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Measuring industry clockspeed in the systemic industry context



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TilaJulkaistu - 2011
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Industry clockspeed has been used in earlier literature to assess the rate of change of industries but this measure remains limited in its application in longitudinal analyses as well as in systemic industry contexts. Nevertheless, there is a growing need for such a measure as business ecosystems replace standalone products and organisations are required to manage their innovation process in increasingly systemic contexts. In this paper, we firstly derive a temporal measure of technological industry clockspeed, which evaluates the time between successively higher levels of performance in the industry’s product technology, over time. We secondly derive a systemic technological industry clockspeed for systemic industry contexts, which measures the time required for a particular sub-industry to utilise the level of technological performance that is provisioned by another, interdependent sub-industry. In turn, we illustrate the use of these measures in an empirical study of the systemic personal computer industry. The results of our empirical illustration show that the proposed clockspeeds together provide informative measures of the pace of change for sub-industries and systemic industry. We subsequently discuss the organisational considerations and theoretical implications of the proposed measures.


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