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Pedagogical experiments with MathCheck in university teaching

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An icon that everyone wants to click

How perceived aesthetic qualities predict app icon successfulness

Teacher’s Perceptions and Readiness to Teach Coding Skills

A Comparative Study Between Finland, Mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea

Supporting the development of students’ technological understanding in craft and technology education via the learning-by-doing approach

Comparing Three Methods to Capture Multidimensional Service Experience in Children’s Health Care

Video Diaries, Narratives, and Semistructured Interviews

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A literature review

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Collaborative Writing and Knowledge Creation in a Social Media Online Community

Compute mindlessly. Not! map consciously

Osaamisperustaisuuden arviointia tentillä

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Code notes

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How to move away from the silos of business management education?

Exploring the educational potential of a game-Based math competition

Urbanisoituva yliopistokampus informaalin oppimisen mahdollistajana

Translated title of the contribution: : The urbanizing university campus in enabling informal learning

An architect’s perspective

Design principles for simulation games for learning clinical reasoning

A design-based research approach

Elementary math to close the digital skills gap

Gamification, quantified-self or social networking? Matching users’ goals with motivational technology

Gamified crowdsourcing

Conceptualization, literature review, and future agenda

Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development in Connection with Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments

Comparison of time metrics in programming

Using and collecting fine-grained usage data to improve online learning materials

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Hobbyists as a super group of user-centred innovation - Case CreamSound guitar amplifier

Internet of Things

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Vygotsky's zone of proximal development in connection with technology-enhanced learning environments

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A cross-sectional descriptive study of nursing students' experiences of learning clinical reasoning

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Students as mystery shoppers

lowering knowledge sharing barriers in higher education

Dynamic software updating techniques in practice and Educator's guides

A review

First-principles data set of 45,892 isolated and cation-coordinated conformers of 20 proteinogenic amino acids

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Praxes in new cell-oriented configurable PC-classroom

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Dynamic text presentation in print interpreting - An eye movement study of reading behaviour

Preoperative simulation for the planning of microsurgical clipping of intracranial aneurysms

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Automatically detectable indicators of programming assignment difficulty

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Challenges and instructors' intention to adopt and use open educational resources in higher education in tanzania

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Eye tracking in computing education

Investigating perceived barriers to the use of open educational resources in higher education in tanzania

Overcoming cultural distance in social OER environments

Professional knowledge, skills and competencies of the new graduates and the engineering professionals - Comparison of the importance in working-life

Strategies for academic engagement perceived by Finnish sixth and eighth graders

Students' emotional and cognitive engagement as the determinants of well-being and achievement in school

Teachers' professional beliefs about their roles and the pupils' roles in the school

Reducing teacher burnout

A socio-contextual approach

How do ninth-graders perceive their involvement in the most meaningful episodes of their school career?

How do students solve parsons programming problems? - Execution-based vs. line-based feedback

The innovations in learning and education SAVI

Touch gestures in communicating emotional intention via vibrotactile stimulation

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A Mobile learning application for parsons problems with automatic feedback

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Principals' and chief education officers' perspectives on school development

Teaching cross-platform design and testing methods for embedded systems using DICE

Integrated design framework

Towards an approach for early design