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The Industrial Web: Web Standards and Technologies in Industrial Automation

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Jose Martinez Lastra - Speaker

The automation community is facing a fundamental re-design, a shift that will have similar impact in the way automation systems are designed, developed, and built, as the one experienced when automation systems moved from electromechanical relays to Programmable Logic Controllers in the mid 1960s. Devices, machines and robots will be able to discover each other, with no previous knowledge on each other´s type, and collaborate towards the resolution of common goals. They will use dynamic architectures allowing autonomous re/configuration of hardware and software structures, deploying software agents that will intelligently use web services in order to build adaptable systems capitalizing agnostic cloud infrastructures. Technologies driving this major redesign are: Semantic Web Services (the resulting field of merging Service-oriented Architectures and Web Semantics); Cloud Robotics&Automation (the field of merging Cloud Computing with Robotics and Automation); Cyber-physical Systems; and wireless sensor/actuator networks. These new generation of software-intensive automation systems will heavily relay on standards for seamless integration, being the ones from the W3C perfect candidates for leading the road towards the Factories of the Future. We call to the resulting system: The Industrial Web. The seminar will present the motivation and main actors of the Industrial Web in terms of technologies and standards, going beyond the traditional tenets associated to the Industrial Internet of Things.
16 joulukuuta 2016

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NimiCSIC-UPM, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas- Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. Centre for Automation and Robotics

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