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  1. Julkaistu

    An introduction to nonlinear image processing

    Dougherty, E. R. & Astola, J., 1994, Washington: SPIE Optical Engineering Press.


  2. Julkaistu

    An investigation of nuclear properties of even-even natural Mo92-100 isotopes

    Artun, O., Aytekin, C. & Aytekin, H., 21 joulukuuta 2014, julkaisussa : Modern Physics Letters A. 29, 39, 11 Sivumäärä, 1450208.


  3. Julkaistu

    Anisotropically Foveated Nonlocal Image Denoising

    Foi, A. & Boracchi, G., 2013, 2013 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP 2013, 15-18.9.2013, Melbourne, Australia. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE, s. 464-468 5 Sivumäärä (IEEE International Conference on Image Processing).


  4. Julkaistu

    Anisotropic Foveated Self-Similarity

    Foi, A. & Boracchi, G., 9 heinäkuuta 2013, Proc. Signal Processing with Adaptive Sparse Structured Representations, SPARS 2013, Lausanne, Switzerland, July 8-11, 2013.. EPFL, 1 Sivumäärä


  5. Julkaistu

    Anisotropic local approximations for pointwise adaptive signal-dependent noise removal

    Foi, A., Bilcu, R., Katkovnik, V. & Egiazarian, K., 2005, Proceedings of 13. European Signal Processing Conference, EUSIPCO, Antalya, Turkey, 4-8 September 2005. s. 4 p


  6. Julkaistu

    Anisotropic local likelihood approximations: theory, algorithms, applications

    Katkovnik, V., Foi, A., Egiazarian, K. & Astola, J., 2005, Proceedings of Electronic Imaging 2005, Image Processing: Algorithms and Systems IV, San Jose, California, USA, 17-18 January 2005. Cougherty, E. R. (toim.). SPIE, s. 181-192


  7. Julkaistu

    Anisotropic local transform based average filtering

    Uzunov, V., Gotchev, A., Egiazarian, K. & Astola, J., 2004, Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Digital Signal Processing and its Applications, DSPA 2004, Moscow, Russia, March 31 - April 2, 2004. s. 3-5


  8. Julkaistu

    Anisotropic Multi-Scale Lucas-Kanade Pyramid

    Yuan, J. & Egiazarian, K., 2011, Multimedia on Mobile Devices 2011; and Multimedia Content Access: Algorithms and Systems V, January 22-26, Hyatt Regency, San Francisco, California, USA. Proceedings of SPIE. Akopian, D., Creutzburg, R., Snoek, C. G. M., Sebe, N. & Kennedy, L. (toim.). Bellingham, WA: SPIE, s. 1-12 12 Sivumäärä 78810O. (Multimedia on Mobile Devices; and Multimedia Content Access: Algorithms and Systems Conference; painos 7881).


  9. Julkaistu

    An iterative method for optimizing fir filters synthesized using the two-stage frequency-response masking technique

    Yu, Y. J., Saramäki, T. & Lim, Y. C., 2003, Proceedings of the 2003 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, ISCAS 2002, Bangkok, Thailand, 25-28 May 2003. s. 874-877


  10. Julkaistu

    An LMS and LMF threshold technique

    Rusu, C., Burian, A. & Kuosmanen, P., 1999, Proceedings of the European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design ECCTD ´99, 29 August - 2 September, 1999, Stresa, Italy. Beccari, C. (toim.). s. 1387-1390


  11. Julkaistu

    An MDL method for finding large domains of similarly expressed genes

    Nicorici, D., Yli-Harja, O. & Astola, J., 2004, Proceedings of Workshop on Genomic Signal Processing and Statistics, GENSIPS 2004, Baltimore, USA, 26-27 May 2004. s. 4 s


  12. Julkaistu

    Annealed approximation and boolean network dynamics

    Kesseli, J., 2007, Tampere: Tampere University of Technology. (Tampereen teknillinen yliopisto. Julkaisu; painos 685)


  13. Julkaistu

    Annealed dynamics in Boolean networks

    Kesseli, J., 2006, Digest of TISE Seminar 2006, Siivikkala, Ylöjärvi, Finland, 31 May 2006. TISE publications. Koivisto, P. (toim.). s. 79-82


