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  1. Julkaistu

    Regression analysis utilizing subjective evaluation of emotional experience in PET studies on emotions

    Aalto, S., Wallius, E., Näätänen, P., Hiltunen, J., Metsähonkala, L., Sipilä, H. & Karlsson, H., 2005, julkaisussa : Brain Research Protocols. 15, 3, s. 142-154


  2. Julkaistu

    Resolution of the left-right ambiguity in submarine passive sonar systems

    Aalto, T., Pesonen, H., Stien, M. & Terragni, F., 2005, Proceedings of the European Student Workshop on Mathematical Modelling in Industry, 19th ECMI Modelling week, 1. - 11.9.2005, Barcelona, Spain. Alabert, A. (toim.). s. 75-91


  3. Julkaistu

    Object-Oriented Development of Interactive Systems with OMT++

    Aalto, J-M. & Jaaksi, A., 1994, TOOLS 14, Technology of Object-Oriented Languages & Systems. Ege, R., Singh, M. & Meyer, B. (toim.). PRENTICE HALL, s. 205-218


  4. Julkaistu

    Neuroanatomical substrata of amusement and sadness: a PET activation study using film stimuli

    Aalto, S., Näätänen, P., Wallius, E., Metsähonkala, E., Stenman, H., Niemi, P. M. & Karlsson, H., 2002, julkaisussa : NeuroReport. 13, 1, s. 67-73


  5. Julkaistu

    Experiences on Applying OMT to Large Scale Systems

    Aalto, J-M., 1994, Proc. of Conceptual Modeling and Object-Oriented Progr. Symposium, Nov. 5 1993, Tampere. Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society


  6. Julkaistu

    Managing Software Evolution with a Formalized Abstraction Hierarchy

    Aaltonen, T. & Mikkonen, T., 2002, Proceedings, Eighth IEEE International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems, 2-4 December 2002, Greenbelt, Maryland. s. 224-231


  7. Julkaistu

    OSS architecture and implications

    Aaltonen, T., Järvensivu, J. & Mikkonen, T., 2006, Unknown Publisher.


  8. Julkaistu

    Software Evolution based on Formalized Abstraction Hierarchy

    Aaltonen, T. & Mikkonen, T., 2001, Technical Report UNL-DI-1-2001, Proceedings of the Workshop on Formal Foundations of Software Evolution, March 2001, Lisboa, Portugal. s. 6 s


  9. Julkaistu

    Verifying Safety by Combining Joint Actions with a Process-Algebraic Approach

    Aaltonen, T. & Pitkänen, R., 1999, Tampere: Tampereen teknillinen korkeakoulu. 27 Sivumäärä (Tampereen teknillinen korkeakoulu, Ohjelmistotekniikan laitos, Raportti; nro 19)


  10. Julkaistu

    Three views to open source: Architectures, developers and a newborn community

    Aaltonen, T. & Järvensivu, J., 2006, Unknown Publisher.


  11. Julkaistu

    From Mashup Applications to Open Data Ecosystems

    Aaltonen, T., Mikkonen, T., Peltola, H. & Salminen, A., 2014, Proceedings of The International Symposium on Open Collaboration, OpenSym 2014, August 27-29, 2014, Berlin, Germany. New York, NY: ACM, s. 1-15 15 Sivumäärä (OpenSym).


  12. Julkaistu

    Formal Approaches to Testing of Software

    Aaltonen, T. & Helin, J., 2002, Formal Approaches to Testing of Software, FATES'02, A Satellite Workshop of CONCUR'02, Brno, Czech Republic, August 24th 2002, Proceedings. Hierons, T. & Jeron, T. (toim.). s. 65-78


  13. Julkaistu

    Validating correctness with behavioural abstractions

    Aaltonen, T., 2005, Tampere: Tampere University of Technology. (Tampereen teknillinen yliopisto, Julkaisu; painos 550)


  14. Julkaistu

    DISCO Toolset - The New Generation

    Aaltonen, T., Katara, M. & Pitkänen, R., 2000, FM-TOOLS 2000, The 4th Workshop on Tools for System Design and Verification, Reisenburg Castle near Ulm, Germany, Monday 10 July - Thursday 13 July 2000. Schellhorn, G. (toim.). s. 11-15


