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Mircea Guina

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  2. 1120 nm optically-pumped semiconductor disk laser

    Mircea Guina (Speaker)

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  3. 750 nm direct emitting VECSELs towards isotope separation applications for nuclear medicine

    Kostiantyn Nechay (Speaker), Hermann Kahle (Producer), Jussi-Pekka Penttinen (Producer), Antti Tukiainen (Producer), Sanna Ranta (Producer), Mircea Guina (Producer)
    12 syyskuuta 2018

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  4. Back Reflector with Diffractive Gratings for Light-Trapping in Thin-Film III-V Solar Cells

    Timo Aho (Speaker), Antti Tukiainen (Contributor), Farid Elsehrawy (Contributor), Sanna Ranta (Contributor), Marianna Raappana (Contributor), Arto Aho (Contributor), Riku Isoaho (Contributor), Federica Cappelluti (Contributor), Mircea Guina (Contributor)
    1 lokakuuta 2019

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  5. Be-doped GaAs nanowires grown by self-catalyzed molecular beam epitaxy: structural, optical and electrical properties

    Marcelo Rizzo Piton (Contributor), Eero Koivusalo (Contributor), Teemu Hakkarainen (Contributor), Soile Suomalainen (Contributor), S. Souto (Contributor), Helder V. A. Galeti (Contributor), Donald Lupo (Contributor), A. D. Rodrigues (Contributor), Yara Galvao Gobato (Speaker), Mircea Guina (Contributor)
    elokuuta 2018

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  6. Deep Levels in GaInNAs(Sb) Solar Cells

    Mircea Guina (Speaker)

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