Necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of solution of generalized fuzzy relation equations A ⇔X = B

On the zeros of the partial Hosoya polynomial of graphs

Studying the inertias of LCM matrices and revisiting the Bourque-Ligh conjecture

Game-theoretic semantics for ATL+ with applications to model checking

PRBS-based loop gain identification and output impedance shaping in DC microgrid power converters

Vehicle Attribute Recognition by Appearance

Computer Vision Methods for Vehicle Type, Make and Model Classification

Programming languages for data-Intensive HPC applications

A systematic mapping study

Satisfiability of modal inclusion logic

Lax and strict semantics

Model checking and validity in propositional and modal inclusion logics

Hermitian normalized Laplacian matrix for directed networks

High-performance SIMD implementation of the lattice-Boltzmann method on the Xeon Phi processor

Analysis of an efficient parallel implementation of active-set Newton algorithm

Towards detecting structural branching and cyclicity in graphs

A polynomial-based approach

ALMARVI System Solution for Image and Video Processing in Healthcare, Surveillance and Mobile Applications

Alternating-time temporal logic ATL with finitely bounded semantics

Institutional Perspectives on the Process of Enterprise Architecture Adoption

Rewritability in monadic disjunctive Datalog, Mmsnp, and expressive description logics

Digital Predistortion for 5G Small Cell

GPU Implementation and RF Measurements

Emptiness problems for distributed automata

Toward Efficient Execution of RVC-CAL Dataflow Programs on Multicore Platforms

Graph measures with high discrimination power revisited

A random polynomial approach

NP-completeness results for partitioning a graph into total dominating sets

Computing minimum rainbow and strong rainbow colorings of block graphs

Information Exchange Architecture for Collaborative Industrial Ecosystem

An algebraic approach to reducing the number of variables of incompletely defined discrete functions

Reduction of variables of index generation functions using linear and quadratic transformations

Model-Based Dynamic Scheduling for Multicore Signal Processing

On the degeneracy of the Randić entropy and related graph measures

Memory Tampering Attack on Binary GCD Based Inversion Algorithms

Quantitative Graph Theory

A new branch of graph theory and network science

Highly unique network descriptors based on the roots of the permanental polynomial

Power Mitigation by Performance Equalization in a Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Multicore Architecture

Row-interleaved sampling for depth-enhanced 3d video coding for polarized displays

Data Flow Algorithms for Processors with Vector Extensions

Handling Actors With Internal State

Parallel Digital Predistortion Design on Mobile GPU and Embedded Multicore CPU for Mobile Transmitters

Implementation of a Multirate Resampler for Multi-carrier Systems on GPUs

Design Flow for GPU and Multicore Execution of Dynamic Dataflow Programs

A Hybrid Task Graph Scheduler for High Performance Image Processing Workflows

Optimization of Flexible Filter Banks Based on Fast Convolution

Fifty years of graph matching, network alignment and network comparison

Constructing Minimal Coverability Sets

A prospect for computing in porous materials research

Very large fluid flow simulations

IEEE 802.11ac MIMO Transceiver Baseband Processing on a VLIW Processor

Instrumentation-Driven Validation of Dataflow Applications

HTML5-based mobile agents for Web-of-Things

A computational approach to construct a multivariate complete graph invariant

Mining frequent closed sequential patterns with non-user-defined gap constraints

Low-Power Reconfigurable Miniature Sensor Nodes for Condition Monitoring

Towards generic embedded multiprocessing for RVC-CAL dataflow programs

Intuitiveness of vibrotactile speed regulation cues

Integration of dataflow-based heterogeneous multiprocessor scheduling techniques in GNU radio

Automatic hierarchical discovery of quasi-static schedules of RVC-CAL dataflow programs

Parameterized scheduling of topological patterns in signal processing dataflow graphs

Voluntary facial activations regulate physiological arousal and subjective experiences during virtual social stimulation


Non-visual mobile navigation application for pedestrians

Utilizing haptic feedback in drill rigs

Comparison of extensive vs. confirmation haptic interfaces with two levels of disruptive tasks

Orientation inquiry

A new haptic interaction technique for non-visual pedestrian navigation

Mapping parameterized cyclo-static dataflow graphs onto configurable hardware

Overview of the MPEG reconfigurable video coding framework

Quasi-static scheduling of CAL actor networks for reconfigurable video coding

Multimodal and mobile conversational Health and Fitness Companions

Forward simulation and inverse dipole localization with the lowest order Raviart - Thomas elements for electroencephalography

Exploiting statically schedulable regions in dataflow programs

Topological patterns for scalable representation and analysis of dataflow graphs

Conversion algorithms and implementations for koblitz curve cryptography

Computer-Generated Holograms for 3D Imaging

A Survey

Usability, security and trust in password managers

A quest for user-centric properties and features

On the arity gap of finite functions

Results and applications

Some background on dialogue management and conversational speech for dialogue systems

