M1-teknologialla voidaan rakentaa virtuaalisia oppimisympäristöjä ja konelaboratorioita

Translated title of the contribution: : M1-teknologialla voidaan rakentaa virtuaalisia oppimisympäristöjä ja konelaboratorioita

10 kA Joints for HTS Roebel Cables

(16) Psyche

A mesosiderite-like asteroid?

3D shape of asteroid (6) Hebe from VLT/SPHERE imaging

Implications for the origin of ordinary H chondrites

Absolute radiometric calibration of ALS intensity data: Effects on accuracy and target classification

A category theoretical interpretation of discretization in Galerkin finite element method

Acceleration of the rotation of asteroid 1862 Apollo by radiation torques

A characterization of level-continuous fuzzy numbers

A comparison of confluence and ample sets in probabilistic and non-probabilistic branching time


A general method for using various data types in asteroid reconstruction

Adaptive mobile tracking in unknown non-line-of-sight conditions with application to digital TV networks

Adaptive optics and lightcurve data of asteroids

Twenty shape models and information content analysis

Advanced boundary electrode modeling for tES and parallel tES/EEG

A Feedforward Controller for Distributed Parameter Systems

A fractional representation approach to the robust regulation problem for SISO systems

A Framework for Bayesian Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring in Urban Navigation

A general framework for island systems

A Hyperbolic Dirac Operator and its Kernels

Translated title of the contribution: : A Hyperbolic Dirac Operator and its Kernels

A Lyapunov approach to strong stability of semigroups

A Mean-Value Theorem for Some Eigenfunctions of the Laplace -Beltrami Operator on the Upper-Half Space

A Mixed Finite Element Method to Solve the EEG Forward Problem

A Molecular Camera Gyroscope

Translated title of the contribution: : A Molecular Camera Gyroscope

A Monocular Camera Gyroscope

An Adaptive Derivative Free Method for Bayesian Posterior Approximation

An algebraic study of Peterson´s Intermediate Syllogisms

Analysing and Improving Student's Mathematics Skills using ICT-tools

Analysis of common rail pressure signal of dual-fuel large industrial engine for identification of injection duration of pilot diesel injectors

Analysis of geometric primitives in quantitative structure models of tree stems

Analysis of Incidence Angle and Distance Effects on Terrestrial Laser Scanner Intensity: Search for Correction Methods

Analysis of the rotation period of asteroids (1865) Cerberus, (2100) Ra-Shalom, and (3103) Eger - search for the YORP effect

Analytics of the impact of user involvement in the innovation process and its outcomes. Case study: Media-Enhanced Learning (MEL) Service

An architectural understanding of natural sway frequencies in trees

An implementation of a semantic, web-based virtual machine laboratory prototyping environment

A note on compactness in a fuzzy metric space

Another paraconsistent algebraic semantics for Lukasiewicz-Pavelka logic

Antichain Cutsets of Strongly Connected Posets

Aperture size effects on backscatter intensity measurements in Earth and space remote sensing

A portrait of the nucleus of comet 67P

Apparent wind load effects on the tether of a kite power generator

Applications of Spatially Localized Active-Intensity Vectors for Sound-Field visualization

Approximate Controllability for Navier–Stokes Equations in 3D Rectangles Under Lions Boundary Conditions

Approximative solutions to the bicriterion Vechile Routing Problem with Time Windows

A realistic, accurate and fast source modeling approach for the EEG forward problem

A Self-Tuning Robust Regulator for Infinite-Dimensional Systems

A Simple Character String Proof of the "True but Unprovable'' Version of Gödel's First Incompleteness Theorem

Assessing coupling dynamics from an ensemble of time series

Asteroid 2867 Steins - II. Multi-telescope visible observations, shape reconstruction, and rotational state

Asteroid (2867) Steins: Shape, topography and global physical properties from OSIRIS observations

Asteroid models from combined sparse and dense photometric data

Asteroid models from the Pan-STARRS photometry

A study of crown development mechanisms using a shoot-based tree model and segmented terrestrial laser scanning data

Asymptotic behaviour in the robot rendezvous problem

Asymptotic Behaviour of Coupled Systems in Discrete and Continuous Time

Asymptotic modeling of unconstrained control of a tethered power kite moving along a given closed-loop spherical trajectory

Asymptotics for infinite systems of differential equations

Asymptotics for periodic systems

A Time-Domain Multigrid Solver With Higher-Order Born Approximation for Full-Wave Radar Tomography of a Complex-Shaped Target

Automatic tree species recognition with quantitative structure models

Autonomous Prediction of GPS and GLONASS Satellite Orbits

Bayes Forest

A data-intensive generator of morphological tree clones

Bayesian analysis of GUHA hypotheses

Binomial Gaussian mixture filter

Bistatic full-wave radar tomography detects deep interior voids, cracks and boulders in a rubble-pile asteroid model.

