The effect of challenge-based gamification on learning

An experiment in the context of statistics education

Soft robotic gripper with compliant cell stacks for industrial part handling

Avatar capital

The relationships between player orientation and their avatar's social, symbolic, economic and cultural capital

From Chance to Serendipity

Knowledge Workers' Experiences of Serendipitous Social Encounters

Development of measurement instrument for visual qualities of graphical user interface elements (VISQUAL)

a test in the context of mobile game icons

Does esports spectating influence game consumption?


A Passive RFID-Based Human-Technology Interface on a Shirtsleeve

Probabilistic approach to physical object disentangling

Multi-sensor next-best-view planning as matroid-constrained submodular maximization

Understanding decision-making in recruitment

Opportunities and challenges for information technology

An icon that everyone wants to click

How perceived aesthetic qualities predict app icon successfulness

Diffusion of innovation

Case of co-design of cabins in mobile work machine industry

Performance evaluation of bandwidth reservation for mmWave 5G NR systems

Uses and Gratifications of Pokémon Go

Why do People Play Mobile Location-Based Augmented Reality Games?

DNA Molecular Storage System

Transferring Digitally Encoded Information through Bacterial Nanonetworks

Teaching semantics and skills for human-robot collaboration

Characterization of the anisotropic deformation of the right ventricle during open heart surgery

Investigating relationships between video gaming, spectating esports, and gambling

Social motivations of live-streaming viewer engagement on Twitch

Gamification, quantified-self or social networking? Matching users’ goals with motivational technology

How games induce cooperation? A study on the relationship between game features and we-intentions in an augmented reality game

Gamified crowdsourcing

Conceptualization, literature review, and future agenda

Content structure is king

An empirical study on gratifications, game genres and content type on Twitch

Do badges increase user activity? A field experiment on the effects of gamification

Assessing fraction knowledge by a digital game

Emotional Reactions to Point-Light Display Animations

Exploring the role of ten universal values in using products and services

Graph Embedded Extreme Learning Machine

Defining user experience goals to guide the design of industrial systems

Exploring co-learning behavior of conference participants with visual network analysis of Twitter data

"Working out for likes"

An empirical study on social influence in exercise gamification

Understanding the most influential user experiences in successful and unsuccessful technology adoptions

Railway fastener inspection by real-time machine vision

Quality measures for improving technology trees

Vibrotactile Stimulation as an Instructor for Mimicry-Based Physical Exercise

A Barrier framework for open e-learning in public administrations

Dynamic text presentation in print interpreting - An eye movement study of reading behaviour

Class-Specific Reference Discriminant Analysis With Application in Human Behavior Analysis

Schoolchildren's user experiences on a physical exercise game utilizing lighting and audio

Global social knowledge management - Understanding barriers for global workers utilizing social software

Head movement and facial expressions as game input

Demographic differences in perceived benefits from gamification

Transparency of intentions decreases privacy concerns in ubiquitous surveillance

Measuring flow in gamification

Dispositional Flow Scale-2

Comparison of Saltation, Amplitude Modulation, and a Hybrid Method of Vibrotactile Stimulation

An evaluation of the virtual curvature with the StickGrip haptic device

A case study

Virtual sectioning and haptic exploration of volumetric shapes in the absence of visual feedback

Touch gestures in communicating emotional intention via vibrotactile stimulation


A flexible picture-based communication platform for users with intellectual disabilities

Barriers to task-based information access in molecular medicine

Tactile modulation of emotional speech samples

Heart rate responses to synthesized affective spoken words

Novel approaches to crawling important pages early

Integrating discrete events and continuous head movements for video-based interaction techniques

Interaction strategies for an affective conversational agent

Multimodal and mobile conversational Health and Fitness Companions

Tailored gamification

A review of literature

Why do people buy virtual goods

A meta-analysis

Subjective responses to synthesised speech with lexical emotional content

The effect of the naturalness of the synthetic voice

At least nine ways to play

Approaching gamer mentalities

Some background on dialogue management and conversational speech for dialogue systems


An architectural response to zoos’ obsolescence in post-anthropocentric times

Collaborative Writing and Knowledge Creation in a Social Media Online Community


Environmental Zoo

Perceived Impacts as User Experience Components in Mobile News Making with Smartphones

