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Emerging Challenges and Opportunities of Global Information Systems Management: Consolidated Assignments from Spring 2017



JulkaisijaTampere University of Technology
ISBN (elektroninen)978-952-15-3935-0
TilaJulkaistu - 11 huhtikuuta 2017


Global Information Systems Management deals with multitude of topics that relate to developing, applying and managing information systems in distributed settings for the good of organizations, communities and individuals. The Global Information Systems Management-course (TLO-35306) was arranged for the first time in Tampere University of Technology in Spring 2017. The exercise consisted of specific Global Information Systems Management -related phenomenon in a problem-based approach. Each group collaborated on finding a common topic of interest and problem to be solved from research or practice. Each group pursued the solutions to these open-ended problems (solution not defined) and reported their findings in the reports that are attached in this consolidated document. Thus, groups focused on organizational, individual or societal issues of their own choosing.

The exercise consisted iterative group working done in two parts:

1) Looking in to a phenomenon

In the first part (after groups were built), each group found out about a phenomenon and presented initial findings to the class. At this point, the open-ended problem was set. The course personnel and other groups helped in refining the focus of the group.

2) Addressing an open-ended problem

In the second part, groups addressed the emerging problems that organizations, individuals or societies faces. After this, the first version of the assignment was written. One round of feedback was conducted to harmonize the report before submitting the final version.

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