Box Gaussian mixture filter

Canonical methods of constructing invariant tori by phase-space sampling

Cauchy–Riemann Operators in Octonionic Analysis

Change Detection of Tree Biomass with Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Quantitative Structure Modelling

Closed classes of functions, generalized constraints, and clusters

Closing the gap between Earth-based and interplanetary mission observations

Vesta seen by VLT/SPHERE

Clustering and achievement of engineering students based on their attitudes, orientations, motivations and intentions

Column-partitioned matrices over rings without invertible transversal submatrices

Combining asteroid models derived by lightcurve inversion with asteroidal occultation silhouettes

Commutative bounded integral residuated orthomodular lattices are Boolean algebras

Compact YORP formulation and stability analysis

Comparison of wood volume estimates of young trees from terrestrial laser scan data

Comparison Study for Whitney (Raviart-Thomas) Type Source Models in Finite Element Method Based EEG Forward Modeling

Complex-domain Joint Broadband Hyperspectral Image Denoising

Complexity of Rainbow Vertex Connectivity Problems for Restricted Graph Classes

Computational study of noise in a large signal transduction network

Compute mindlessly. Not! map consciously

Computing minimum rainbow and strong rainbow colorings of block graphs

Constructing Minimal Coverability Sets

Controller Design for Robust Output Regulation of Regular Linear Systems

Cuts for 3-D magnetic scalar potentials

Visualizing unintuitive surfaces arising from trivial knots


A tool for spectral analysis of oriented structures on cellular and subcellular levels

DAMIT: a database of asteroid models

Data-based stochastic modeling of tree growth and structure formation

Designing controllers with reduced order internal models

Detection of anomalies in radio tomography of asteroids: source count and forward errors

Detection of the YORP effect in asteroid (1620) Geographos

Device self-calibration in location systems using signal strength histograms

Dimensional Reduction of Electromagnetic Boundary Value Problems

Directed structure at infinity for infinite-dimensional systems

Discrete maximum principles for FE solutions of nonstationary diffusion-reaction problems with mixed boundary conditions

DISCUS – The Deep Interior Scanning CubeSat mission to a rubble pile near-Earth asteroid

Distribution of shape elongations of main belt asteroids derived from Pan-STARRS1 photometry

Distribution of spin-axes longitudes and shape elongations of main-belt asteroids

Dynamical tomography of gravitationally bound systems

Electroencephalography (EEG) forward modeling via H(div) finite element sources with focal interpolation

Emptiness problems for distributed automata

Energy conversion efficiency of the pumping kite wind generator

Equivalence of Set- and Bag-Valued Orbits

Estimation of above-ground biomass of large tropical trees with terrestrial LiDAR

E-type asteroid Steins as imaged by OSIRIS on board Rosetta

Fair testing and stubborn sets

Far-Field Inversion for the Deep Interior Scanning CubeSat

Fast automatic precision tree models from terrestrial laser scanner data

Finite-dimensional regulators for a class of regular hyperbolic PDE systems

Finite element analysis of trees in the wind based on terrestrial laser scanning data

Flexible Identification Procedure for Thermodynamic Constitutive Models for Magnetostrictive Materials

Forecasting the diffusion of innovation: A stochastic bass model with log-normal and mean-reverting error process

Formula size games for modal logic and mu-calculus

Forward and Inverse Effects of the Complete Electrode Model in Neonatal EEG

Frequency domain robust regulation of signals generated by an infinite-dimensional exosystem

Function classes and relational constraints stable under compositions with clones

Fundamental solution of k-hyperbolic harmonic functions in odd spaces

Further hardness results on rainbow and strong rainbow connectivity

Gaussian filtering and variational approximations for Bayesian smoothing in continuous-discrete stochastic dynamic systems

Gaussian Process Regression for Forest Attribute Estimation From Airborne Laser Scanning Data

Gaussian Scale Mixture Models For Robust Linear Multivariate Regression With Missing Data

General Integral Formulas for k-hyper-mono-genic Functions

Graph entropy based on the number of spanning forests of c-cyclic graphs

Gravitational scattering by giant planets

Guard-based Partial Order Reduction

Harmonic Forms on Conformal Euclidean Manifolds: The Clifford Multivector Approach