Kvazaar 2.0

Fast and efficient open-source HEVC inter encoder

Deep audio-visual saliency

Baseline model and data

"The superhero of the university"

Experience-driven design and field study of the university guidance robot

A preliminary network analysis on steam game tags

Another way of understanding game genres

Color game

A collaborative social robotic game for icebreaking; Towards the design of robotic ambiences as part of smart building services

Demographic differences in accumulated types of capital in massively multiplayer online role-playing games

Satisfaction and willingness to consume immersive journalism

Experiment of differences between VR, 360 video, and article

Innovation challenges as a novel multidisciplinary learning platform

User experience of stereo and spatial audio in 360° live music videos

Promoting local culture and enriching airport experiences through interactive storytelling

Red Alert

Break-Glass Protocol to Access Encrypted Medical Records in the Cloud

Social features in hybrid board game marketing material

Game postmortems vs. developer Reddit AMAs

Computational analysis of developer communication

Real-time online drilling vibration analysis using data mining

Public and open HEVC encoding service in the cloud

Facilitating the first move

Exploring inspirational design patterns for aiding initiation of social encounters

Thin form-factor super multiview head-up display system

Additional lossless compression of JPEG images based on BPG

Phase masks optimization for broadband diffractive imaging

Combined no-reference IQA metric and its performance analysis

Log analysis of 360-degree video users via MQTT

Human-robot interactive learning architecture using ontologies and symbol manipulation

Systematic literature review on user logging in virtual reality

Robotic process automation - Creating value by digitalizing work in the private healthcare?

The Finnish you – An interactive storytelling application for an airport environment

Implications of audio and narration in the user experience design of virtual reality

Guidelines for development and evaluation of usage data analytics tools for human-machine interactions with industrial manufacturing systems

Olfactory display prototype for presenting and sensing authentic and synthetic odors

Analysis of accommodation cues in holographic stereograms

Viewing simulation of integral imaging display based on wave optics

Understanding animals

A critical challenge in ACI

Designing for experiences with socially interactive robots

Liking the game

How can spectating motivations influence social media usage at live esports events?

Activation game for older adults - Development and initial user experiences

Code notes

Designing a low-cost tangible coding tool for/with children

Optimized viewport dependent streaming of stereoscopic omnidirectional video

Fast and easy live video service setup using lightweight virtualization

Looking for a five-legged sheep

Identifying enterprise architects' skills and competencies

Investigating the effects of legacy bias

User elicited gestures from the end users perspective

Ripple thermostat

Affecting the emotional experience through interactive force feedback and shape change

A novel technique for analysis of postural information with wearable devices

The use of advanced imaging technology in welfare technology solutions - Some ethical aspects

Viewport-dependent delivery schemes for stereoscopic panoramic video

Methods and tools for denoising of complex-valued images based on block-matching and high order singular value decomposition

Deep p-Fibonacci scattering networks

Blind estimation of white Gaussian noise variance in highly textured images

Robust linearized combined metrics of image visual quality

Combined local and global image enhancement algorithm

Compression of signs of DCT coefficients for additional lossless compression of JPEG images

Conversion of sparsely-captured light field into alias-free fullparallax multiview content

Multi-factor authentication for wearables

Configuring system parameters with risk function

Bandwidth reduction of omnidirectional viewport-dependent video streaming via subjective quality assessment

Novel D2D-based relaying method for multicast services over 3GPP LTE-A systems

Mobility aware eMBMS management in urban 5G-oriented systems

Optimal subgroup configuration for multicast services over 5G-satellite systems

Children designing videos

Tools, pedagogical models, and best practices for digital storytelling and media-making in the classroom

Barriers for bridging interpersonal gaps

Three inspirational design patterns for increasing collocated social interaction

Operationalizing the experience factory for effort estimation in agile processes

Comparing communication effort within the scrum, scrum with Kanban, XP, and Banana development processes

Microservices in agile software development

A workshop-based study into issues, advantages, and disadvantages

Effects of extrinsic noise are promoter kinetics dependent

Modular audio story platform for museums

Towards a conceptual framework for privacy protection in the use of interactive 360° video surveillance