  14. Julkaistu

    Annealed dynamics of boolean networks: criticality of gene regulatory networks

    Rämö, P., 2006, Tampere: Tampere University of Technology. 108 Sivumäärä (Tampereen teknillinen yliopisto. Julkaisu; painos 620)


  15. Julkaistu

    Annual Report 1985

    Heinonen, P., 1986, Tampere: Tampereen teknillinen korkeakoulu. 46 Sivumäärä (Tampereen Teknillinen Korkeakoulu, Tietojenkäsittelytekniikan laboratorio, Sovellutusraportti; nro 1/1986)


  16. Julkaistu

    Annual Report 1986

    Heinonen, P., 1987, Tampere: Tampereen teknillinen korkeakoulu. (Tampereen teknillinen korkeakoulu, Tietojenkäsittelytekniikan laboratorio, Sovellutusraportti; nro 1/1987)


  17. Julkaistu

    An objective video quality metric based on spatiotemporal distortion

    You, J., Hannuksela, M. M. & Gabbouj, M., 2009, Proceedings of 2009 IEEE 16th International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP 2009, Cairo, Egypt, 7-10 November 2009. s. 2229-2232


  18. Julkaistu

    A noise constrained VS-LMS algorithm

    Bilcu, R., Kuosmanen, P. & Rusu, C., 2000, IEEE/AFCEA Eurocomm 2000, Information Systems for Enhanced Public Safety and Security. s. 29-33


  19. Julkaistu

    Anomaly Detection Using Convolutional Sparse Models

    Carrera, D., Boracchi, G., Foi, A. & Wohlberg, B., 6 heinäkuuta 2015, Proceedings of SPARS 2015 Signal Processing with Adaptive Sparse Structured Representations . University of Cambridge, 2 Sivumäärä 1142


  20. Julkaistu

    A non-beaconing ZigBee network implementation and performance study

    Armholt, M., Junnila, S. & Defee, I., 2007, Proceedings of the 2007 IEEE International Conference on Communications, ICC, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, 24-28 June 2007. s. 5 p


  21. Julkaistu

    A Nonlinear DSP Core Architecture

    Nurmi, J., Vainio, O., Tchamov, N., Skog, J., Ruikang, Y. & Lakamsani, P., 1993, Proc. IEEE Winter Workshop on Nonlinear Digital Signal Processing, Tampere, Finland, January 17-20, 1993. s. s. 5.2-6.1 - 5.2-6.6 5 Sivumäärä


  22. Julkaistu

    A nonlocal and shape-adaptive transform-domain collaborative filtering

    Dabov, K., Foi, A., Katkovnik, V. & Egiazarian, K., 2008, Proceedings of the 2008 International Workshop on Local and Non-Local Approximation in Image Processing, LNLA2008, Lausanne, Switzerland, 23-24 August 2008. Foi, A. & Gotchev, A. (toim.). s. 8 p


  23. Julkaistu

    An optimal nonlinear extension of linear filters

    Akopian, D. & Astola, J., 1997, Proceedings of Computer Science and Information Technologies Conference, CSIT, Yerevan, Armenia, Sept.25-30, 1997. s. 141-144


  24. Julkaistu

    An optimal nonlinear extension of linear filters based on distributed arithmetic

    Akopian, D. & Astola, J., 2005, julkaisussa : IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. 14, 5, s. 616-623


  25. Julkaistu

    An optimal nonlinear extension of linear filters based on distributed arithmetic

    Akopian, D. & Astola, J., 1997, Proceedings of SPIE, Statistical and Stochastic Methods in Image Processing II, San Diego, California, 31 July - 1 August 1997. SPIE, s. 2-12


  26. Julkaistu

    An Optimized k-NN Approach for Classification on Imbalanced Datasets with Missing Data

    Ozan, E. C., Riabchenko, E., Kiranyaz, S. & Gabbouj, M., 2016, Advances in Intelligent Data Analysis XV: 15th International Symposium, IDA 2016, Stockholm, Sweden, October 13-15, 2016, Proceedings. Springer, s. 387-392 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; painos 9897).