Hierarchical Bayesian inference for the EEG inverse problem using realistic FE head models: Depth localization and source separation for focal primary currents

Homogeneous internal structure of CM-like asteroid (41) Daphne

Hosoya entropy of fullerene graphs

How management intensity and neighborhood composition affect the structure of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) trees

Hubble Space Telescope observations of the nucleus and inner coma of comet 67P

Hyperbolic extensions of integral formulas

Hyperbolic Function Theory in the Skew-Field of Quaternions

Hyperbolic Laplace Operator and the Weinstein Equation in R^3

Hypermonogenic Plane Wave Solutions of the Dirac Equation in Superspace

If a student takes control: facilitators' tasks and responsibilities

Images of asteroid 21 Lutetia: A remnant planetesimal from the early solar system

Improved EEG source localization with Bayesian uncertainty modelling of unknown skull conductivity

Indirect Emissions of Forest Bioenergy: Detailed Modelling of Stump-Root Systems

Information Diversity in Structure and Dynamics of Simulated Neuronal Networks

Integral kernels for k-hypermonogenic functions

Internal model theory for distributed parameter systems

Interval decomposition lattices are balanced

Interventions for second-order change in higher education: challenges and barriers

Inverse problems of generalized projection operators

Invertibility and Dedekind finiteness in structural matrix rings

Iterative alternating sequential (IAS) method for radio tomography of asteroids in 3D

Kalman filter with a linear state model for PDR+WLAN positioning and its application to assisting a particle filter

Kehittämistutkimus: vuorovaikutteisten Matlab-opetusohjelmien vaikutus minäpystyvyyteen ja oppimistuloksiin yliopistomatematiikassa

Kriging prediction of stand-level forest information using mobile laser scanning data adjusted for nondetection

Kullback-Leibler Divergence Approach to Partitioned Update Kalman Filter


fast estimates of asteroid shape elongation and spin latitude distributions from scarce photometry

Learner control and personal learning environment: a challenge for instructional design

Main-belt binary asteroidal systems with circular orbits

Manifolds in electromagnetism and superconductor modelling: Using their properties to model critical current of twisted conductors in self-field with 2-D model

Maximal perpendicularity in certain Abelian groups

Mean Value Properties for the Weinstein Equation Using the Hyperbolic Metric

Meeting a deadline

shortest paths on stochastic directed acyclic graphs with information gathering

Minimal Characterization of O-notation in Algorithm Analysis

Minimal solutions of general fuzzy relation equations on linear carriers. An algebraic characterization

Minors of Boolean functions with respect to clique functions and hypergraph homomorphisms

Mixture surrogate models based on Dempster-Shafer theory for global optimization problems

Mobile Context-Aware Systems

Technologies, Resources and Applications

Mobile Tracking in Mixed Line-of-Sight/Non-Line-of-Sight Conditions: Algorithm and Theoretical Lower Bound

Modeling of Neuronal Growth In Vitro: Comparison of Simulation Tools NETMORPH and CX3D

Modelling anisotropy in non-oriented electrical steel sheet using vector Jiles-Atherton model

Modifications of the 85/85 test and the temperature cycling test for tantalum capacitors

Multicolor, rotationally resolved photometry of asteroid 21 Lutetia from Osiris/Rosetta observations

Multigrid-Based Inversion for Volumetric Radar Imaging With Asteroid Interior Reconstruction as a Potential Application

Multimodal inverse problems: maximum compatibility estimate and shape reconstruction

Multiplierless filtered-OFDM transmitter for narrow-band IoT devices

Multi-stable dynamics of the non-adiabatic repressilator

Nanosatellite attitude estimation using Kalman-type filters with non-Gaussian noise

New determination of the size and bulk density of binary asteroid 22 Kalliope from observations of mutual eclipses

New Insights for Relational Capital

New insights on the binary asteroid 121 Hermione

New photometric observations of asteroids (1862) Apollo and (25143) Itokawa - analysis of YORP effect

n-Fold implicative basic logic is Gödel logic

Nondestructive estimates of above-ground biomass using terrestrial laser scanning

Non-destructive tree volume estimation through quantitative structure modelling

Comparing UAV laser scanning with terrestrial LIDAR

Nonlinear iteration semigroups of fuzzy Cauchy problems

NP-completeness results for partitioning a graph into total dominating sets

Old and New Algorithms for Minimal Coverability Sets

On Computational Complexity Reduction Methods for Kalman Filter Extensions

On constructibility and unconstructibility of LTS operators from other LTS operators

