Transparent Yb3+ doped phosphate glass-ceramics

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Effect of mineralogical composition on microstructure and properties

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optimal energy renovation measures of Finnish apartment buildings

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Influence of the phosphate glass melt on the corrosion of functional particles occurring during the preparation of glass-ceramics

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Osseous differentiation and cellular arrangement in vitro

Aqueous synthesis of Z-scheme photocatalyst powders and thin-film photoanodes from earth abundant elements

Deactivation of Pt/SiO2-ZrO2 diesel oxidation catalysts by sulphur, phosphorus and their combinations

Photodynamic self–disinfecting surface using pyridinium phthalocyanine

New Evidence for the Mechanism of Action of a Type-2 Diabetes Drug Using a Magnetic Bead-Based Automated Biosensing Platform

Accelerated deactivation studies of the natural-gas oxidation catalyst-Verifying the role of sulfur and elevated temperature in catalyst aging

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Enhanced photoactive and photoelectrochemical properties of TiO2 sol-gel coated steel by the application of SiO2 intermediate layer

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Large-area arrays of three-dimensional plasmonic subwavelength-sized structures from azopolymer surface-relief gratings

Effects of storage on characteristics and hygienic quality of digestates from four co-digestion concepts of manure and biowaste

Storing energy crops for methane production

Effects of solids content and biological additive

Group-specific quantification of methanotrophs in landfill gas-purged laboratory biofilters by tyramide signal amplification-fluorescence in situ hybridization

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Leachate and gaseous emissions from initial phases of landfilling mechanically and mechanically-biologically treated municipal solid waste residuals

Effects of solid-liquid separation on recovering residual methane and nitrogen from digested dairy cow manure

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