  27. Julkaistu

    An ordinal co-occurrence matrix framework for texture retrieval

    Partio, M., Cramariuc, B. & Gabbouj, M., 2007, julkaisussa : Eurasip Journal on Image and Video Processing. 2007, s. 15 p


  28. Julkaistu

    A note on argument principle

    Rusu, C. & Astola, J., 2004, julkaisussa : IEEE Signal Processing Letters. 11, 10, s. 817-820


  29. Julkaistu

    A note on possible applications of Fourier representations in circuit design over reprogrammable technological platforms

    Stankovic, R. S. & Astola, J., 2007, Proceedings of the 37th International symposium on Multiple-Valued Logic, ISMVL 2007, Oslo, Norway, 14-16 May 2007. s. 6 p


  30. Julkaistu

    A novel algorithm for identifying patterns from multisensor time series

    Ruotsalainen, M., Jylhä, J., Vihonen, J. & Visa, A., 2009, Proceedings of the 2009 WRI World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering, CSIE 2009, Los Angeles, California, USA, 31 March - 2 April 2009. IEEE, s. 100-105 6 Sivumäärä


  31. Julkaistu

    A novel anisotropic local polynomial estimator based on derectional multiscale optimizations

    Foi, A., Katkovnik, V., Egiazarian, K. & Astola, J., 2004, Proceedings of the Sixth IMA International Conference on Mathematics in Signal Processing, Cirencester, United Kigdom, 14-16 December, 2004. s. 79-82


  32. Julkaistu

    A novel approach for designing cosine-modulated transceivers

    Martin Martin, P., Cruz-Roldan, F. & Saramäki, T., 2005, Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Image and Signal Processing and Analysis, Zagreb, Croatia, 15-47 September 2005. Loncaric, S. (toim.). s. 151-156


  33. Julkaistu

    A Novel Approach for the Design of IIR Filters as a Tapped Cascaded Interconnection of Identical Allpass Subfilters

    Saramäki, T. & Renfors, M., 1987, Proc. IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, Philadelphia, PA,. s. 629-632


  34. Julkaistu

    A novel approach to model neuronal signal transduction using stochastic differential equations

    Manninen, T., Linne, M-L. & Ruohonen, K., 2006, julkaisussa : Neurocomputing. 69, 10-12, s. 1066-1069


  35. Julkaistu

    A novel bispectrum-based frequency encoding technique developed for noisy and multipath fading radio links

    Molchanov, P. A., Astola, J. T., Egiazarian, K. O., Totsky, A. V. & Zelensky, A. A., 2014, julkaisussa : Telecommunications and Radio Engineering. 73, 3, s. 221-239 19 Sivumäärä


  36. Julkaistu

    A Novel Complementary variable step LMS algorithm

    Bilcu, R., Kuosmanen, P. & Rusu, C., 2000, Proceedings of the NORSIG 2000, Nordic Signal Processing Symposium, June 13-15, Kolmården, Sweden. s. 191-194


  37. Julkaistu

    A novel efficient normalization technique for sonar detection

    Suojoki, T. & Tabus, I., 2002, Proceedings of the 2002 International Symposium on Underwater Technology U16-19 April 2002, Tokyo, Japan. s. 296-301


  38. Julkaistu

    A novel feature extraction method based on segmentation over edge field for multimedia indexing and retrieval

    Kiranyaz, S., Ferreira, M. & Gabbouj, M., 2005, Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services, WIAMIS 2005, Montreux, Switzerland, 13-15 April 2005. s. 5 p


  39. Julkaistu

    A novel method for improving fairness over multiaccess channels

    Razavi, S. A. & Giurcaneanu, C. D., 2010, julkaisussa : Eurasip Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking. 2010, 395763, s. 1-10 10 Sivumäärä


  40. Julkaistu

    A novel method for prosody prediction in voice conversion

    Helander, E. & Nurminen, J., 2007, Proceedings of 2007 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, ICASSP, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 15-20 April 2007. s. 509-512


  41. Julkaistu

    A Novel Method for Quick On-Line Segmentation Based on Sparsity

    Vihonen, J., Rauhamaa, J., Huotilainen, T. & Visa, A., 2012, 20th European Signal Processing Conference, EUSIPCO 2012, August 27-31, Bucharest, Romania. Piscataway, NJ: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE, s. 844-848 (European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO)).