On finding rainbow and colorful paths

On Fractional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process

On homomorphisms between products of median algebras

On hypermonogenic functions

Translated title of the contribution: : On hypermonogenic functions

On k-Hypermonogenic Functions and Their Mean Value Properties

Online tests of Kalman filter consistency

On the complexity of rainbow coloring problems

On the complexity of restoring corrupted colorings

On the Discrete-Time Regulator Problem in Infinite-Dimensional Spaces

On the distribution of coefficients of powers of positive polynomials

On the fine-grained complexity of rainbow coloring

On the spectral and Frobenius norm of a generalized Fibonacci r-circulant matrix

On the Structure of Octonion Regular Functions

On the Succinctness of Atoms of Dependency

On the Underlying Mathematical and Quantum Structure of Quantum Cryptography

On Vekua Systems and Their Connections to Hyperbolic Function Theory in the Plane

Optical properties of snow in backscatter

Optimal computation of brightness integrals parametrized on the unit sphere

Optimal energy decay for the wave-heat system on a rectangular domain

Optimal energy decay in a one-dimensional coupled wave–heat system

Optimization of large-area OLED current distribution grids with self-aligned passivation

Orbiter-to-orbiter tomography

a potential approach for small solar system bodies

Paraconsistent Many-Valued Logic in GUHA Framework

Paraconsistent semantics for Pavelka style fuzzy sentential logic

Partitioned Update Kalman Filter

Pedagogical experiments with MathCheck in university teaching

Perfect Pavelka Logic

Periodic Output Regulation for Distributed Parameter Systems

Translated title of the contribution: : Periodic Output Regulation for Distributed Parameter Systems

Perturbation of strongly and polynomially stable Riesz-spectral operators

Photometry and models of selected main-belt asteroids (II)

Photometry and models of selected main-belt asteroids. III

Photometry and models of selected main-belt asteroids. IV

Photometry and models of selected main-belt asteroids. V.

Physical models of ten asteroids from an observers' collaboration network

Physical properties of 2 Pallas

Physical properties of the ESA ROsetta target asteroid (21) Lutetia. II. Shape and flyby geometry

Planning the Schedule for the Disposal of the Spent Nuclear Fuel with Interactive Multiobjective Optimization

Poincaré inverse problem and torus construction in phase space

Polynomial Input-Output Stability for Linear Systems

Polynomial stability of semigroups generated by operator matrices

Predicting Heat Propagation in Roebel-Cable Based Accelerator Magnet Prototype: One-Dimensional Approach with Coupled Turns

Predicting tree structure from tree height using terrestrial laser scanning and quantitative structure models

Probabilistic assessment of the influence of lake properties in long-term radiation doses to humans

Projektityöskentelyn kehittäminen yläkoulun matematiikan opetuksessa

Properties of duration drift

Quantifying branch architecture of tropical trees using terrestrial LiDAR and 3D modelling

Quantitative Analysis of Dynamic Association in Live Biological Fluorescent Samples

Radar observations and shape model of asteroid 16 Psyche

Radar observations of Itokawa in 2004 and improved shape estimation.

Radiometric calibration of LIDAR intensity with commercially available reference targets

Raviart-Thomas-type sources adapted to applied EEG and MEG: Implementation and results

Reduced Order Controller Design for Robust Output Regulation

Reduced order internal models in robust output regulation

Regional compensation for statistical maximum likelihood reconstruction error of PET image pixels

Robust controller design for infinite-dimensional exosystems

Robust controllers for regular linear systems with infinite-dimensional exosystems

Robustness of polynomial stability with respect to unbounded perturbations

Robustness of strongly and polynomially stable semigroups

Robustness of strong stability of discrete semigroups

Robustness of strong stability of semigroups

Robust output regulation and the preservation of polynomial closed-loop stability

Robust regulation of distributed parameter systems with infinite-dimensional exosystems

Robust Regulation of Infinite-Dimensional Port-Hamiltonian Systems

Robust Regulation Theory for Transfer Functions With a Coprime Factorization

RS-BL-algebras are MV-algebras

Satisfiability of modal inclusion logic

Lax and strict semantics

Semantic Labeling of User Location Context Based on Phone Usage Features

Shape modeling technique KOALA validated by ESA Rosetta at (21) Lutetia

Shape model of asteroid (130) Elektra from optical photometry and disk-resolved images from VLT/SPHERE and Nirc2/Keck

