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Full-duplex communications for future wireless networks



KustantajaSpringer Singapore
ISBN (elektroninen)9789811529696
ISBN (painettu)9789811529689
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TilaJulkaistu - 2020
OKM-julkaisutyyppiC2 Toimitettu kirja, kokoomateos, konferenssijulkaisu tai lehden erikoisnumero


Introduction This book focuses on the multidisciplinary state-of-the-art of full-duplex wireless communications and applications. Moreover, this book contributes with an overview of the fundamentals of full-duplex communications, and introduces the most recent advances in self-interference cancellation from antenna design to digital domain. Moreover, the reader will discover analytical and empirical models to deal with residual self-interference and to assess its effects in various scenarios and applications. Therefore, this is a highly informative and carefully presented book by the leading scientists in the area, providing a comprehensive overview of full-duplex technology from the perspective of various researchers, and research groups worldwide. This book is designed for researchers and professionals working in wireless communications and engineers willing to understand the challenges and solutions full-duplex communication so to implement a full-duplex system.