  42. Julkaistu

    A Novel Method for Splitting Clumps of Convex Objects Incorporating Image Intensity and Using Rectangular Window-Based Concavity Point-Pair Search

    Farhan, M., Yli-Harja, O. & Niemistö, A., 2013, julkaisussa : Pattern Recognition. 46, 3, s. 741-751 11 Sivumäärä


  43. Julkaistu

    A novel multimedia retrieval technique: progresive query

    Kiranyaz, M. S., 2004, Digest of TISE Seminar 2004, Kangasala, 1 June 2004. Koivisto, P. (toim.). s. 36-37


  44. Julkaistu

    A novel multimedia retrieval technique: progressive query (why wait?)

    Kiranyaz, S. & Gabbouj, M., 2004, Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Image Analysis for Multimedia Interaactive Services, WIAMIS 2004, Lisboa, Portugal, 21-23 April 2004. s. 4 s


  45. Julkaistu

    A Novel Nonlinear Vector Filter for Grey-level Image Filtering

    Tang, K., Gabbouj, M. & Astola, J., 1995, 1995 IEEE Workshop on Nonlinear Signal and Image Processing, Greece, June 20-22. s. 626-629


  46. Julkaistu

    A Novel P300-Speller Error Detection Approach in Brain-Computer Interface

    Rad, A. B., Zabihi, M., Kastaggelos, A., Kiranyaz, M. S. & Gabbouj, M., 2015, 7th International IEEE EMBS Neural Engineering Conference (BCI Challenge@NER 2015), Montpellier, France, 2015.


  47. Julkaistu

    A novel pointwise spatially adaptive image deblurring

    Egiazarian, K., Katkovnik, V. & Astola, J., 2003, Proceedings of the 2003 International TICSP Workshop on Spectral Methods and Multirate Signal Processing, SMMSP 2003, Barcelona, Spain, 13-14 September 2003. Egiazarian, K., Saramäki, T. & Astola, J. (toim.). s. 71-78


  48. Julkaistu

    A Novel shape descriptor over multi-scale edge field: 2D walking ant histogram

    Ferreira, M., Kiranyaz, S. & Gabbouj, M., 2006, Proceedings of 13th International Conference on Systems, Signals and Image Processings and Semantic Multimodal Analysis of Digital Media, IWSSIP 2006 and Cost 292, Budapest, Hungary, 21-23 September 2006. s. 475-478


  49. Julkaistu

    A novel strategy for microarray quality control using Bayesian networks

    Hautaniemi, S., Edgren, H., Vesanen, P., Wolf, M., Järvinen, A-K., Yli-Harja, O., Astola, J., Kallionimei, O. & Monni, O., 2003, julkaisussa : Bioinformatics. 19, 16, s. 2031-2038


  50. Julkaistu

    A novel systematic approach for synthesizing multiplication-free highly-selective FIR half-band decimators and interpolators

    Saramäki, T. & Yli-Kaakinen, J., 2006, Proceedings of IEEE Asia Pasific Conference on Circuits and Systems, APCCAS 2006, Singapore, 4-7 December 2006. s. 920-923


  51. Julkaistu

    A novel target detection method for passive broadband system

    Suojoki, T., Tabus, I. & Mertsalmi, P., 2004, Proceedings of the Seventh European Conference on Underwater Acoustics ECUA 2004, Delft, The Netherlands, 5-8 July 2004. Simons, D. G. (toim.). s. 999-1006


  52. Julkaistu

    A novel technique for voice conversion based on style and content decomposition with bilinear models

    Popa, V., Nurminen, J. & Gabbouj, M., 2009, Proceedings of the 10th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Associationa, Interspeech 2009, Brighton, UK, 6-10 September 2009. s. 2655-2658


  53. Julkaistu

    A novel technique to design optimum FIR digital filters with different transition bandwidths

    Ahsan, M., Saramäki, T. & Gabbouj, M., 2012, Proceedings of 54th International Symposium ELMAR-2012, September 12 - 14, Zadar, Croatia. Piscataway, NJ: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE, s. 125-128 (International Symposium ELMAR).


