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Jitter mitigation in high-frequency bandpass-sampling OFDM radios



OtsikkoProceedings of IEEE Wireless Communications & Networking Conference 2009, IEEE WCNC'09, April 5-8, 2009, Budapest, Hungary
Sivut6 p
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TilaJulkaistu - 2009
OKM-julkaisutyyppiA4 Artikkeli konferenssijulkaisussa


This paper presents a new way to address and mitigate sampling jitter in high-frequency bandpass-sampling OFDM radio receivers. Baseband model for mapping the sampling jitter to certain type of phase noise is first presented, and stemming from this model, state-of-the-art phase noise mitigation techniques are then proposed to remove the jitter-induced signal distortion. Performances of the proposed jitter mitigation techniques are analyzed with extensive computer simulations in high-speed bandpass sampling multicarrier system context. In the link performance simulations, both additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) and extended ITU-R vehicular A multipath (eVehA) radio channel types are used, combined with realistic sampling clock and jitter modelling.


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