Densely-sampled light field reconstruction

Design and characterization of light field and holographic near-eye displays

Patterns for functional safety system development

Patterns for light-weight fault tolerance and decoupled design in distributed control systems

Model-Based Representations for Dataflow Schedules

Remarks on the Design of First Digital Computers in Japan - Contributions of Yasuo Komamiya

Learning and Teaching Experiences with a Persuasive Social Robot in Primary School – Findings and Implications from a 4-Month Field Study

Tile priorities in adaptive 360-degree video streaming

A fun-accuracy trade-off in game-based learning

Extending a digital fraction game piece by piece with physical manipulatives

Non-parametric contextual relationship learning for semantic video object segmentation

Near Lossless JPEG Compression Based on Masking Effect of Non-predictable Energy of Image Regions

Predicting Novel Views Using Generative Adversarial Query Network

Learning Image-to-Image Translation Using Paired and Unpaired Training Samples

On the web platform cornucopia


Regression Testing by Advanced Execution Path Inspection

Evaluating multi-connectivity in 5G NR systems with mixture of unicast and multicast traffic

Simultaneously Learning Architectures and Features of Deep Neural Networks

Graph-boosted attentive network for semantic body parsing

Performance of mmwave-based mesh networks in indoor environments with dynamic blockage

Understanding the digital and non-digital participation by the gaming youth

Communicating User Insights with Travel Mindsets and Experience Personas in Intra-city Bus Context

Ray-Based Modeling of Unlicensed-Band mmWave Propagation Inside a City Bus

Maximizing Achievable Data Rate in Unlicensed mmWave Networks with Mobile Clients

Multi-level Architecture for P2P Services in Mobile Networks

An Accurate Approximation of Resource Request Distributions in Millimeter Wave 3GPP New Radio Systems

Autonomous UAV Landing on a Moving Vessel

Localization Challenges and Implementation Framework


Enabling access control in searchable encryption with the use of attribute-based encryption and SGX


Fooling Semantic Segmentation Networks by Multi-layer Attacks

Large-Scale Centralized Scheduling of Short-Range Wireless Links

Characterizing the Degree of LTE Involvement in Supporting Session Continuity in Street Deployment of NR Systems

Lifelong learning with a digital math game

Performance and basic experience differences across age

Teaching educational game design

Expanding the game design mindset with instructional aspects

Gibbs Dyadic Differentiation on Groups - Evolution of the Concept

Liquid Transfer of User Identity

IoT Application Deployment Using Request-Response Pattern with MQTT

Modeling and Engineering Promoters with Pre-defined RNA Production Dynamics in Escherichia Coli


An authentic dataset for visual-inertial odometry

Characterizing mmWave Radio Propagation at 60 GHz in a Conference Room Scenario

Analytical Models for Schedule-Based License Assisted Access (LAA) LTE Systems

Kinetic Approach to Elasticity Analysis of D2D Links Quality Indicators Under Non-stationary Random Walk Mobility Model

A Concise Review of 5G New Radio Capabilities for Directional Access at mmWave Frequencies

Performance Limitations of Parsing Libraries

State-of-the-Art and Future Perspectives

A Lower Bound on the Average Identification Time in a Passive RFID System

Representational quality challenges of big data

insights from comparative case studies

Convolutional neural network based inter-frame enhancement for 360-degree video streaming

PESTEL Analysis of Hacktivism Campaign Motivations

Subjective quality of spatially asymmetric omnidirectional stereoscopic video for streaming adaptation

Optimization on ports activation towards energy efficient data center networks

3D folded loop UAV antenna design

Local adaptive wiener filtering for class averaging in single particle reconstruction

Time-dependent SIR analysis in shopping malls using fractal-based mobility models

The time will tell on you

Exploring information leaks in SSH public key authentication

Tor de-anonymisation techniques

NP-completeness results for partitioning a graph into total dominating sets

Stubborn sets with frozen actions

Search of the emotional design effect in programming revised

ASR in classroom today

Automatic visualization of conceptual network in science classrooms

Stubborn set intuition explained

A co-design study of digital service ideas in the bus context

Parental perspectives towards education technology in low-income urban households

ICT based interventions for anganwadi healthcare workers in Mumbai

Battery monitoring within industry 4.0 landscape

Solution as a service (SaaS) for industrial power unit systems

Characterizing time-dependent variance and coefficient of variation of SIR in D2D connectivity

Multi-task Deep Face Recognition

Robust Deep Face Recognition with Label Noise

Relative camera pose estimation using convolutional neural networks

A survey on internal interfaces used by exploits and implications on interface diversification

Coverage and network requirements of a “Big Data” flash crowd monitoring system using users’ devices

Dynamic trust management framework for robotic multi-agent systems

Optimizing network-assisted WLAN systems with aggressive channel utilization

Evaluating a case of downlink uplink decoupling using queuing system with random requirements