Shape reconstruction from images: Pixel fields and Fourier transform

Shape reconstruction of irregular bodies with multiple complementary data sources

Shape, size and multiplicity of main-belt asteroids. I. Keck adaptive optics survey

Similar temperature sensitivity of soil mineral-associated organic carbon regardless of age


An Efficient Open Source Tool to Build Tree Models from TLS Clouds

Simulating solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence in a boreal forest stand reconstructed from terrestrial laser scanning measurements

Small-angle goniometry for backscattering measurements in the broadband spectrum

SO-I: a surrogate model algorithm for expensive nonlinear integer programming problems including global optimization applications

Some remarks on structural matrix rings and matrices with ideal entries

Some Ring Theory from Jeno Szigeti

SO-MI: A surrogate model algorithm for computationally expensive nonlinear mixed-integer black-box global optimization problems

Sparse source travel-time tomography of a laboratory target: accuracy and robustness of anomaly detection

Spectral study of the Eunomia family. I: Eunomia

Spin vectors in the Koronis family. II

Stabilization to trajectories for parabolic equations

Statistical Path Loss Parameter Estimation and Positioning using RSS Measurements

Stock Price Dynamics and Option Valuations under Volatility Feedback Effect

Stop it, and be stubborn!

Stress-strain behavior of polyamide 6 staple fibers of punch-needled press felts under simulated wet-pressing conditions

Structural optimization of the pumping kite wind generator

Structure-Dynamics Relationships in Bursting Neuronal Networks Revealed Using a Prediction Framework

Structure-preserving mesh coupling based on the Buffa-Christiansen complex

Students’ motivations for social media enhanced studying and learning

Studying the inertias of LCM matrices and revisiting the Bourque-Ligh conjecture

Studying the various properties of MIN and MAX matrices - elementary vs. more advanced methods

Supporting students to self-direct intentional learning projects with social media

Teachers' perspectives on project-based learning in mathematics and science

Teleconsultation: Changes in technology and costs over a 12-year period

Terrestrial laser scanning for non-destructive estimates of liana stem biomass

The arithmetic Jacobian matrix and determinant

The Cauchy-Schwarz inequality in Cayley graph and tournament structures on finite fields

The complementarity of astrometric and radial velocity exoplanet observations. Determining exoplanet mass with astrometric snapshots.

The effect of hardware-computed travel time on localization accuracy in the inversion of experimental (acoustic) waveform data

The Graph Curvature Calculator and the curvatures of cubic graphs

The impact crater at the origin of the Julia family detected with VLT/SPHERE?

The Internal Model Principle for Systems with Unbounded Control and Observation

The Kraft Sum as a Monotone Function of the Refinement-Ordered Set of Uniquely Decipherable Codes

The puzzling mutual orbit of the binary Trojan asteroid (624) Hektor

The Resolved Asteroid Program – Size, shape, and pole of (52) Europa

Thermal infrared observations of the Hayabusa spacecraft target asteroid 25143 Itokawa

Thermal properties of asteroid 21 Lutetia from Spitzer Space Telescope observations

The Role of Exosystems in Output Regulation

The shape and rotation of asteroid 2008 TC3

The shape of (7) Iris as evidence of an ancient large impact?

The StarT Project Competition from the Perspective of Mathematics and Academic Literacy

Tiedonlouhintaa tieliikenneonnettomuussatasta

Translated title of the contribution: : Tiedonlouhintaa tieliikenneonnettomuussatasta

Tomographic inversion of gravity gradient field for a synthetic Itokawa model

Topics on hyperbolic function theory in geometric algebra with a positive signature

Towards a unified framework for decomposability of processes

Tree biomass equations from terrestrial LiDAR

A case study in Guyana

Tree Root System Characterization and Volume Estimation by Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Quantitative Structure Modeling

Tumbling asteroids

Two-Sided Hypergenic Functions

Uncertainty in multispectral lidar signals caused by incidence angle effects

Unimodality and log-concavity of f-vectors for cyclic and ordinary polytopes

Using GUHA Data Mining Method in Analyzing Road Traffic Accidents Occurred in the Years 2004–2008 in Finland

Using video games to combine learning and assessment in mathematics education

UWB Positioning with Generalized Gaussian Mixture Filters

VLT/SPHERE- and ALMA-based shape reconstruction of asteroid (3) Juno

Volumes and bulk densities of forty asteroids from ADAM shape modeling

Yksilöllinen opetus ja itsearviointi osana yliopistomatematiikan opintojakson suoritusta