  15. Julkaistu

    Verifying Real-Time Joint Action Specifications Using Timed Automata

    Aaltonen, T., Katara, M. & Pitkänen, R., 2000, Proceedings of Conference on Software: Theory and Practice, 16th World Computer Congress 2000, August 21-25, 2000, Beijing, China. Yulin, F. (toim.). Beijing, China: Publishing House of Electronics Industry, International Federation for Information Processing, s. 516-525


  16. Julkaistu

    TDP-a Distributed Parameter Systems Simulator

    Aaltonen, M., Tanttu, J. & Pohjolainen, S., 1984, Tampere: Unknown Publisher. (Tampere Univ. of Tech., Dept. of Elect.Eng., Mathematics, Report; nro 45)


  17. Julkaistu

    Managing software evolution with a formalised abstraction hierarchy

    Aaltonen, T. & Mikkonen, T., 2008, julkaisussa : International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology. 31, 1/2, s. 120-130


  18. Julkaistu

    Defining Observation Objectives for Reactive and Distributed Systems

    Aaltonen, T., 2003, Formal Approaches to Testing of Software. Proceedings of FATES 2003. A Satellite Workshop of the International Conference on Automated Software Engineering 2003, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, October 6, 2003. Petrenko, A. & Ulrich, A. (toim.). s. 156-163


  19. Julkaistu

    DisCo Toolset - The New Generation

    Aaltonen, T., Katara, M. & Pitkänen, R., 2001, julkaisussa : Journal of Universal Computer Science. 7, 1, s. 3-18


  20. Julkaistu

    Coordinating Aspects and Objects

    Aaltonen, T., Helin, J., Katara, M., Kellomäki, P. & Mikkonen, T., 2003, Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, Preliminary Proceedings, FOCLASA'02, International Workshop on the Foundations of Coordination Languages and Software Architectures, Brno, Czech Republic, August 24, 2002, Satellite event of Concur'02.


  21. Julkaistu

    A distributed parameter systems simulator

    Aaltonen, M., Tanttu, J. & Pohjolainen, S., 1986, Simulation. Tampere, s. 145-151


  22. Julkaistu

    On horizontal specification architectures and their aspect-oriented implementations

    Aaltonen, T., Katara, M., Kurki-Suonio, R. & Mikkonen, T., 2006, julkaisussa : Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 4242, s. 1-29 29 Sivumäärä


  23. Julkaistu

    An Action-Oriented Programming Model for Pervasive Computing in a Device Cloud

    Aaltonen, T., Myllärniemi, V., Raatikainen, M., Mäkitalo, N. & Pääkkö, J., 2013, The 20th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference, APSEC 2013, Bangkok, Thailand, December 2-5, 2013. IEEE, s. 467-475 9 Sivumäärä (Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference).


  24. Julkaistu

    Rolling Out a Mission Critical System in an Agilish Way: Reflections on Building a Large-Scale Dependable Information System for Public Sector

    Aapo, K. & Mikkonen, T., 2015, 2015 IEEE/ACM 2nd International Workshop on Rapid Continuous Software Engineering (RCoSE). IEEE, s. 41-44 4 Sivumäärä


  25. Julkaistu

    Real-time vibration-based structural damage detection using one-dimensional convolutional neural networks

    Abdeljaber, O., Avci, O., Kiranyaz, S., Gabbouj, M. & Inman, D. J., helmikuuta 2017, julkaisussa : Journal of Sound and Vibration. 388, s. 154-170 17 Sivumäärä


  26. Julkaistu

    A Region-Dependent Image Matching Method for Image and Video Annotation

    Abdollahian, G., Diaz-de-Maria, F., Gabbouj, M., Birinci, M. & Delp, E. J., 2011, 9th International Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing (CBMI), 13-15 June 2011, Madrid, Spain. Piscataway, NJ: IEEE, s. 121-126 (International Workshop on Content-Based MultimediaIndexing CBMI; painos 28).


  27. Julkaistu

    Local adaptive wiener filtering for class averaging in single particle reconstruction

    Abdollahzadeh, A., Acar, E., Peltonen, S. & Ruotsalainen, U., 2017, Image Analysis - 20th Scandinavian Conference, SCIA 2017, Proceedings. Springer Verlag, s. 233-244 12 Sivumäärä (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; painos 10270).