From theories to game mechanics

Developing a game for training rational numbers

Full-reference metrics multidistortional analysis


Content-Adaptive denoising for improved visual quality

Can e-government solutions enhance the work in municipalities?: empirical evidence from case lupapiste

The 5C categorization of social media tools

Temporal dimensions of affect in user experience of digital news in the field

Software visualization today - Systematic literature review

Participatory development of user experience design guidelines for a B2B company

Focusing on user experience and business models in startups

Investigation of two-dimensional value creation

Casual immersive viewing with smartphones

Challenges and capabilities of conductive polymeric materials for electromechanical stimulation of stem cells

A case study

Using elicitation studies to generate collocated interaction methods

Sparse modelling and predictive coding of subaperture images for lossless plenoptic image compression

Decoding complexity reduction in projection-based light-field 3D displays using self-contained HEVC tiles

An evaluation framework for cross-platform mobile app development tools

A case analysis of adobe PhoneGap framework

A survey on aims and environments of diversification and obfuscation in software security

Exploring the use of deprecated PHP releases in the wild internet

Still a LAMP issue?

Feasibility characterization of cryptographic primitives for constrained (wearable) IoT devices

Patterns for subsidiaries as innovation tools

Patterns for safety system bus architecture

Learnings from the Finnish game industry

Increasing collocated people's awareness of the mobile user's activities

A field trial of social displays

Social display...We can see what you are doing on your mobile device

Who is moving - User or device? Experienced quality of mobile 3D video in vehicles

Need to touch, wonder of discovery, and social capital

Experiences with interactive playful seats

Antroposeeni - A mixed reality game

OASIS deck of cards - House of colleagues

A playful


1st workshop on mobile, social and culturally oriented learning

Delivering directional haptic cues through eyeglasses and a seat

Sequential and simultaneous tactile stimulation with multiple actuators on head, neck and back for gaze cuing

Three patterns for user involvement in startups

Four patterns for internal startups

A comparison of security assurance support of agile software development methods

Glance awareness and gaze interaction in smartwatches


Smart parallel search streams for branching exploratory search

Adaptive spatial resolution selection for stereoscopic video compression with MV-HEVC

A frequency based approach

Salient event detection in basketball mobile videos

Stereoscopic video description for human action recognition

The Fuzzy Front End of Experience Design: Eliciting and Communicating Experience Goals

User Experience of Digital News

Two Semi-long Term Field Studies

Supplier's Expectations on Usage Data Analytics of Complex Industrial Systems

Design principles for collaboration platforms for open education

Embroidered ground plane implementation for wearable UHF RFID patch tag antennas

Information wall

Evaluation of a gesture-controlled public display

Goofy Mus, grumpy Mur and dirty Muf

Talking playful seats with personalities

DYNAMO sound engine - Exploring the aesthetics of dynamic sound interactions


An embodied interaction technique for health information systems in developing regions

Email intensity, productivity and control in the knowledge worker's performance on the desktop

Games and energy

Profiling power usage during play

MurMur Moderators, the talking playful seats

The fuzzy front end of experience design

Gaze-contingent scrolling and reading patterns

Using gaze gestures with haptic feedback on glasses

Effects of haptic feedback on gaze based auto scrolling

Human-technology choreographies

Re-thinking body, movement and space in interaction design

Seniors and text messaging on mobile touchscreen phones

Effects of directional haptic and non-speech audio cues in a cognitively demanding navigation task

Tut MUVIS image retrieval system proposal for MSR-Bing challenge 2014

Two patterns for minimizing human resources in a startup

Patterns for controlling chaos in a startup

Opportunities and Challenges of Mobile Applications as "Tickets-to-Talk": A Scenario-Based User Study

Browsing patterns in retrieved documents

Real-time hidden gaze point correction

Gaze gestures and haptic feedback in mobile devices

Glasses with haptic feedback of gaze gestures

Layers of user expectations of future technologies

An early framework

The usability of text entry systems now and in the future


A tool for measuring the gaze tracking quality

Look and lean

Accurate head-assisted eye pointing

Preferences for touch gestures in audio-tactile communication

Haptic feedback to gaze events

Bars, pies, doughnuts & tables - Visualization of proportions


Search user interface that anticipates user's search intents

Controlled experiments comparing fault-tree-based safety analysis techniques

Integration of BIM and automation in high-rise building construction

Virtual stick in caret positioning on touch screens

Mobile dictation for healthcare professionals


A platform for location-based collaborative mobile learning

Evaluating the experiential user experience of public display applications in the wild

