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Cold-Sprayed Al6061 coatings: Online spray monitoring and influence of process parameters on coating properties



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TilaJulkaistu - 1 huhtikuuta 2020
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Process optimization and quality control are important issues in cold spraying and coating development. Because the cold spray processing is based on high kinetic energy by high particle velocities, online spray monitoring of particle inflight properties can be used as an assisting process tool. Particle velocities, their positions in the spray jet, and particle size measurements give valuable information about spraying conditions. This, in turn, improves reproducibility and reliability of coating production. This study focuses on cold spraying of Al6061 material and the connections between particle inflight properties and coating characteristics such as structures and mechanical properties. Furthermore, novel 2D velocity scan maps done with theHWCS2 online spray monitoring system are presented as an advantageous powder and spray condition controlling tool. Cold spray processing conditions were similar using different process parameters, confirmed with the online spray monitoring prior to coating production. Higher particle velocities led to higher particle deformation and thus, higher coating quality, denser structures, and improved adhesions. Also, deposition efficiency increased significantly by using higher particle velocities.