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Supporting an estimation of satellite locations

Research output: PatentScientific


Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS20170269221
Priority date15/03/16
Publication statusPublished - 21 Sep 2017
Publication typeH1 Granted patent


An apparatus computes first locations of a satellite for several points in time based on a first set of parameters values broadcast by the satellite for a first validity period and second locations of the satellite for these points in time based on a second set of parameter values with associated second validity period. The first or second validity period is extended by an equation of motion, which includes forces acting on the satellite. The apparatus computes a value of an error component for points in time by comparing first with second locations and fits parameter values of a model to the values of the error component to obtain a model of a time-evolution of values of the error component. The apparatus provides the model of the time-evolution as a basis for a correction of locations of the satellite that are computed based on the first set of parameter values.