Yliopistomatematiikan sähköisten tehtävien ja matemaattisen ajattelun kehittäminen

Bagdad - matematiikkaa täältä ikuisuuteen matematiikkanäyttely

Translated title of the contribution: : Bagdad - matematiikkaa täältä ikuisuuteen matematiikkanäyttely

Projekteja yläkoulun matematiikkaan


lähtökohtana ympäröivä maailma

Projektioppiminen yläkoulun matematiikassa

Projektipankki yläkoulun matematiikkaan

Sähkömagneettinen malli funktoreina ja luonnollisina muunnoksina

Simulointi nopeuttaa käyttöiän määritystä

Taivaalliset projektiot: terapiaa imversio-ongelmaisille

Translated title of the contribution: : Taivaalliset projektiot: terapiaa imversio-ongelmaisille

Tampereen matemaattisten aineiden aineenopettajakoulutus

Translated title of the contribution: : Mathematics and science subject teacher training at the University of Tampere

Uusi koulukohtainen syventävä kurssi ja oppikirja lukioihin

Translated title of the contribution: : Uusi koulukohtainen syventävä kurssi ja oppikirja lukioihin

Maaliskuun puheenaihe: Mielenkiintoista matematiikkaa opetukseen LUMA-sanomat

Translated title of the contribution: : Maaliskuun puheenaihe: Mielenkiintoista matematiikkaa opetukseen LUMA-sanomat

On the arity gap of finite functions

Results and applications

Neighbour species richness and local structural variability modulate aboveground allocation patterns and crown morphology of individual trees

Application and theory of Petri nets and other models of concurrency

Special issue of selected papers from Petri Nets 2015

Editorial: is Game-Based Math Learning Finally Coming of Age?

Abstractions for transition systems with applications to stubborn sets

Akustinen mallinnus

Translated title of the contribution: : Akustinen mallinnus

Datapohjaiset mallit

Translated title of the contribution: : Datapohjaiset mallit


Translated title of the contribution: : Kokonaislukumallit

Laskenta ja visualisointi

Translated title of the contribution: : Laskenta ja visualisointi

Mathematics Education in EU for STEM Disciplines

Mobile Tracking in Mixed Line-ofsight/Non-line-of-sight Conditions: Algorithms and Theoretical Lower Bound. Chapter 21

More stubborn set methods for process algebras

Overview of the Results and Recommendations

Acoustic Modelling

A differential form approach to Dirac operators on surfaces

A hyperbolic interpretation of Cauchy-type kernels in hyperbolic function theory in hypercomplex analysis

A Lukasiewicz-style Many-Valued Similarity Reasoning


A Network-Centric Snapshot of Value Co-Creation in Finnish Innovation Financing

Asteroid Models from Multiple Data Sources

Considering learners' perspectives to personal learning environments in course design

Context Awareness for Semantic Mobile Computing

Estimation of Model Parameters

Estimation of the Mechanical Power of a Kite Wind Generator

Integer Models

Integral Formulas for k-hypermonogenic Functions in R3

Korkeakoulumatematiikka teekkarin kompastuskivenä?

Translated title of the contribution: : Korkeakoulumatematiikka teekkarin kompastuskivenä?

On Robustness of Strongly Stable Semigroups with Spectrum on iR


The Exploration-Automation Cycle of User-Centric, Process-Automated Data-Driven Visual Network Analytics

Quaternionic Hyperbolic Function Theory

Robust Kalman-type filtering in positioning applications

Soft Computing Methods

Teollinen internet ja semanttinen mallinnus

Towards Human Cell Simulation

Two Consistent Many-Valued Logics for Paraconsistent Phenomena

Verkostoanalyysi sosiaalisen median tutkimuksessa

Translated title of the contribution: : Verkostoanalyysi sosiaalisen median tutkimuksessa

What’s out there? Asteroid models for target selection and mission planning

Engineering Mathematics Education in Finland

A Comparative Analysis of EU, Russia, Georgia and Armenia

Matematiikan oppimisen tukeminen teknillisessä yliopistokoulutuksessa


Translated title of the contribution: : Matematiikkaklinikka

Miten opiskella matematiikkaa yliopistossa - opas opiskelijoille

Translated title of the contribution: : Miten opiskella matematiikkaa yliopistossa - opas opiskelijoille

A New Method and Format for Describing CANopen System Topology

A Stochastic Mixture Surrogate Model Algorithm for Computationally Expensive Black-Box Global Optimization Problems

Autonomous satellite orbit prediction

Autonomous satellite orbit prediction

Bayesian Positioning Using Gaussian Mixture Models with Time-varying Component Weights

