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Is production retuning to Finland?



Tuotoksen mediaTekes Policy Brief
JulkaisupaikkaHelsinki, Finland
TilaJulkaistu - helmikuuta 2016


This Policy Brief reports results of a survey carried out in the autumn of 2015 to explore the extent of production movements across the borders away from Finland and to Finland during the last five years (2010-2015). The target group consisted of all the manufacturing companies with a minimum of 50 employees. The total number of companies in the target group was 949, and 229 of them participated in the survey. 30 percent (68 companies) out of the 229 respondents say that they have moved production permanently out of Finland (offshoring) during the last five years. Respectively, 13 percent of the respondent companies (30 companies) told that they have brought production permanently back to Finland (reshoring) during the same time period.