  28. Julkaistu

    LSST Science Book Version 2.0: arXiv.org

    Abell, P. A., Allison, J., Anderson, S. F., Andrew, J. R., Angel, J. R. P., Armus, L., Arnett, D., Asztalos, S. J., Axelrod, T. S., Bailey, S., Ballantyne, D. R., Bankert, J. R., Barkhouse, W. A., Barr, J. D., Barrientos, L. F., Barth, A. J., Bartlett, J. G., Becker, A. C., Becla, J. & Kaasalainen, M., 2009


  29. Julkaistu

    Product-Focused Software Process Improvement: 17th International Conference, PROFES 2016, Trondheim, Norway, November 22-24, 2016, Proceedings

    Abrahamsson, P. (toim.), Jedlitschka, A. (toim.), Nguyen-Duc, A. (toim.), Felderer, M. (toim.), Amasaki, S. (toim.) & Mikkonen, T. (toim.), 2016, Springer International Publishing. 777 Sivumäärä (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; painos 10027)


  30. Julkaistu

    Myriad filter properties and parameter selection

    Abramov, S. K., Lukin, V. V. & Astola, J. T., 2000, The fifth All-Ukrainian International Conference UkrOBRAZ'2000, November 27 - December 1, 2000. s. 59-62


  31. Julkaistu

    Segmentation-based method for blind evaluation of noise variance in images

    Abramov, SK., Lukin, VV., Vozel, B., Chehdi, K. & Astola, JT., 2008, julkaisussa : Journal Of Applied Remote Sensing. 2, 023533.


  32. Julkaistu

    Prediction of signal denoising efficiency for DCT-based filter

    Abramov, S. K., Abramova, V. V., Lukin, V. V. & Egiazarian, K. O., 2019, julkaisussa : Telecommunications and Radio Engineering. 78, 13, s. 1129-1142 14 Sivumäärä


  33. Julkaistu

    Analysis of outlier influence on Nonlinear Filter output for Linearly increasing/ decreasing signals with noise

    Abramov, S. K., Peltonen, S., Lukin, V., Kuosmanen, P. & Astola, J., 2000, Signal Processing X Theories and Application EUSIPCO 2000. s. 2433-2436


  34. Julkaistu

    Methods for Blind Estimation of Speckle Variance in SAR Images: Simulation Results and Vertification for Real-Life Data

    Abramov, S., Abramova, V., Lukin, V., Ponomarenko, N., Vozel, B., Chehdi, K., Egiazarian, K. & Astola, J., 2014, Computational and Numerical Simulations. Awrejcewicz, J. (toim.). Rijeka, Croatia: InTech, s. 303-327 25 Sivumäärä


  35. Julkaistu

    Improved method for blind estimation of the variance of mixed noise using weighted LMS line fitting algorithm

    Abramov, S., Zabrodina, V., Lukin, V., Vozel, B., Chehdi, K. & Astola, J., 2010, Proceedings of 2010 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, ISCAS 2010, Paris, France, May 30 - June 2, 2010. s. 2642-2645


  36. Julkaistu

    Robust Local Scale Estimators for Blind Evaluation of Noise Variance in Images

    Abramov, S., Abramova, V., Lukin, V. & Egiazarian, K., 2012, 5th International Symposium on Communications, Control and Signal Processing, ISCCSAP 2012, May 2 - 4, Rome Italy. Piscataway, NJ: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE, s. 1-4 4 Sivumäärä (International Symposium on Communications, Control and Signal Processing).


  37. Julkaistu

    Dynamic Characteristics of Some Nonlinear 1-D Filters

    Abramov, S., Tulyakova, N. & Melnik, V., 1999, Proceedings of 1999 Finnish Signal Processing Symposium FINSIG'99, Oulu, May 31, 1999. Saarnisaari, H. & Juntti, M. (toim.). s. 184-188


  38. Julkaistu

    Denoising of multichannel images with nonlinear transformation of reference image

    Abramov, S., Abramova, V., Lukin, V. & Egiazarian, K., 2018, julkaisussa : Telecommunications and Radio Engineering. 77, 9, s. 769-786 18 Sivumäärä


  39. Julkaistu

    Influence on multiplicative noise variance evaluation accuracy on mm-band slar image filtering efficiency

