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Tutkimusryhmä: Algebraic and Algorithmic Methods in Signal Processing AAMSP

Tutkimusyksikkö: Tutkimusryhmä

  1. 2012
  2. Julkaistu

    GPU Accelerated Construction of Characters of Finite Abelian Groups

    Gajic, D. B. & Stankovic, R. S., 2012, Proceedings of XLVII International Scientific Conference on Information, Communication and Energy Systems and Technologies ICEST 2012, June 28 - 30, 2012, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. Arnaudov, R. (toim.). Sofia: Technical University of Sofia, Faculty of Telecommunications, s. 190-193 (International Scientific Conference on Information, Communication and Energy Systems and Technologies; painos 1).


  3. Julkaistu

    Head Contour Extraction from Fetal Ultrasound Images by Difference of Gaussians Revolved Along Elliptical Paths

    Foi, A., Maggioni, M., Pepe, A. & Tohka, J., 2012, Proceedings of Challenge US: Biometric Measurements from Fetal Ultrasound Images. IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, ISBI 2012, May 2-5, Barcelona, Spain. Rueda, S., Alison Noble, J. & Papageorghiou, A. (toim.). Piscataway, NJ: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE, s. 1-3 3 Sivumäärä (IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging).


  4. Julkaistu

    High-accuracy wave field reconstruction: Decoupled inverse imaging with sparse modeling of phase and amplitude

    Katkovnik, V. & Astola, J., 2012, julkaisussa : Journal of the Optical Society of America A: Optics Image Science and Vision. 29, 1, s. 44-54


  5. Julkaistu

    Implementation of Dyadic Convolution Operators on Graphic Processors

    Gajic, D. B., Stankovic, R. & Radmanovic, M., 2012, julkaisussa : International Journal of Reasoning-Based Intelligent Systems. 4, 1/2, s. 82-90


  6. Julkaistu

    Information Theoretic Methods for Aligning Audio Signals Using Chromagram Representations

    Tabus, I., Tabus, V. & Astola, J., 2012, 5th International Symposium on Communications, Control, and Signal Processing ISCCSP2012, May 2-4, Rome, Italy. Piscataway, NJ: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE, s. 1-4 4 Sivumäärä (International Symposium on Communications, Control and Signal Processing).


  7. Julkaistu

    Inter-Subject Correlation in fMRI: Method Validation against Stimulus-Model Based Analysis

    Pajula, J., Kauppi, J-P. & Tohka, J., 2012, julkaisussa : PLoS ONE. 7, 8, s. 1-22 22 Sivumäärä, e41196.


  8. Julkaistu

    Local Linear Transformation for Voice Conversion

    Popa, V., Silen, H., Nurminen, J. & Gabbouj, M., 2012, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, ICASSP, March 25 -30, 2012 Kyoto, Japan. Piscataway, NJ: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE, s. 4517-4520 6288922. (IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing).


  9. Julkaistu

    Low Complexity Bit-Plane Entropy Coding for 3-D DWT Based Video Compression

    Belyaev, E., Egiazarian, K. & Gabbouj, M., 2012, Multimedia on Mobile Devices 2012; and Multimedia Content Access: Algorithms and Systems VI, January 22 - 26, 2012, Burlingame, CA, USA. Proceedings of SPIE. Reiner, C., David, A., Cees, G. M. S., Nicu, S. & Lyndon, K. (toim.). Bellingham, WA: SPIE, s. 1-6 6 Sivumäärä 83040I. (SPIE Conference Proceedings; painos 8304).


  10. Julkaistu

    MEG Mind Reading: Strategies for Feature Selection

    Huttunen, H., Manninen, T. & Tohka, J., 2012, Yhdistetyt tietojenkäsittelyn päivät 2012, Federated Computer Science Event 2012, 28. - 29.5. 2012, Kumpula, Helsinki, Finland. Tietojenkäsittelytieteen laitoksen julkaisuja B. Raportti. Tarkoma, S., Kämäräinen, J-K. & Pahikkala, T. (toim.). Helsinki: HELSINGIN YLIOPISTO, s. 42-49 (Yhdistetyt tietojenkäsittelyn päivät; painos B-2012-1).


  11. Julkaistu

    Method for reconstruction of lost image points by the entropy of discrete cosine transform coefficients

    Ponomarenko, N. N., Lukin, V. V., Zelensky, A. A., Egiazarian, K. & Astola, J., 2012, Methods of digital signal processing for solving applied problems. V.I., M. (toim.). Moskva: Radiotekhnika, s. 96-108 13 Sivumäärä Chapter 4


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