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An Optical Method for the In-Vivo Characterization of the Biomechanical Response of the Right Ventricle



JulkaisuScientific Reports
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TilaJulkaistu - 1 joulukuuta 2018
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The intraoperative in-vivo mechanical function of the left ventricle has been studied thoroughly using echocardiography in the past. However, due to technical and anatomical issues, the ultrasound technology cannot easily be focused on the right side of the heart during open-heart surgery, and the function of the right ventricle during the intervention remains largely unexplored. We used optical imaging and digital image correlation for the characterization of the right ventricle motion and deformation during open-heart surgery. This work is a pilot study focusing on one patient only with the aim of establishing the framework for long term research. These experiments show that optical imaging and the analysis of the images can be used to obtain similar parameters, and partly at higher accuracy, for describing the mechanical functioning of the heart as the ultrasound technology. This work describes the optical imaging based method to characterize the mechanical response of the heart in-vivo, and offers new insight into the mechanical function of the right ventricle.

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