  54. Julkaistu

    A novel video coding schema based on temporal prediction using Digital Image Warping

    Nieweglowski, J., Campbell, T. G. & Haavisto, P., 1993, julkaisussa : IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics. 39, 3, August, s. 141-150


  55. Julkaistu

    A novel video coding scheme based on temporal prediction using Digital Image Warping

    Nieweglovski, J., Campbell, T. G. & Haavisto, P., 1993, IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics, Chigaco, June, 1993.


  56. Julkaistu

    A novel walk-through 3D display

    DiVerdi, S., Rakkolainen, I., Höllerer, T. & Olwal, A., 2006, Stereoscopic Displays and virtual Reality Systems XIII, Proceedings of SPIE IS&T electronic Imaging, San Jose, California, USA, 16-19 January 2006. Woods, A. J. (toim.). s. 10 p


  57. Julkaistu

    An Overall FIR Filter Optimization Tool for High Granularity Implementation Technologies

    Isoaho, J. & Nurmi, J., 1994, Proc. International Symposium on Circuits and Systems ISCAS '94, London, UK, May 30-June 2, 1994. London, UK


  58. Julkaistu

    An oversampled analog-to-digital conversion technique

    Karema, T., Ritoniemi, T., Saramäki, T. & Tenhunen, H., 1989, Proc. International Symposium on Signals, Systems and Electronics, Erlangen, FRG, Sept. 1989. s. 820-823


  59. Julkaistu

    An Oversampled Analog-to-Digital Conversion Technique

    Karema, T., Palomäki, H., Ritoniemi, T., Saramäki, T. & Tenhunen, H., 1988, Proc. of 4 Finnish Conference on Physics in Industry, Tampere, Finland, 28-29 Sept. 1988. s. 17-32


  60. Julkaistu

    An Overtaking Assistance System Based on Joint Beaconing and Real-Time Video Transmission

    Vinel, A., Belyaev, E., Egiazarian, K. & Koucheryavy, Y., 2012, julkaisussa : IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. 61, 5, s. 2319-2329


  61. Julkaistu

    An Overview of Median and Stack Filtering

    Gabbouj, M., Coyle, E. J. & Callagher Jr., N., 1992, julkaisussa : Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing (special issue). 11, 1, s. 7-45


  62. Julkaistu

    An overview of the use of distributed source coding in multimedia security

    Khanna, N. & Delp, E. J., 2008, Proceedings of the First Workshop on Information Theoretic Methods in Science and Engineering, Tampere, Finland, 18-20 August 2008. Heikkonen, J. (toim.). s. 2 p


  63. Julkaistu

    Anteroposterior difference in EEG sleep depth measure is reduced in apnea patients

    Huupponen, E., Saastamoinen, A., Joutsen, A., Virkkala, J., Alametsä, J., Hasan, J., Värri, A. & Himanen, S-L., 2005, julkaisussa : Journal of Medical Systems. 29, 5, s. 527-538


  64. Julkaistu

    Anti-aliasing filtering of 2D images for multi-view auto-stereoscopic displays

    Boev, A., Bregovic, R., Damyanov, D. & Gotchev, A., 2009, Proceedings of 2009 International Workshop on Local and Non-Local Approximation in Image Processing, LNLA, Tuusula, Finland, 19-21 August 2009. s. 87-97


  65. Julkaistu

    Antialising Median-Type Filters for Image Decimation and Processing Lagunas

    Defee, I. & Neuvo, Y., 1990, Proceedings of EUSIPCO'90, Fifth European Signal Processing Conference, Barcelona, Spain, Sept. 18-21 1990, ed. L. Torres, E. Masgrau, M.A. Lagunas. s. 805-808


  66. Julkaistu

    Antikoagulaatiohoidon sähköinen seuranta

    Lamminen, H., Keskiruusi, K., Lapinen, M., Niiranen, S., Mattila, H. & Kalli, S., 2003, julkaisussa : Suomen Lääkärilehti. 58, 48, s. 4951-4955


