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  1. 2008
  2. Julkaistu

    Discontinuity-based code delay estimator for GNSS signals

    Skournetou, D. & Lohan, E. S., 2008, Proceedings of the ISSSTA 2008 & ASMS2008, 10th International Symposium on Spread Spectrum Techniques and Applications, Bologna, Italy, August 25-28,2008 and 4th Advanced Satellite Mobile Systems Conference ASMS '08, Bologna, Italy, 26-28, 2008. s. 213-222


  3. Julkaistu

    Downlink VoIP support for evolved UTRA

    Fan, Y., Kuusela, M., Lunden, P. & Valkama, M., 2008, Proceeding of IEEE Wireless Communications & Networking Conference WCNC2008, 31 March - 3 April, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. s. 1933-1938


  4. Julkaistu

    Effects of power amplifier memory on adaptive feedforward linearizers

    Gökceoglu, A. H., Shahed, A. H. G. & Valkama, M., 2008, 2008 IEEE International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems ISWCS´08, 21-24 October 2008, Reykjavik, Island. Qu, G., Guomundsson, K. & Porsteinsson, S. (toim.). s. 304-308


  5. Julkaistu

    Efficient iterative receiver structures

    Levanen, T., 2008, Digest of TISE Seminar 2008, Kangasala, Finland, 5 June 2008. Koivisto, P. (toim.). s. 115-120


  6. Julkaistu

    Efficient mitigation of frequency-selective I/Q imbalance in OFDM receivers

    Anttila, L., Valkama, M. & Renfors, M., 2008, Proceedings of VTC2008-Fall, The 68th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, 21-24 September, 2008, Calgary, Canada. s. 1069-1073


  7. Julkaistu

    Efficient semi-persistent scheduling for VoIP on EUTRA downlink

    Fan, Y., Lunden, P., Kuusela, M. & Valkama, M., 2008, Proceedings of 2008 IEEE 68th Vehicular Technology Conference VTC2008-Fall, 21-24 September 2008, Calgary, Canada. s. 5 p


  8. Julkaistu

    eLearning experiences in work for training courses for ict skill certification

    Kelo, T., Monget, M-C. & Pantaleo, A., 2008, E-Learn 2008, World Conference on e-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, & Higher Education, November 17-21, 2008, Las Vegas, USA. Bonk, C. J. (toim.).


  9. Julkaistu

    Enhanced mitigation scheme for high power and long duration interference in DVB-T/H systems

    Hazmi, A., Rinne, J. & Renfors, M., 2008, International Conference on Consumer Electronics ICCE 2008, Digest of Technical Papers, 9-13 January 2008, Las Vegas, NV, USA. s. 2 p


  10. Julkaistu

    Establishing a secure peer identity association using IMS architecture

    Heikkinen, S., 2008, The Third International Conference on Internet Monitoring and Protection ICIMP 2008, 29 June - 5 July 2008, Bucharest, Romania. Heikkinen, S., Jorsted, I. & Tapus, N. (toim.). s. 145-151


  11. Julkaistu

    Exponentially-modulated filter bank transmultiplexer with fine-coarse adaptive filtering

    Alhava, J. & Renfors, M., 2008, Proceedings of 2008 3rd International Symposium on Communications, Control, and Signal Processing, ISCCSP 2008, St. Julians, Malta, 12-14 March 2008. s. 68-72


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