Statistical evaluation of barkhausen noise testing (BNT) for ground samples

Improved water services cooperation through clarification of rules and roles

Controlled Orientations of Neighboring Tetracene Units by Mixed Self-Assembled Monolayers on Gold Nanoclusters for High-Yield and Long-Lived Triplet Excited States through Singlet Fission

An efficient auxin-inducible degron system with low basal degradation in human cells

Behavior of the DPH fluorescence probe in membranes perturbed by drugs

Influence of ions to modulate hydrazone and oxime reaction kinetics to obtain dynamically cross-linked hyaluronic acid hydrogels

Characterisation and in vitro and in vivo evaluation of supercritical-CO2-foamed β-TCP/PLCL composites for bone applications

An architectural understanding of natural sway frequencies in trees

Methods for simultaneous robot-world-hand–eye calibration

A comparative study

Connection of Collimation, Asymmetric Beaming, and Independent Transmission-Reflection Processes in Concentric-Groove Gratings Supporting Spoof Surface Plasmons

Bioimpedance Sensor Array for Long-Term Monitoring of Wound Healing from Beneath the Primary Dressings and Controlled Formation of H2O2 Using Low-Intensity Direct Current

Understanding the Role of Lipids in Signaling Through Atomistic and Multiscale Simulations of Cell Membranes

Alpha radiation-induced luminescence by am-241 in aqueous nitric acid solution

Positioning information privacy in intelligent transportation systems

An overview and future perspective

Iterative unsupervised domain adaptation for generalized cell detection from brightfield z-stacks

Regulation of asymmetries in the kinetics and protein numbers of bacterial gene expression

Advances in Human Stem Cell-Derived Neuronal Cell Culturing and Analysis


a single-cell image processor toolbox

M2M Communication Assessment in Energy-Harvesting and Wake-Up Radio Assisted Scenarios Using Practical Components

Molecular-Scale Ligand Effects in Small Gold-Thiolate Nanoclusters

How to minimize dye-induced perturbations while studying biomembrane structure and dynamics

PEG linkers as a rational alternative

Alzheimer's disease and alpha-synuclein pathology in the olfactory bulbs of infants, children, teens and adults ≤ 40 years in Metropolitan Mexico City. APOE4 carriers at higher risk of suicide accelerate their olfactory bulb pathology

Comparative analysis of tissue reconstruction algorithms for 3D histology

Physiologically-relevant levels of sphingomyelin, but not GM1, induces a β-sheet-rich structure in the amyloid-β(1-42) monomer

Acquiring respiration rate from photoplethysmographic signal by recursive bayesian tracking of intrinsic modes in time-frequency spectra

Evaluation of dry electrodes in canine heart rate monitoring

Photo-antimicrobial efficacy of zinc complexes of porphyrin and phthalocyanine activated by inexpensive consumer LED lamp

Non-intersecting leaf insertion algorithm for tree structure models

Uncertainty in multispectral lidar signals caused by incidence angle effects

Weighing trees with lasers

Advances, challenges and opportunities

Soft hydrazone crosslinked hyaluronan- and alginate-based hydrogels as 3D supportive matrices for human pluripotent stem cell-derived neuronal cells

An activity recognition framework deploying the random forest classifier and a single optical heart rate monitoring and triaxial accelerometer wrist-band

Molecular mechanism for inhibition of twinfilin by phosphoinositides

A Bioscreening Technique for Ultraviolet Irradiation Protective Natural Substances

Bioactive glass induced osteogenic differentiation of human adipose stem cells is dependent on cell attachment mechanism and mitogen-activated protein kinases

Effect of N/S ratio on anoxic thiosulfate oxidation in a fluidized bed reactor

Experimental and artificial neural network model analysis

Gloriosa superba Mediated Synthesis of Platinum and Palladium Nanoparticles for Induction of Apoptosis in Breast Cancer

Azopolymer photopatterning for directional control of angiogenesis

Comparison of different coating techniques on the properties of FucoPol films

Inhibition of Aβ Amyloid Growth and Toxicity by Silybins

The Crucial Role of Stereochemistry


An R package for simulating gene expression data from an underlying real gene network structure considering delay parameters

Dynamics of a True Moving Bed separation process

Linear model identification and advanced process control

Calcium Assists Dopamine Release by Preventing Aggregation on the Inner Leaflet of Presynaptic Vesicles

Long-chain GM1 gangliosides alter transmembrane domain registration through interdigitation

Tunable Plasmonic Silver Nanodomes for Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering

Hexaphyrin as a Potential Theranostic Dye for Photothermal Therapy and 19F Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Calcium Directly Regulates Phosphatidylinositol 4,5-Bisphosphate Headgroup Conformation and Recognition

Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Halogen-Bonded Block Copolymer Complexes into Upright Cylindrical Domains

Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Mitochondrial DNA Polymerase γ

Novel Mechanisms of Function and Pathogenesis

Polarization resolved photoluminescence in GaAs1−xBix/GaAs quantum wells


Bioconductor package for Gene Set analysis in R

Dynamics and energetics of the mammalian phosphatidylinositol transfer protein phospholipid exchange cycle

Synthesis, Structural Characterization, Hirshfeld Surface and Antioxidant Activity Analysis of a Novel Organic Cation Antimonate Complex


Exploring reproducibility and robustness of RNA-seq results based on SAM files

Effects of σ factor competition are promoter initiation kinetics dependent

Identifying involvement of Lys251/Asp252 pair in electron transfer and associated proton transfer at the quinone reduction site of Rhodobacter capsulatus cytochrome bc1

Lipid membranes

Theory and simulations bridged to experiments

Efficient preparation and analysis of membrane and membrane protein systems

Functionalized lipids and surfactants for specific applications

Distribution and dynamics of quinones in the lipid bilayer mimicking the inner membrane of mitochondria

The role of the K-channel and the active-site tyrosine in the catalytic mechanism of cytochrome c oxidase

Robust statistical approaches for RSS-based floor detection in indoor localization

Characterizing rate limiting steps in transcription from RNA production times in live cells

Human Adipose Stem Cells Differentiated on Braided Polylactide Scaffolds is a Potential Approach for Tendon Tissue Engineering

Cholesterol oxidation products and their biological importance

Morphological Differentiation Towards Neuronal Phenotype of SH-SY5Y Neuroblastoma Cells by Estradiol, Retinoic Acid and Cholesterol

Non-Brownian diffusion in lipid membranes

Experiments and simulations

Role of charged lipids in membrane structures

Insight given by simulations

The biophysical properties of ethanolamine plasmalogens revealed by atomistic molecular dynamics simulations

Gene expression analysis upon lncRNA DDSR1 knockdown in human fibroblasts

Tuning the Plasmonic Extinction Resonances of Hexagonal Arrays of Ag Nanoparticles

A BRCA1-interacting lncRNA regulates homologous recombination

Submolecular Plasticization Induced by Photons in Azobenzene Materials

Cancer incidence and mortality in patients treated either with RAI or thyroidectomy for hyperthyroidism

Surface Modified Biodegradable Electrospun Membranes as a Carrier for Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells

Bioactive glass ions as strong enhancers of osteogenic differentiation in human adipose stem cells

A robust AMMI model for the analysis of genotype-by-environment data

Cholesterol under oxidative stress

How lipid membranes sense oxidation as cholesterol is being replaced by oxysterols

Apolipoprotein A-I mimetic peptide 4F blocks sphingomyelinase-induced LDL aggregation

Using shRNA experiments to validate gene regulatory networks

Role of subunit III and its lipids in the molecular mechanism of cytochrome c oxidase

Multi-stable dynamics of the non-adiabatic repressilator

Oxidation half-reaction of aqueous nucleosides and nucleotides via photoelectron spectroscopy augmented by ab initio calculations

Estimation of GFP-tagged RNA numbers from temporal fluorescence intensity data

Efficient preparation of shuffled DNA libraries through recombination (Gateway) cloning

Experimental determination and computational interpretation of biophysical properties of lipid bilayers enriched by cholesteryl hemisuccinate

Interaction with serum albumin as a factor of the photodynamic efficacy of novel bacteriopurpurinimide derivatives

Comparative evaluation of gene set analysis approaches for RNA-Seq data

Connection between absorption properties and conformational changes in Deinococcus radiodurans phytochrome

Global analysis of human nonreceptor tyrosine kinase specificity using high-density peptide microarrays

Calcium transients closely reflect prolonged action potentials in iPSC models of inherited cardiac arrhythmia

Blood microRNA profile associates with the levels of serum lipids and metabolites associated with glucose metabolism and insulin resistance and pinpoints pathways underlying metabolic syndrome. The cardiovascular risk in Young Finns Study.

Light-fuelled transport of large dendrimers and proteins

AROS has a context-dependent effect on SIRT1


An R package for visualizing large network data in biology and medicine

Small-molecule induction promotes corneal epithelial cell differentiation from human induced pluripotent stem cells

Gene Sets Net Correlations Analysis (GSNCA)

A multivariate differential coexpression test for gene sets

Structure and barrier properties of human embryonic stem cell-derived retinal pigment epithelial cells are affected by extracellular matrix protein coating

Antioxidant supplementation reduces genomic aberrations in human induced pluripotent stem cells

Natural thermal adaptation increases heat shock protein levels and decreases oxidative stress

Shiga-like toxin binds with high avidity to multivalent O-linked blood group P1 determinants on mucin-type fusion proteins

Electrophoretic mobilities of neutral analytes and electroosmotic flow markers in aqueous solutions of Hofmeister salts

Functional and genetic analysis of the colon cancer network.

