or not to network? Analysis of the Finnish software industry-A networking approach

Topological patterns for scalable representation and analysis of dataflow graphs

Toward Efficient Execution of RVC-CAL Dataflow Programs on Multicore Platforms

Towards a lean approach to reduce code smells injection

An empirical study

Towards a novel comparison framework of digital maturity assessment models

Towards certifying the testing process of open-source software

New challenges or old methodologies?

Towards generic embedded multiprocessing for RVC-CAL dataflow programs

Towards secure cloud orchestration for multi-cloud deployments

Towards the Utilization of Crowdsourcing in Traffic Condition Reporting

Trading exploits online

A preliminary case study

Trails across the heterogeneous information environment

Manual integration patterns of search systems in molecular medicine

User Experience of Digital News

Two Semi-long Term Field Studies

Using elicitation studies to generate collocated interaction methods

Using the entity-attribute-value model for olap cube construction

Utilizing MOOCs in the development of education and training programs

UX work in startups

Current practices and future needs

Variation in noun and pronoun frequencies in a sociohistorical corpus of English

Vehicle Attribute Recognition by Appearance

Computer Vision Methods for Vehicle Type, Make and Model Classification

Video coding of dynamic 3D point cloud data

Visibility-Aware Part Coding for Vehicle Viewing Angle Estimation

VR shopping

A review of literature

Wealthy, healthy and/or happy —what does ‘ecosystem health’ stand for?


Gestural text entry for elderly users of interactive television

Who contributes what? Scrutinizing the activity data of 4.2 million Zhihu users via immersion scores

Why do people buy virtual goods? Attitude toward virtual good purchases versus game enjoyment

Why do people play games? A meta-analysis

Why do people use gamification services?

Why do we need this? Roles in the information system acquisition legitimation process

Zeffiro User Interface for Electromagnetic Brain Imaging

a GPU Accelerated FEM Tool for Forward and Inverse Computations in Matlab