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Methodology for implementing universal gripping solution for robot application



JulkaisuProceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences
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TilaJulkaistu - 2019
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In recent years the affordability of robots and the progress in collaborative robotics has been of great benefit for the manufacturing industries. The repetitive, monotonous and eco-unfriendly tasks are being assigned to the robots, which can work in parallel with humans, making the tasks easier for them. Industries are frequently introducing robots on the factory floor for maximizing production. Competition on the market is motivating robot manufacturers to work out solutions where return on investment would take as little time as possible. End effector is the most important part of a robot for making specific operations. The end effector market has also grown and brought innovation in the area of grasping objects with different shapes with a single gripper. However, problems persist due to the need for a gripper, which could handle a diverse range of products for certain applications. This paper discusses an approach of handling different products with a single end effector. Selecting a gripper for a certain application takes time and effort. Universal gripping solution can provide extra benefits and save costs. Here, a methodology is proposed to design a proper universal gripping solution for a specific use case. The article is mainly focused on pick-and-place applications.

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