Evaluating landmark attraction model in collaborative wayfinding in virtual learning environments

Reading on-screen text with gaze-based auto-scrolling


8th workshop on speech and sound in mobile and pervasive environments

Mixed reality with multimodal head-mounted pico projector


Gestural text entry for elderly users of interactive television

Gestures and widgets

Performance in text editing on multi-touch capable mobile devices

Front-camera video recordings as emotion responses to mobile photos shared within close-knit groups

'Aie-studio' - A pragmatist aesthetic approach for procedural sound design

Multiplicative update for fast optimization of information retrieval based neighbor embedding

Scalable optimization of neighbor embedding for visualization

Recording and analyzing in-browser programming sessions

How to study programming on mobile touch devices - Interactive Python code exercises

The innovations in learning and education SAVI

Briefing news reporting with mobile assignments - Perceptions, needs and challenges

Location-based crowdsourcing of hyperlocal news - Dimensions of participation preferences

Towards usability heuristics for games utilizing speech recognition

Model for landmark highlighting in mobile web services


7th Workshop on speech and sound in mobile and pervasive environments

Continuous Edgewrite

Dictionary-based disambiguation instead of explicit segmentation by the user

Comparison of video-based pointing and selection techniques for hands-free text entry

Gaze gestures or dwell-based interaction?

Comparison of eye movement filters used in HCI

Simple gaze gestures and the closure of the eyes as an interaction technique

The validity of using non-representative users in gaze communication research

Designing and evaluating text entry methods

An exploratory study of eye typing fundamentals

Dwell time, text entry rate, errors, and workload

Haptic visualization of bathymetric data

Efficient optimization for data visualization as an information retrieval task

Reducing the number of unit tests with design by contract

Interpretation of ambiguous images inspected by the StickGrip device


6th Workshop on Speech in Mobile and Pervasive Environments

Multimodal multi-device program guide for smart conferences

We need to talk

Rediscovering audio for universal access (A panel)

Presenting spatial tactile messages with a hand-held device

Comparison of gaze-to-objects mapping algorithms

Designing tactile feedback for piezo buttons

On the costs of multiple trajectory pointing methods

Squeeze vs. tilt

A comparative study using continuous tactile feedback

Facial expression classification based on local spatiotemporal edge and texture descriptors

Of discs, boxes and cartridges

The material life of digital games

The making of Nordic larp

Documenting a tradition of ephemeral co-creative play

Narrative friction in Alternate Reality Games

Design insights from conspiracy for good

Framework for designing and evaluating game achievements

Social and privacy aspects of a system for collaborative public expression

Forward kinematic analysis of a planar cable driven redundant parallel manipulator using force sensors

Explicit dynamics formulation of Stewart-Gough platform

A Newton-Euler approach

Information interaction in molecular medicine

Integrated use of multiple channels

Mobile Journalist Toolkit

A field study on producing news articles with a mobile device

The SenseCam as a tool for task observation

HCI and homecare

Connecting families and clinicians


Special Issue on ‘New Hydraulic Components for Tough Robots’

Designing interactive systems for work engagement

Social human-robot interaction in the wild

A workshop proposal for academic mindtrek 2020

Special Issue on Designing Interactive Systems for Work Engagement

Increasing user and customer understanding through rapid ethnography in emerging markets

Benefits for supplier and customer with the help of logged usage data

UX sensors - Understanding the UX of complex systems through usage analysis

Getting started with the experience design process

Characterizing Context of Use in Mobile Work

Understanding engagement in web-based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy interventions for parental burnout: Usage, dose-response and user experiences

Digital services and youth participation in processes of social change: World Café workshops in Finland

The nexus between social media behaviour, negative consumer emotions and brand disloyalty

Neural networks, cell cultures and some older work on data analysis.