Kinetics of bioconjugate nanoparticle label binding in a sandwich-type immunoassay

Novel derivatives of bacteriochlorophyll a

Complex formation with albumin and the mechanism of tumor cell photodamage

Recurrent thyroid cancers have more peritumoural lymphatic vasculature than nonrecurrent thyroid cancers

Report from the 2nd Summer School in Computational Biology organized by the Queen's University of Belfast

Analysis of free, mono- and diacetylated polyamines from human urine by LC-MS/MS

Mechanisms of acceleration and retardation of water dynamics by ions

Identification, prioritization, and evaluation of glycoproteins for aggressive prostate cancer using quantitative glycoproteomics and antibody-based assays on tissue specimens

Development and characterization of poly(ε-caprolactone) hollow fiber membranes for vascular tissue engineering

The highly dynamic oligomeric structure of bradavidin II is unique among avidin proteins

Non-coding RNAs in DNA damage and repair

Resonance assignments of the 56 kDa chimeric avidin in the biotin-bound and free forms

How the amyloid-β peptide and membranes affect each other

An extensive simulation study

Visualizing functional motions of membrane transporters with molecular dynamics simulations

Hollow fibers of poly(lactide-co-glycolide) and poly(ε-caprolactone) blends for vascular tissue engineering applications

Molecular mechanism of T-cell protein tyrosine phosphatase (TCPTP) activation by mitoxantrone

Gene set analysis for self-contained tests

Complex null and specific alternative hypotheses

Biophysics of lipid bilayers containing oxidatively modified phospholipids

Insights from fluorescence and EPR experiments and from MD simulations

Endocrine prevention and treatment of prostate cancer

Molecular mechanisms of ion-specific effects on proteins

Neuroprotective effect of RO-20-1724-a phosphodiesterase4 inhibitor against intracerebroventricular streptozotocin induced cognitive deficit and oxidative stress in rats

Histone H2B ubiquitin ligases RNF20 and RNF40 in androgen signaling and prostate cancer cell growth

Counterion condensation in short cationic peptides

Limiting mobilities beyond the Onsager-Fuoss theory

Production of l-xylose from l-xylulose using Escherichia coli l-fucose isomerase

Human adipose tissue extract induces angiogenesis and adipogenesis in vitro

Lipid hydration and mobility

An interplay between fluorescence solvent relaxation experiments and molecular dynamics simulations

Osteogenic medium is superior to growth factors in differentiation of human adipose stem cells towards boneforming cells in 3D culture

Structure-function analysis indicates that sumoylation modulates DNA-binding activity of STAT1

Structural Measures for Network Biology Using QuACN

Modification of olivomycin A at the side chain of the aglycon yields the derivative with perspective antitumor characteristics

Laser-induced primary and secondary hemostasis dynamics and mechanisms in relation to selective photothermolysis of port wine stains

Stabilization of the peroxy intermediate in the oxygen splitting reaction of cytochrome cbb3


In silico detection of genomic deletion types and correction of normal cell contamination in copy number data

Trans-interaction of nephrin and Neph1/Neph3 induces cell adhesion that associates with decreased tyrosine phosphorylation of nephrin

Detection of DNA hybridisation in a diluted serum matrix by surface plasmon resonance and film bulk acoustic resonators

The identity of the transient proton loading site of the proton-pumping mechanism of cytochrome c oxidase

Efficient production of NV colour centres in nanodiamonds using high-energy electron irradiation

Revealing differences in gene network inference algorithms on the network level by ensemble methods

Surface science analysis and surface modification methods for biomaterials research

Unite and conquer

Univariate and multivariate approaches for finding differentially expressed gene sets

Structural information content of networks

Graph entropy based on local vertex functionals

Responses of methane oxidation to temperature and water content in cover soil of a boreal landfill

Modeling of anaerobic degradation of solid slaughterhouse waste

Inhibition effects of long-chain fatty acids or ammonia

Preparation of 5-substituted 2-carboxyindoles on solid support

Utilization of Grignard reagents in solid-phase synthesis

A review of the literature

Solution structure of nodularin

An inhibitor of serine/threonine- specific protein phosphatases

Synthesis of chlorinated 5-hydroxy 4-methyl-2(5H)-furanones and mucochloric acid