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Design of the platform ecosystem – healthcare case in patients with Parkinson’s disease

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TilaJulkaistu - 7 syyskuuta 2018
Tapahtuma34th IMP Conference Marseille 2018 - Kedge Business School, Marseille Campus, Marseille, Ranska
Kesto: 4 joulukuuta 20187 joulukuuta 2018


Conference34th IMP Conference Marseille 2018


The platforms of the software ecosystems have developed sharply since the introduction of the virtual computing and related services such as ‘Infrastructure as a Service’, ‘Platform as a Service’ and ‘Software as a Service’. New related business’ models have emerged along including ‘easy to scale’ and ‘pay as use’ approaches. This study investigates how a pilot platform ecosystem was introduced for a hospital for care of patients with Parkinson’s disease. This study depicts an interaction model between the technology, ecosystem platform studies, funding and research institutes, industry partners and individuals with their platform ecosystem visions. This virtual computing technology provides a possibility to introduce specialized global players for health care. The result of the study comprises a set of tentative rules, or propositions, how to design and construct an ecosystem platform. The keystones of the propositions consist of (1) the architecture model to attract third parties involvement, (2) business constraints and health care issues solved by the technology and architecture, (3) cooperation model to build a pilot system, and (4) employing science community deploy the results. The study crosses several science disciplines including medical, information technology, electronic system, programming, biomedical science and industrial economics. The study demonstrates how the various concept trajectories in space and time with the help of the individuals’ knowledge network end up proposing novel concept trajectories. The study uses inductive research approach with case study methodology. Research findings are discussed in the view of the current literature including business networks, ecosystem platform, and the industrial revolution. The study contributes to the exact literature by providing a cross-disciplinary approach to the creation of a new platform ecosystem since its ideation.