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  1. Julkaistu

    Video coding with low-complexity directional adaptive interpolation filters

    Rusanovskyy, D., Ugur, K., Hallapuro, A., Lainema, J. & Gabbouj, M., 2009, julkaisussa : IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology. 19, 8, s. 1239-1243


  2. Julkaistu

    Video coding with pixel-aligned directional adaptive interpolation filters

    Rusanovskyy, D., Ugur, K., Gabbouj, M. & Lainema, J., 2008, Proceedings of 2008 IEEE Internatioal Symposium on Circuits and Systems, ISCAS 2008, Seattle WA, USA, 18-21 May 2008. s. 704-707


  3. Julkaistu

    Video denoising algorithm in sliding 3D DCT domain

    Rusanovskyy, D. & Egiazarian, K., 2005, julkaisussa : Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 3708, s. 618-625


  4. Julkaistu

    Video denoising by sparse 3D transform-domain collaborative filtering

    Dabov, K., Foi, A. & Egiazarian, K., 2007, Proceedings of the 15th European Signal Processing Conference, Eusipco 2007, Poznan, Poland, 3-7 September 2007. s. 145-149


  5. Julkaistu

    Video Denoising, Deblocking, and Enhancement Through Separable 4-D Nonlocal Spatiotemporal Transforms

    Maggioni, M., Boracchi, G., Foi, A. & Egiazarian, K., 2012, julkaisussa : IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. 21, 9, s. 3952-3966


  6. Julkaistu

    Video Denoising Using Separable 4-D Nonlocal Spatiotemporal Transforms

    Maggioni, M., Boracchi, G., Foi, A. & Egiazarian, K., 2011, Image Processing: Algorithms and Systems IX, January 24-25, San Francisco, California, United States. Proceedings of SPIE. Astola, J. T. & Egiazarian, K. O. (toim.). Bellingham, WA: SPIE, s. 1-11 11 Sivumäärä 787003. (Image Processing: Algorithms and Systems Conference; painos 7870).


  7. Julkaistu

    Video encoding and splicing for tune-in time reduction in IP datacasting (IPDC) over DVB-H

    Rezaei, M., Hannuksela, M. M. & Gabbouj, M., 2006, Proceedings of 2006 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, ICME 2006, Toronto, Canada, 9-12 July 2006. s. 601-604


  8. Julkaistu

    Video inpainting using scene model and object tracking

    Frantc, V. A., Voronin, V. V., Marchuk, V. I. & Egiazarian, K. O., 2013, Image Processing: Algorithms and Systems XI, Burlingame, CA, USA, 4.-6.2.2013. SPIE, 86550V. (SPIE Conference Proceedings; painos 8655).


  9. Julkaistu

    Video rate control for streaming and local recording optimized for mobile devices

    Rezaei, M., Wenger, S. & Gabbouj, M., 2005, Proceedings of the 16th Annual IEEE International Symposium on Personal Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications, PIMRC 2005, Berlin, Germany, 11-14 September 2005. s. 5 p


  10. Julkaistu

    Video segmentation and indexing

    Gabbouj, M., 2004, Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Image Analysis for Multimedia Interaactive Services, WIAMIS 2004, Lisboa, Portugal, 21-23 April 2004. s. 2 s


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