    Abramov, S. K., Lukin, W., Ponomarenko, N. N., Egiazarian, K. O. & Pogrebnyak, O. B., 2004, Proceedings of the Fifth International Kharkov Symposium on Physics and Engineering of Microwaves, Millimeter, and Submillimeter Waves, MSMW'04, Kharkov, Ukraine, 21-26 June 2004. s. 250-252


  40. Julkaistu

    Adaptive myriad filter

    Abramov, S., Lukin, V. & Astola, J., 2001, NSIP 2001, Nonlinear Signal and Image Processing, Baltimore, MD USA, June 3-6, 2001. s. 5 s


  41. Julkaistu

    Blind evaluation of noise variance in iamges using myriad operation

    Abramov, S. K., Lukin, V. V., Zelensky, A. A. & Astola, J. T., 2002, Image Processing: Algorithms and Systems, 21-23 January 2002, San Jose, USA, Proceedings of SPIE. Dougherty, E. R. (toim.). SPIE, s. 192-203


  42. Julkaistu

    On requirements to accuracy of noise variance estimation in prediction of DCT-based filter efficiency

    Abramova, V., Lukin, V., Abramov, S., Rubel, O., Vozel, B., Chehdi, K., Astola, J. & Egiazarian, K., 2016, julkaisussa : Telecommunications and Radio Engineering. 75, 2, s. 139-154 16 Sivumäärä


  43. Julkaistu

    Blind estimation of speckle characteristics for sentinel polarimetric radar images

    Abramova, V., Abramov, S., Lukin, V. & Egiazarian, K., 19 lokakuuta 2017, 2017 IEEE Microwaves, Radar and Remote Sensing Symposium (MRRS). s. 263-266 4 Sivumäärä


  44. Julkaistu

    On required accuracy of mixed noise parameter estimation for image enhancement via denoising

    Abramova, V. V., Abramov, S. K., Lukin, V. V., Egiazarian, K. O. & Astola, J. T., 2014, julkaisussa : Eurasip Journal on Image and Video Processing. January, s. 1-16 16 Sivumäärä, 3.


  45. Julkaistu

    Blind estimation of speckle variance in synthetic aperture radar images

    Abramova, V. V., Kozhemiakin, R., Abramov, S. K., Lukin, V. V., Zelensky, A. A. & Egiazarian, K., 25 kesäkuuta 2015, 2015 International Conference on Antenna Theory and Techniques: Dedicated to 95 Year Jubilee of Prof. Yakov S. Shifrin, ICATT 2015 - Proceedings. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.


  46. Julkaistu

    End-to-End Real-Time ROI-Based Encryption in HEVC Videos

    Abu Taha, M., Sidaty, N., Hamidouche, W., Déforges, O., Vanne, J. & Viitanen, M., syyskuuta 2018, 2018 European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO). IEEE, s. 171-174


  47. Julkaistu

    Statistical Reconstruction Methods for 3D Imaging of Biological Samples with Electron Microscopy

    Acar, E., 18 toukokuuta 2018, Tampere University of Technology. 56 Sivumäärä (Tampere University of Technology. Publication; painos 1545)


  48. Julkaistu

    Adaptive multiresolution method for MAP reconstruction in electron tomography

    Acar, E., Peltonen, S. & Ruotsalainen, U., 1 marraskuuta 2016, julkaisussa : Ultramicroscopy. 170, s. 24-34 11 Sivumäärä


  49. Julkaistu

    Multiresolution MAPEM method for 3D reconstruction of symmetrical particles with electron microscopy

    Acar, E., Baikoghli, M. A., Stark, M., Peltonen, S., Ruotsalainen, U. & Cheng, R. H., 2018, EMBEC and NBC 2017 - Joint Conference of the European Medical and Biological Engineering Conference EMBEC 2017 and the Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics, NBC 2017. Springer Verlag, s. 141-144 4 Sivumäärä (IFMBE Proceedings; painos 65).


  50. Julkaistu

    Noise minimized high resolution digital holographic microscopy applied to surface topography

    Achimova, E., Abaskin, V., Claus, D., Pedrini, G., Shevkunov, I. & Katkovnik, V., 1 maaliskuuta 2018, julkaisussa : Computer Optics. 42, 2, s. 267-272 6 Sivumäärä


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