  67. Julkaistu

    Antimicrobial activity and molecular analysis of azoderivatives of β-diketones

    Viswanathan, A., Sala, A., Yli-Harja, O. & Kandhavelu, M., 23 tammikuuta 2015, julkaisussa : European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 66, s. 83-89 7 Sivumäärä


  68. Julkaistu

    A nucleoid segmentation method robust to varying nucleoid number

    Santinha, J., Goncalves, N., Mora, A., Sanches Ribeiro, A. & Fonseca, J., 2015, IEEE 4th Portuguese Meeting on Bioengineering (ENBENG).


  69. Julkaistu

    An Unsupervised Audio Segmentation Method Using Bayesian Information Criterion

    Ozan, E. C., Tankiz, S., Acar, B. O. & Ciloglu, T., 2014, 6th International Symposium on Communications, Control & Signal Processing, ISCCSP, 21-23.5.2014, Athens, Greece. NEW YORK: IEEE, s. 640-643 4 Sivumäärä


  70. Julkaistu

    A Paradigm for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP for Multi-view Video

    Xiao, J., Hannuksela, M. M., Tillo, T. & Gabbouj, M., 2015, Advances in Multimedia Information Processing -- PCM 2015: 16th Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia, Gwangju, South Korea, September 16-18, 2015, Proceedings, Part II. Springer International Publishing, s. 410-418 9 Sivumäärä (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; painos 9315).


  71. Julkaistu

    A Parallel Marker Based Watershed Transformation

    Moga, A. N. & Gabbouj, M., 1996, Proceedings, International Conference on Image Processing, September 16-19, 1996, Lausanne, Switzerland. s. 137-140


  72. Julkaistu

    A parallel multiprocessor system for Monte Carlo simulations in statistical physics

    Saarinen, J., Kaski, K. & Viitanen, J., 1989, julkaisussa : Review of Scientific Instruments. 60, 9, s. 2981-2991


  73. Julkaistu

    A Parallel Program Memory Architecture for a DSP

    Kuulusa, M., Nurmi, J. & Niittylahti, J., 1999, Proceedings of ISIC'99 8th International Symposium on Integrated Circuits, Devices & Systems, Singapore, September 8-10, 1999. s. 475-478


  74. Julkaistu

    A Parallel Watershed Algorithm Based on Rainfalling Simulation

    Moga, A., Cramariuc, B. & Gabbouj, M., 1995, European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design, Turkey, August 1995.


  75. Julkaistu

    A Parallel Watershed Algorithm Based on the Shortest Path Computation

    Moga, A. & Gabbouj, M., 1995, Workshop on Parallel Programming and Computation, Linköping, Sweden, 17. - 18.5.1995.


  76. Julkaistu

    A Parameter-free Label Propagation Algorithm for Person Identification in Stereo Videos

    Zhang, C., Bi, J., Liu, C. & Chen, K., 19 joulukuuta 2016, julkaisussa : Neurocomputing. 218, s. 72-78


  77. Julkaistu

    A Parameterized and Extensible DSP Core Architecture

    Kuulusa, M. & Nurmi, J., 1997, Proceedings of ISIC-97, 7th International Symposium on IC Technology, Systems & Applications, 10-12 September, 1997, Singapore. s. 414-417


  78. Julkaistu

    A Parametric Approach for Efficient Speech Storage, Flexible Synthesis and Voice Conversion

    Nurminen, J., 4 lokakuuta 2013, Tampere University of Technology. 146 Sivumäärä (Tampere University of Technology. Publication; painos 1156)


  79. Julkaistu

    A perceptually motivated multiple-F0 estimation method

    Klapuri, A. P., 2005, Proceedings of 2005 IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio Acoustics, New Paltz, Ny, USA, 16-19 October 2005. s. 291-294


  80. Julkaistu

    A perceptual quality metric for high-definition stereoscopic 3D video

    Battisti, F., Carli, M., Stramacci, A., Boev, A. & Gotchev, A., 2015, Image Processing: Algorithms and Systems XIII. SPIE, 939916. (SPIE Conference Proceedings; painos 9399).


