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Improving tracking performance of composite nonlinear feedback controllers via new reset and hold feature of nonlinear functions



OtsikkoAutomaatiopäivät 23
Alaotsikko15-16.5.2019 Oulu.
ToimittajatEsko Juuso
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ISBN (painettu)13 978–952-5183-54-2
TilaJulkaistu - 15 toukokuuta 2019
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This paper proposes new reset and hold
feature for the nonlinear functions within composite
nonlinear feedback (CNF) controllers. Reset and hold
feature helps closed-loop control system to accurately
track e.g., step input sequences by resetting the initial
value of the controlled output whenever an individual
step reference changes in value. The new reset and
hold feature work independently of the chosen
nonlinear function for all CNF controllers. If CNF
controllers are used without the revisions proposed in
this paper, then the command following ability of the
closed-loop control systems may significantly degrade.
Furthermore, they may also use excessive amount of
control authority, which may result in actuator
saturation and other practical problems. The simulation
and experimental results show that the closed-loop
control systems designed using the refinements of this
paper provide better tracking performances both in
steady-state and during transients compared with the
control systems without them.