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  1. Julkaistu

    Active noise cancellation hearing protector with improved usability

    Oinonen, M., Raittinen, H. & Kivikoski, M., 2006, Mechatronics for Safety, Security and Dependability in a New Era. Arai, E. & Arai, T. (toim.). s. 343-346


  2. Julkaistu

    Active hearing protectors: from prototype to product

    Oinonen, M., Raittinen, H. & Kivikoski, M., 2006, Euronoise 2006, 6th European Conference on Noise Control, 30 May - 1 June 2006, Tampere, Finland. s. 6 p


  3. Julkaistu

    Acquisition of Galileo signals in hybrid double-dwell approaches

    Lohan, E., Burian, A. & Renfors, M., 2004, Proceedings of NAVITEC 2004, 2nd ESA workshop on Satellite Navigation User Equipment Technologies, December 8-10, 2004, Noordwijk, The Netherlands. s. 6 p


  4. Julkaistu

    Acquisition of E5 Galileo signals in Matlab

    Stepanova, E., Kudryavtsev, I. & Lohan, E-S., 2015, julkaisussa : Procedia Engineering. 104, s. 36-42 7 Sivumäärä


  5. Julkaistu

    Acoustic power transmission into an implantable device

    Arra, S., Heinisuo, S. & Vanhala, J., 2005, 2nd International Workshop on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks, 12-13 April 2005, London, UK. s. 60-64


  6. Julkaistu

    A conformal transition condition for the modeling of thin layered sheet in the finite-difference methods

    Mäkinen, R. & Kivikoski, M., 2006, 2006 IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium with USNC/URSi National Radio Science and AMEREM Meetings, 9-14 July 2006, Albuquerque, NM USA. s. 3829-3832


  7. Julkaistu

    A conformal surface-impedance boundary condition for the modeling of curved lossy surfaces in 3-D FIT/FDTD techniques

    Mäkinen, R., De Gersem, H., Weiland, T. & Kivikoski, M., 2005, 2005 IEEE AP-S International Symposium and USNC/URSI National Radio Science Meeting, July 3-8, 2005, Washington, DC. s. 4 p


  8. Julkaistu

    A conformal ADI-FDTD formulation for the modeling of 3-D curved lossy metal surfaces

    Mäkinen, R. M. & Kivikoski, M. A., 2007, ICEAA'07. International Conference on Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications, September 17-21, 2007, Torino, Italy. s. 4 p


  9. Julkaistu

    A comparison of shielded and conventional on-wafer test-fixture forward coupling on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrate

    Kaija, T. & Ristolainen, E., 2005, julkaisussa : Microwave and Optical Technology Letters. 45, 1, s. 70-75


  10. Julkaistu

    A Comparison of Received Signal Strength Statistics between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands for WLAN-based Indoor Positioning

    Talvitie, J., Renfors, M. & Lohan, E-S., 6 joulukuuta 2015, IEEE GLOBECOM 2015 Workshop on Localization for Indoors, Outdoors, and Emerging Networks (LION). IEEE, 6 Sivumäärä


  11. Julkaistu

    A comparison of magnetic fields inside and outside high-voltage urban 110-kV power substations with the exposure recommendations of the Ukrainian regulatory authorities

    Okun, O., Shevchenko, S. & Korpinen, L., 2013, julkaisussa : Radiation Protection Dosimetry. 154, 4, s. 417-429 13 Sivumäärä


  12. Julkaistu

    A Comparison of Bluetooth Low Power Modes

    Karjalainen, O., Rantala, S. & Kivikoski, M., 2003, Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Telecommunications, ConTEL 2003, Zagreb, Croatia, June 11-3, 2003. Jevtic, D. (toim.). s. 121-128


  13. Julkaistu

    A Comparison Between the Properties of Bulk Y-Ba-Cu-O and Sputtered Thin Films,Superconducting Ceramics

    Järvinen, R., Lepistö, T. K., Mäntylä, T., Kettunen, P., Kaski, K., Pessa, M., Jylhä, O., Hautala, T. & Rajala, M., 1988, (Ed.) R Freer, Materials Science Centre, University of Manchester /UMIST, British Ceramic Proceeding, March 1988. s. 45-52


  14. Julkaistu

    A comparision of measures to reduce the intensity of magnetic field outside high voltage power substations

    Okun, O., Shevchenko, S. & Korpinen, L., 2013, 18th International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering, ISH 2013, in Hanyang University in Seoul, Republic of Korea from August 25 to 30, 2013. s. 108-112 5 Sivumäärä PA-11. (International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering).


  15. Julkaistu

    A Comparative Study of Some Pseudorandom Number Generators

    Vattulainen, I., Kankaala, K. & Ala-Nissilä, T., 1993, Espoo: Unknown Publisher. (CSC-tieteellinen laskenta, CSC Research reports; nro 1)


  16. Julkaistu

    A comparative study of some pseudorandom number generators

    Vattulainen, I., Kankaala, K., Saarinen, J. & Ala-Nissilä, T., 1995, julkaisussa : Computer Physics Communications. 86, s. 209-226


  17. Julkaistu

    A Compact 5-band Antenna for Hand-held Devices

    Salonen, P., Mäkinen, R., Rahmat-Samii, Y. & Kivikoski, M., 2003, Proceedings of the Second IASTED International Conference on Communications, Internet, and Information Technology, November 17-19, 2003, Scottsdale, AZ, USA. Hamza, M. H. (toim.). s. 146-151


  18. Julkaistu

    A compact 1.5 kbit SRAM using four-transistor memory cell

    Niittylahti, J. & Tenhunen, H., 1989, ISYNT'89 The Sixth International Symposium on Networks, Systems and Signal Processing 1989, Zagreb, Jugoslavia, June 27-29, 1989, Proceedings. Zagreb, Jugoslavia: ETAN, s. 198-201


  19. Julkaistu

    A Coaxial Probe Feed Model for FDTD

    Mäkinen, R., Kangas, V., Lahtinen, J. & Kivikoski, M., 2002, julkaisussa : Microwave and Optical Technology Letters. 34, 3, s. 193-198


  20. Julkaistu

    AC-loss considerations of a pulse SMES for an accelerator

    Lyly, M., Hiltunen, I., Järvelä, J., Korpela, A., Lehti, L., Stenvall, A. & Mikkonen, R., 2010, Journal of Physics: Conference Series. s. 1-7 7 Sivumäärä


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