  81. Julkaistu

    A perceptual scheme for fully automatic video shot boundary detection

    Birinci, M. & Kiranyaz, S., 2014, julkaisussa : Signal Processing: Image Communication. 29, 3, s. 410-423 13 Sivumäärä


  82. Julkaistu

    A personalized classification system for Holter registers

    Kiranyaz, S., Ince, T., Pulkkinen, J. & Gabbouj, M., 2009, Proceedings of the 31st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society "Engineering the Future of Biomedicine", Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, 2-6 September 2009. s. 1883-1888


  83. Julkaistu

    A Phase-Equalized Digital Multirate Filter for 50 Hz Signal Processing

    Vainio, O., 1997, Proceedings of 1997 Finnish Workshop on Power and Industrial Electronics, FINPIE/97, 26 August, 1997, Finland. s. 37-42


  84. Julkaistu

    A phonetic Vocoder for Finnish

    Kivimäki, J., Lahti, T. & Koppinen, K., 2000, Eusipco 2000, X European Signal Processing Conference September 4-8, 2000, Tampere, Finland. s. 1301-1304


  85. Julkaistu

    Apnea patients show a frontopolar inter-hemispheric spindle frequency difference

    Huupponen, E., Saastamoinen, A., Eskelinen, V., Värri, A., Hasan, J. & Himanen, S-L., 2006, julkaisussa : Neuroscience Letters. 403, 1-2, s. 186-189


  86. Julkaistu

    A Polar Quantizer for Spherically Symmetric Sources

    Vasilache, A., Tabus, I. & Astola, J., 1999, SCI ´99 and ISAS´99 (5th International Conference on Information Systems, Analysis and Synthesis), World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, Proceedings, volume 6, Image, Accoustic, Speech and Signal Processing, July 31-August 4, 1999, Orlando, Florida. Torres, M., Sanchez, B. & Lainiotis, D. G. (toim.). s. 263-270


  87. Julkaistu

    Apparatus, method, mobile station and computer program product for noise estimation, modeling and filtering of a digital image

    Foi, A., Katkovnik, V., Paliy, D., Egiazarian, K., Trimeche, M., Alenius, S., Bilcu, R. & Vehviläinen, M., 2010, Patenttinumero Pat. US 7652788 B2, Prioriteetin päiväys 26 tammikuuta 2010, Prioriteettinumero (21) 11/519722 (65) 11426128

    Tutkimustuotos: Patentti

  88. Julkaistu

    Application Independent Greedy Particle Tracking Method for 3D Fluorescence Microscopy Image Series

    Paavolainen, L., Kankaanpää, P., Ruusuvuori, P., McNerney, G., Karjalainen, M. & Marjomäki, V., 2012, 9th IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, ISBI 2012, May 2-5, 2012, Barcelona, Spain. Piscataway, NJ: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE, s. 672-675 (IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging).


  89. Julkaistu

    Application of bispectrum estimation for time-frequency analysis of ground surveillance Doppler radar echo signals

    Astola, J. T., Egiazarian, K. O., Khlopov, G. I., Khomenko, S. I., Kurbatov, I. V., Morozov, V. Y. & Totsky, A. V., 2008, julkaisussa : IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement. 57, 9, s. 1949-1957


  90. Julkaistu

    Application of Computational Methods for Fermentative Hydrogen Production

    Seppälä, J., 21 helmikuuta 2014, Tampere University of Technology. 116 Sivumäärä (Tampere University of Techonology. Publication; painos 1191)


  91. Julkaistu

    Application of covering codes for reduced representations of logic functions

    Astola, J. & Stankovic, R., 2009, Proceedings of ISMVL 2009, 39th International Symposium on Multiple-Valued Logic, Naha, Okinawa, Japan, May 21-23 2009. IEEE, s. 304-311


  92. Julkaistu

    Application of FES in Gait disturbances combined with objective gait analysis

    Talonen, P., Häkkinen, V., Frey, H. & Baer, G., 1985, Proceedings of the XIV International Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and VII International Conference on Medical Physics, Espoo, Finland, August 11-16, 1985. Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing. s. 406-407


  93. Julkaistu

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