Briefly about the root-locus of linear systems

Characterizing n-Fold Positive Implicative BL-logics

Gaussian mixture filter in hybrid navigation

Mobile tracking in unknown non-line-of-sight conditions

Periodic output regulation of infinite-dimensional systems

Robust output regulation and the internal model principle

Robust regulation: From state-space to frequency domain

Sitikka - motivointia matematiikan opiskeluun

Translated title of the contribution: : Sitikka - motivointia matematiikan opiskeluun

Studying the quality of noise in a large biochemical reaction network as a function of the system volume

The root-locus analysis: An outline

A case study of focal bayesian EEG inversion for whitney element source spaces

Mesh-based vs. cartesian orientations

Accelerated simulation of a neuronal population via mathematical model order reduction

A field test of parametric WLAN-fingerprint-positioning methods

Algorithms and Logic as Programming Primers

A linear state model for PDR+WLAN positioning

Alumni Network Analysis

A method to enforce map constraints in a particle filter's position estimate

A motion model for articulated vehicles and a distributed acceleration measurement system

An empirical solar radiation pressure model for autonomous GNSS orbit prediction

A Network-Centric Snapshot of Value Co-Creation in Finnish Innovation Financing

A New Cauchy Type Integral Formula for Quaternionic k-hypermonogenic Functions

A New Characterization for n-Fold Positive Implicative BL-logics

A New Controller Structure for Robust Output Regulation

A NLOS-robust TOA positioning filter based on a skew-t measurement noise model

A Notion of Positive Definiteness for Arithmetical Functions

Application of Design Review to Probabilistic Risk Assessment in a Large Investment Project

Application of Hill-Clohessy-Wiltshire Equation in GNSS Orbit Prediction

Approach for Investigating Crowdfunding Campaigns with Platform Data: Case Indiegogo

Approximation of Volume and Branch Size Distribution of Trees from Laser Scanner Data

A Reduced-Order Two-Degree-of-Freedom Composite Nonlinear Feedback Control for a Rotary DC Servo Motor

A Simple Controller with a Reduced Order Internal Model in the Frequency Domain

A simulator for infinite-dimensional systems with a self-tuning controller

Asteroid models from photometry and complementary data sources

Asymptotic Behaviour of Platoon Systems

Axiomatic Extensions of Höhle's Monoidal Logic

Bandwidth and Storage Reduction of Radio Maps for Offline WLAN Positioning

Bayesian assaying of GUHA nuggets

Bayesian Methods for Hybrid Indoor Positioning

Bayes trees and forests: combining precise empirical and theoretical tree models

Business Angels and Investment Organizations as Networked Co-creators of the Finnish Innovation Ecosystem

Challenges in Heterogeneous Web Data Analytics - Case Finnish Growth Companies in Social Media

Closed-form algorithms in mobile positioning: Myths and misconceptions

Comparing two stochastic differential equation models for protein kinase C activation pathway

Competence advancement supported by social media

Composite Nonlinear Feedback Control of a Chemical Reactor

Comprehensive Quantitative Tree Models from TLS Data

Computational Model for Simulating Multifocal Imaging in Optical Projection Tomography

Context-Driven Social Network Visualisation: Case Wiki Co-Creation

Cubature-based Kalman filters for positioning

Datamap Visualization Technique for Interactively Visualizing Large Datasets

Developing Learning and Teaching in Engineering Mathematics with and without Technology

Dual Look at Robust Regulation: Frequency Domain and State Space Approaches

Engineering motif search for large graphs

Estimating Above Ground Biomass from Terrestrial Laser Scanning in Autralian Eucalypt Open Forest

Estimation of base station position using timing advance measurements

Estimation of initial state and model parameters for autonomous GNSS orbit prediction

Evaluating the Consistency of Estimation

Experienced risks in social media use – longitudinal study among university students

Explaining innovation with indicators of mobility and networks: Insights into central innovation nodes in Europe

Facilitating active participation in web-based co-development

Fast Automatic Method for Constructing Topologically and Geometrically Precise Tree Models from TLS Data

Fast fourier color constancy and grayness index for ISPA illumination estimation challenge

Feedforward Output Regulation for Distributed Parameter Systems with Infinite-Dimensional Exosystems


Squeezing loop invariants by interpolation between forward/backward predicate transformers

Gaussian mixture filter allowing negative weights and its application to positioning using signal strength measurements

Gender and Innovation: Networks of Executive Women in Technology-Based Companies

Generalized hyperbolic harmonic functions in the plane

Graph-Based Map Matching for Indoor Positioning

Hyperbolic laplace operator and the Weinstein equation in R3

Identifying weak ties from publicly available social media data in an event

Improving engineering students' mathematics skills and analysing their behaviour using ICT - tools.

