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Dynamic Effect of Input-Voltage Feedforward in Three-Phase Grid-Forming Inverters



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TilaJulkaistu - 2020
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Grid-connected and grid-forming inverters play essential roles in the utilization of renewable energy. One problem of such a converter system is the voltage deviations in the DC-link between the source and the inverter that can disrupt the inverter output voltage. A common method to prevent these voltage deviations is to apply an input-voltage feedforward control. However, the feedforward control has detrimental effects on the inverter dynamics. It is shown that the effect of the feedforward in the input-to-output dynamics is not ideal due to the delay in the digital control system. The delay affects the input-to-output dynamics at high frequencies, and only a minor improvement can be achieved by low-pass filtering the feedforward control signal. Furthermore, the feedforward control can remarkably affect the inverter input admittance, and therefore, impedance-based stability problems may arise at the DC interface. This paper proposes a method based on linearization and extra element theorem to model the effect of the feedforward control in the inverter dynamics. Experimental measurements are shown to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed model.

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