Intra-CPU traffic estimation and implications on networks-on-chip research

Customer involvement in continuous deployment

A systematic literature review

Fair testing and stubborn sets

Operating system compositor and hardware usage to enhance graphical performance in web runtimes

Private cloud deployment model in open-source mobile robots ecosystem

Backend infrastructure supporting audio augmented reality and storytelling

System design and analysis of UAV-assisted BLE wireless sensor systems

Implementing a broadcast storm attack on a mission-critical wireless sensor network

Construction of enterprise architecture in discourses within the public sector

IS acquisition characteristics in the public sector

Are software developers just users of development tools? Assessing developer experience of a graphical user interface designer

Mobile soundscape mixer – ready for action

Coordinating decision-making in data management activities

A systematic review of data governance principles

Temperature dependence of leakiness of transcription repression mechanisms of Escherichia coli

Synchronizing application state using virtual DOM trees

Towards model construction based on test cases and GUI extraction

Global scale integral volumes

The developers dilemma

Perfect product development or fast business validation?

Supporting management of hybrid OSS communnities - A stakeholder analysis approach

Software evolution and time series volatility

An empirical exploration

Automatic verification of Dafny programs with traits

Cache storage attacks

Accuracy evaluation of a linear positioning system for light field capture

Towards liquid web applications

Delayed key exchange for constrained smart devices

Existence and synthesis of complex hopfield type associative memories

Applying finite state process algebra to formally specify a computational model of security requirements in the key2phone-mobile access solution

Bayesian statistical analysis for performance evaluation in real-time control systems

Speaker verification using adaptive dictionaries in non-negative spectrogram deconvolution

Three positives make one negative

Public sector is procurement

Detecting and tracking the tips of fluorescently labeled mitochondria in U2OS cells

Non-local sigma filter

Interaction and humans in internet of things

A conceptual model towards the scaffolding of learning experience

Vision-based trajectories planning for four wheels independently steered mobile robots with maximum allowable velocities

Gender classification by LUT based boosting of overlapping block patterns

Analysis of HVS-metrics’ properties using color image database TID2013

The Extended 1-D (One-Dimensional) Discrete Phase Retrieval Problem

Complex transforms

Remarks on characterization of bent functions in terms of gibbs dyadic derivatives

Diversification of system calls in linux binaries

Life in the fast lane

Effect of language and calibration accuracy on the speed of text entry by gaze

Mining itemset-based distinguishing sequential patterns with gap constraint

Multi-view regularized extreme learning machine for human action recognition

Delayed haptic feedback to gaze gestures

Audio-haptic car navigation interface with rhythmic tactons

Evaluation of user experience goal fulfillment

Case remote operator station

Do persuasive technologies persuade? - A review of empirical studies

Interoperability-related architectural problems and solutions in information systems

A scoping study

Does visualization speed up the safety analysis process?

A field trial on mobile crowdsourcing of news content

Factors influencing participation

Creating immersive audio and lighting based physical exercise games for schoolchildren

Designing gesture-based control for factory automation

Expectation maximization for average reward decentralized POMDPs

Cell-at-a-time approach to lazy evaluation of dimensional aggregations

Practical realisation and elimination of an ECC-related software bug attack

Secure and fast implementations of two involution ciphers


Picture-based communication platform for users with intellectual disabilities

Bit-sliced binary normal basis multiplication

Remote timing attacks are still practical

The effects of emotionally worded synthesized speech on the ratings of emotions and voice quality

Evaluations of piezo actuated haptic stimulations

All the news that's fit to read

Finding and recommending news online

Using gaze data in evaluating interactive visualizations

Focused multi-task learning using Gaussian processes

A method for text localization and recognition in real-world images

Planar affine rectification from change of scale

A morphological atlas of prostate's zonal anatomy for construction of realistic digital and physical phantoms

The virtual workplace of a mobile employee - How does Vischer's model function in identifying physical, functional and psychosocial fit?

A model-based schedule representation for heterogeneous mapping of dataflow graphs

Processing and classification of multichannel remote sensing data

Heterogeneous design in functional DIF

Consecutive S-box lookups

A timing attack on SNOW 3G

New results on instruction cache attacks

Cache-timing template attacks

On modular decomposition of integers

Fast point decompression for standard elliptic curves

Differential properties of elliptic curves and blind signatures

Koblitz curves and integer equivalents of frobenius expansions

Optimization procedure for predicting nonlinear time series based on a non-Gaussian noise model

Left-to-right signed-bit τ -adic representations of n integers

A novel stochastic learning rule for neural networks

A neurobiologically motivated model for self-organized learning

Users' preferences for ubiquitous computing applications at home


Guest Editorial

Implementation Issues in System-on-Chip

Application and theory of Petri nets and other models of concurrency

Special issue of selected papers from Petri Nets 2015

Abstractions for transition systems with applications to stubborn sets

More stubborn set methods for process algebras

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