Independent Loops Search in Flow Networks Aiming for Well-Conditioned System of Equations

Indoor positioning using WLAN coverage area estimates

Infinitesimals and Pavelka logic

Infinite structure for infinite-dimensional systems: A directional approach

Information visualization of Twitter data for co-organizing conferences

Launching context-aware visualisations

Least-Squares Transformations between Point-Sets

Linear Equation Solvers: Comparison of LU Decomposition and a Robust ODE Solver

Translated title of the contribution: : Linear Equation Solvers: Comparison of LU Decomposition and a Robust ODE Solver

Linear Model Predictive Control for Schrödinger Equation

Massive-Scale Tree Modelling from TLS Data

Matematiikan kirjallinen kielentäminen yliopiston matematiikan opetuksessa

Translated title of the contribution: : Matematiikan kirjallinen kielentäminen yliopiston matematiikan opetuksessa


Translated title of the contribution: : Matematiikkaklinikka

Math-Bridge - Eurooppalainen silta lukio- ja korkeakoulumatematiikan välille

Translated title of the contribution: : Math-Bridge - Eurooppalainen silta lukio- ja korkeakoulumatematiikan välille

MathCheck: a tool for checking math solutions in detail

Mathematics Remedial Instruction with Math-Bridge e-learning system

Mean value properties for K-hypermonogenic functions

Minimal Solutions of Fuzzy Relation Equations with General Operators on the Unit Interval

Mobile tracking and parameter learning in unknown non-line-of-sight conditions

Modeling growth in neuronal cell cultures: network properties in different phases of growth studied using two growth simulators

Modelling of Joule heating based self-alignment method for metal grid line passivation

Moodlen työpaja

Vertaisarviointi osana opetusta yliopistomatematiikan ensimmäisellä peruskurssilla

Motion Model for Positioning with Graph-Based Indoor Map

Motivating the Mathematics Studies by Real-life Examples of Signal Processing and Communications Engineering

Networks of Growth: Case Young Innovative Companies in Finland

Networks of innovation relationships: multiscopic views on Finland

New era of Business Analytics - Making sense of business ecosystems

Non-classical Logics with Real Life Applications

Normal Distributions Transform Occupancy Maps: Application to Large-Scale Online 3D Mapping

NP-completeness results for partitioning a graph into total dominating sets

On Convergence and Accuracy of State-Space Approximations of Squared Exponential Covariance Functions

On Detecting the Shape of an Unknown Object in an Electric Field

On Hodge-de Rham systems in hyperbolic Clifford analysis

On improvement of transient stage of composite nonlinear feedback control using arbitrary order set point filters

On polynomial stability of linear systems

On Robust Output Regulation for Continuous-Time Periodic Systems

On the Complexity of Rainbow Coloring Problems

On the Fine-Grained Complexity of Rainbow Coloring

On the Structure of Robust Controllers for Infinite-Dimensional Systems

On the Structure of Robust Controllers for Infinite-Dimensional Systems

Opiskelijoiden oppimistyökalujen käyttö tietokoneavusteisessa Matematiikkajumppa -tukiopetuksessa

Optimal combination of data modes in inverse problems: maximum compatibility estimate

Order reduction for a signaling pathway model of neuronal synaptic plasticity

Outlier-robust estimation of GPS satellite clock offsets

Output Regulation for General Infinite-Dimensional Exosystems

Output regulation of distributed parameter systems with time-periodic exosystems

Output Regulation of Infinite-Dimensional Time-Delay Systems

Output Regulation Theory for Distributed Parameter Systems with Unbounded Control and Observation

Paraconsistent fuzzy logic - A review

Paradigm shift in innovation indicators - from analog to digital

Particle filter and smoother for indoor localization

Plotting root-locus of infinite-dimensional systems

Positioning with coverage area estimates generated from location fingerprints

Practical Partial Order Reduction for CSP

Prime filters on residuated lattices

Process for Measuring and Visualizing an Open Innovation Platform: Case Demola

Projection-based order reduction of a nonlinear biophysical neuronal network model

Projektityöskentely matematiikan opiskelussa yläkoululaisten ja heidän opettajiensa kokemana

Rank Based Fingerprinting Algorithm for Indoor Positioning