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Application oriented wear testing of wear resistant steels in mining industry

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TilaJulkaistu - marraskuuta 2016
TapahtumaDIMECC 9th Annual Seminar - Marina Congress Center, Helsinki, Suomi
Kesto: 14 marraskuuta 201615 marraskuuta 2016


SeminarDIMECC 9th Annual Seminar


Tampere Wear Center have developed several high-stress wear testers that utilize large sized abrasive particles of natural origin and thus are able to
simulate demanding applications of the mining industry. In this work, a versatile high speed slurry-pot wear tester was developed. Research questions
studied are: 1) How to set up a wear test method for simulating the real applications?, 2) What are the wear mechanisms in high-stress wear?, and
3) What is the role of microstructure and chemical composition on wear performance of wear resistant steels?

The high speed slurry-pot tester was developed for application oriented erosion wear testing of materials used in mineral handling and processing. It
enables tests in demanding high-stress abrasive and erosive environments simulating wear, for example, in slurry pumps, tanks and pipes, dredging,
mineral crushing and grinding, screening, loader buckets, and rock drilling. The key design features of the test method are the possibility to use up to
10 millimeter sized large abrasives and sample speeds up to 20 m/s in conditions ranging from wet slurry environments to dry sand or gravel.

The work has been done in FIMECC DEMAPP and DIMECC BSA projects, the focus is in the application oriented wear testing of materials intended for
demanding wear related applications.